Canadian Premier League 2019 Odds

Canadian Premier League 2019 Odds

Have no doubt that the Canadian Premier League will soon become a household name. Kicking off their first season at the end of April 2019, the CPL will soon be competing for marketshare with the MLS and USL. With branding that symbolizes the beauty of the Canadian cultural mosaic and love for the beautiful game of soccer, they will strive to carve out a unique spot in the North American sports landscape.

To further back the fact that this is a Canadian League only a maximum of 7 foreigners are allowed per squad and at least 6 of the 11 starters for each team must be Canadian. Furthermore at least 3 of the Canadian starters must be under the age of 21.

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Once Canadian Premier League Odds become available on major sportsbooks and attract the eye of online bettors, they will be just as legitimate as any other establishment. 

Mediapro has acquired the broadcast rights to the CPL meaning that perhaps games will be live broadcasted on beinsports.

However, only 2 of the 7 home stadiums hold over 10,000 seats, with remaining 5 stadiums all holding less than 8,000. This will definitely start out as a league for smaller crowds, and ultimately smaller revenues. It has been revealed that each team has a salary cap, the amount of which has not been made public. 

The Canadian Premier League is here!

Available CPL Vegas Odds

At present, none of the major online sportsbooks have game betting or futures lines on the CPL. Once they become available, Canada Sports Betting will be the perfect place to get your free picks and sportsbook recommendations.

What is the Canadian Premier League

The Canadian Premier League is a league of 7 teams, with the intention to grow into the double digits of franchises within the next couple of years. Of the 7 teams currently, five Canadian provinces are represented, with Ontario and Alberta each having two teams.

Canadian Premier League vs MLS

In terms of quality of product and overall entertainment value, it is yet to be seen how the CPL will stack up against its most direct competition in Canada, the MLS.

We will eventually get to see a CPL team play a Canadian MLS franchise in the qualifying rounds of the CONCACAF Champions League. This will be the ultimate measuring stick for how the two leagues compare in terms of level of overall product. 

CPL Odds

How does the CPL season work

The 7 teams will play a total of 28 games, 14 home and 14 away. But apparently this will be the opening portion of the season with a closing portion to be determined later. The winner of this first 28 game opening season will play the winner of the yet to be determined closing season in a final to determine the first CPL Champion.

CPL Soccer Teams 2019

Canadian Premier League Teams

For the Inaugural season there will be 7 Canadian Soccer League teams that represent the CPL:

  • Cavalry FC (Foothills County, Alberta)
  • HFX Wanderers FC (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  • Pacific FC (Langford, British Colombia)
  • Valour FC (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  • York9 FC (Toronto, Ontario)
  • FC Edmonton (Edmonton, Alberta)
  • Forge FC (Hamilton, Ontario)

Future expansions

Though nothing is official, potential cities for CPL Expansion include Moncton, New Brunswick, Regina or Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Quebec City or Sherbrooke, and Mississauga, Ontario.

Commissioner David Clanachan is on record stating that the league will have 10 teams by 2020.

CPL 2019 Schedule

The first ever game of the CPL will kickoff at 1pm EST on Saturday, April 27th at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario, as the home team Forge FC will square off against Toronto Rivals York9 FC.

The last day of the regular season is Saturday October 19th.

So taking up approximately six calendar months, each team should play 4-5 times per month with the majority of fixtures being held of Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

In the CPL's official website, you will find the complete schedule of the competition.