NHL 2023-24 Strength of Schedule

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Starting in October and finishing up in April, the NHL regular season is a grind for hockey bettors. Teams play a total of 1,312 games, and if a bettor is going to have success and ultimately win some money, they must stay on top of the schedule. That’s where Strength of Schedule (SOS) comes in.

Our SOS metric is calculated by averaging the projected points of each team’s remaining opponents. Use this page hand in hand with our 2023-24 NHL Projections and Stanley Cup Playoff Chances page to inform your futures betting and much more. This page is updated weekly.

How To Use Strength of Schedule

Have you heard a sports bettor toss around the phrase “buy low, sell high”? Well, knowing each team’s strength of schedule will inform you of when it’s time to do just that, but it can also tell you when to dig in. This can be especially helpful in futures betting and bettors can use SOS to pick out the risers and fallers ahead of time.

Florida Panthers Stanley Cup Winner


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