Canadian Premier League 2019 Odds

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Week 7 regular season action runs from June 19 to 23 , 2019. Our latest CPL odds are furnished by the soccer focused bookmakers at Bet365. Watch for updated prices on Game Day and enjoy this truly Canadian soccer action!

Week 7 Matches June 19, 2019

Home Team  Win Draw Win Away Team
HFX Wanderers FC OTB OTB OTB Cavalry FC
York 9 FC OTB OTB OTB FC Edmonton

Week 7 Matches June 20, 2019

Home Team  Win Draw Win Away Team
Valour FC OTB OTB OTB Pacific FC

Week 7 Matches June 22, 2019

Home Team  Win Draw Win Away Team
York9 FC OTB OTB OTB HFX Wanderers FC
Cavalry FC OTB OTB OTB Forge FC

Week 7 Matches June 23, 2019

Home Team  Win Draw Win Away Team
Pacific FC OTB OTB OTB FC Edmonton

Have no doubt that the Canadian Premier League will soon become a household name. Kicking off their first season on April 27, 2019, the CPL is now sharing the soccer marketshare with the MLS and USL. With branding that symbolizes the beauty of the Canadian cultural mosaic, and love for the beautiful game of soccer, the CPL is striving to carve out a unique niche. 

Canadian Premier League is vying for a spot on the busy North American sports landscape. A mix of young Canadians and experienced veterans should be a recipe for success.

Further backing the fact that this is indeed a Canadian League, a maximum of seven foreigner players are allowed per squad and at least six o eleven starters must be Canadian. Showing their dedication to building the sport through youth, at least three Canadian starters must be under the age of 21. Sounds a lot like a good plan and less about competition with other leagues.

FC Edmonton Odds

Once Canadian Premier League Odds become available on major sportsbooks and attract the eye of online bettors, they will be just as legitimate as any other establishment. Canada's braodcaster has bought in as CBC Sports has signed on to televise twenty matches. Mediapro is doling out the broadcast rights to exciting CPL action, which opens a possible partnership with beiIN SPORTS. OneSoccer online streaming service will show every league CPL match. 

Played mostly in cozy venues, only two of the seven CPL stadiums seat over 10,000 fans. The remaining five venues hold less than 8,000 spectators. This will definitely start out as a league for smaller crowds, and hence smaller revenues. Two salary caps, one for players and one coaches, are in place and the average player salary is estimated to be $40 to $60K per season.

The Canadian Premier League is here!

Available CPL Vegas Odds

Bettors have many exciting and profitable ways to bet on “The Beautiful Game”. Top online sportsbooks list soccer betting odds, numbering in the 1000's on a daily basis. Here are some of the Canadian Premier League wagering options...

CPL Money Line Odds

In the second ever CPL match at Spruce Meadows in Calgary, favorite Cavalry FC protected their home turf with a 1-0 win over Valour FC. Calgary fans had their original $163 bet returned and banked $100 on CPL money line wagers. Had the teams played to a Draw, those bettors would have banked a $275 profit. Punters playing underdog Valour FC lost $100 hoping for a $333 bankroll boast. Pre-match CPL straight up wagering lines are presented like this:

Home Team Win Draw Win Away Team

Cavalry FC

1.61 3.75 4.33 Valour FC 


CPL Against The Spread Odds

Being as soccer is a low scoring sport, CPL against the spread odds are presented with low +/- goal numbers. Favorites receive from -1.0 to +2.5 goals while underdogs are tagged with ATS odds between +1.0 and -2.5 goals. Negative goal numbers pay the highest return on both sides. In our example below, a 2-0 win by home favorite Pacific FC, over visiting York9 FC pups, would pay a sweet $235 return on the -1.0 against the spread line here:

Pacific FC (FAV) ATS ATS York9 FC (DOG)


