NHL Free Picks 2019-2020

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NHL Weekly Free Picks: December 9-13
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World Junior Hockey Championship Futures
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World Junior Hockey Championship Picks
Picks for Boxing Day games Dec. 26
    NHL Weekly Free Picks: December 9-13
    World Junior Hockey Championship Futures
    World Junior Hockey Championship Picks


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How do our free NHL picks work?

Our free NHL picks are exactly what they are: our NHL predictions (that you could bet on). Even if we don't have an elaborate write-up like most other sites, we take care of the research just as much if not more. 

NHL predictions tonight are taken care of by our panel of experts who have years of experience in gambling.

Unlike casual players, our experts use statistics and advanced computations to calculate the most likely winners. As smart as they are, they know that nobody is smarter than computers.

Plus, you will know this is free from bias or personal emotions.

These free NHL picks are part of all free sports picks that we offer here at Canada Sports Betting. Our free picks aren't just limited to the moneyline (the straight-up pick), but also covers the puckline (spread), over/under (totals), props, and even parlays. 

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Our goal is to help you, the player, make the most informed decisions with our NHL betting tips. Partnered with our in-depth reviews of the top Canadian betting sites, you have the right tools to prosper as a bettor even as a beginner.

Use our NHL predictions as a starting point in your NHL betting journey. As a Canadian, hockey is in your blood. It's fun to play, entertaining to watch, and it's exciting to bet on. That's why all our books offer extensive NHL betting with markets as far as your imagination can take.

Bet365 is among the sportsbook leaders for NHL. They have a ton of markets (ways for you to bet the NHL), competitive odds, and best of all, a sign-up offer. Making the right picks is half the battle. You can get there with our free NHL picks. And the next half is betting with the right book. 

Stay tuned as we update our 2019-2020 NHL prediction including NHL standings predictions.

NHL predictions tonight

Fresh free NHL predictions are always available on our NHL picks page and are linked to the NHL odds page, like peanut butter and jelly.

Montreal Canadiens

The best thing about the NHL season is it is very long, running from October all the way until late May. That is seven months of solid free NHL picks ready for you to bet on. 

These pages will have the latest NHL betting odds or the latest NHL playoffs odds, depending what time of the season it is. If there are no games, like during the offseason, there are Stanley Cup odds

No matter how you cut it, you can always find something to bet on in the NHL.

Much like how NHL journalists do not stop writing or talking about the NHL, our experts don't either. The NHL season may last seven months but NHL betting is an all-year everyday thing!

NHL Free picks are sometimes called match predictions

NHL free picks are sometimes called NHL betting tips or "match predictions" (more of a soccer term, but can be used interchangeably especially in Europe).

Boston Bruins

NHL games are usually referred to as games in North America. Our experts come from across the globe and we've settled with either game or match for our NHL predictions. 

But as far as free NHL picks today, there are plenty to choose from. And even more different types of NHL markets at Sports Interaction (SIA), one of the top betting sites for NHL. You can't go wrong in choosing more than one sportsbook. In fact, we highly recommend this!

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We offer free picks every day including sports betting tips that go beyond hockey and the NHL.