3.35 1.32 +1.0


1.65 2.30 0.0


1.42 2.75 -0.5


1.15 5.00 -1.0


CPL Goal Total Odds

When placing bets, on CPL goal total odds, there are two burning questions. 1) Are the young players filling the nets? 2) Is a lack of experience forcing teams to be more defense minded? CPL goal total numbers are often posted in the 2.5 to 3.0 range. Early in the inaugural 2019 season, OVER/UNDER was tied with 7-7 record on 2.5 Over/Under lines. On a 2-1 final score, OVER pays $100 on $115 bets while UNDER bettors lose $105 trying to earn a $100 profit on these game total odds:



1.87 2.5 1.95


CPL Prop and Futures Odds

Once the league is more established, punters can expect a flood of CPL futures and prop odds betting options. Soccer focused bookmakers need a little time to examine the latest True North sports league. Based on what is popular on Major League Soccer betting boards, Canadian 'Cappers will be offered bets like "Anytime Goal Scorer" player props and "Correct Score" team props. Futures odds, for the first ever CPL Championship, will be posted soon.

What is the Canadian Premier League

First season Canadian Premier League action opens with seven teams, and the intention to grow to double digit squads over the next couple of years. Of the seven current franchises, five Canadian Provinces are represented. Ontario and Alberta each have two teams, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and British Columbia have single entries. The CPL is a True North coast-to-coast league.

Canadian Premier League vs MLS

In terms of quality of product and overall entertainment value, it is yet to be seen how the CPL will stack up against its most direct competition in Canada, the MLS. With a solid focus on youth, the Canadian Premier League could grow into the fastest game on turf. That would be a drawing card for fans.

We look forward to a CPL team playing a Canadian MLS club in the qualifying rounds of the CONCACAF Champions League. This will be the ultimate measuring stick for how the two leagues compare in terms of overall product. 

Canadian Premier League 2019 Odds

How Does the CPL Season Work

Seven squads will play a total of 28 games, 14 home and 14 away. The first half Spring Season matches started on April 27 and ends on July 1. Second half Fall Season action opens on July 6 and closes on October 19, 2019. A combination of winners from the Spring and Fall seasons will advance to the Canadian Premier League playoffs. We will update the postseason format soon!

Canadian Premier League Standings

With Calvary FC leading the charge - Here are CPL rankings on June 17, 2019:

CPL Week 7 Overall Standings  MP PT
1. Cavalry FC (CGY)  6 16
2. Forge FC (TOR) 8 16
3. Valour FC (WPG) 7 9
4. Wanderers FC (HFX) 6 7
5. York9 FC (HAM) 6 6
6. Pacific FC (LNG) 7 5
7. FC Edmonton (EDM) 6 4

CPL Soccer Teams 2019

Canadian Premier League Teams

Inaugural CPL season features seven Canadian Soccer League teams:

  • Cavalry FC (Calgary, Alberta)
  • HFX Wanderers FC (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  • Pacific FC (Langford, British Columbia)
  • Valour FC (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  • York9 FC (Toronto, Ontario)
  • FC Edmonton (Edmonton, Alberta)
  • Forge FC (Hamilton, Ontario)

Future expansions

Though nothing is official, potential cities for CPL expansion include Moncton, New Brunswick, Regina and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Quebec City and Sherbrooke, Quebec, and Mississauga, Ontario. Great Canuck sports fan cities!

Commissioner David Clanachan is on record stating that the CPL will have 10 teams by 2020. That's a lofty goal which the 2019 season will dictate.

2019 Canadian Premier League

CPL 2019 Schedule

Celebrating their inagural season, the  first ever CPL game kickoffed at 1:00 PM EST on Saturday, April 27, 2019, at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario. Stoking the fierce Hamilton vs Toronto rivalry, Forge FC enjoyed the honor of being home team and played to a 1-1 DRAW versus York9 FC.

Canadian Premier League Odds

Averaging approximately five matches per week, Canadian Premier League final regular season matches are on  Saturday October 19, 2019. With number of contests in brackets, CPL games will be played on Saturday (43) Wednesday (30) Sunday (12) Monday (6) Thursday (4) Friday (2) plus one tussle on Tuesday.

We look forward to covering this new sports league addition to Canada! In the CPL's official website, you will find the complete schedule of the competition.

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