Canadian Hockey League (CHL) Betting

Canadian love hockey and the Canadian Hockey League showcases some of the grittiest players and the most promising talent across the nation. The odds were last updated on November 17, 2021:

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Quebec Remparts


London Knights


Halifax Mooseheads


Edmonton Oil Kings


Calgary Hitmen


Composed of the OHL, WHL, and QMJHL, all the best minor pro teams in the nation are represented by the CHL. At the end of a long, hard-fought regular season, the best teams from these three groups compete to earn the right to lift the Memorial Cup.


CHL Betting Odds

The Canadian Hockey League is a unique aggregation of three top Canadian minor pro leagues: the Ontario Hockey League, the Western Hockey League, and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. These three groups joined together to form the CHL in 1975, creating one of the best hockey leagues outside of the NHL in the process.

Not only do top prospects play here before making it to the NHL, but rivalries among provinces are defined by the best teams to emerge from the OHL, WHL, and the QMJHL, who compete in the Memorial Cup at the end of each season. Outside of the Stanley Cup, the Memorial Cup is considered the greatest prize in Canadian hockey.

Canadian Hockey League Betting

Memorial Cup Odds

The grand prize of the CHL is the Memorial Cup, which has been coveted since it was first awarded in 1919. This trophy was created to honour slain hockey players from the first World War and commemorate the sacrifices that Canadian soldiers made on the French front.

The first time that the Memorial Cup was contested by three teams was in 1972, shortly before the official inauguration of the Canadian Hockey League, with the champions from the WHL, OHL, and QMJHL competing for the trophy ever since. 

Types of CHL Bets

Standard Bets

There are three standard betting choices that are among the most popular types of wagers on Canadian Hockey League action. The most popular type of wager often referred to as a moneyline bet, involves predicting the straight-up winner of an individual match. This includes overtime and shootout results, and games from the regular season and playoffs.

Hockey also features spread betting. However, since many games finish with a one-goal winning margin, the point spread is replaced with puck line betting. The spread for puck line betting is 1.5 goals, so you’re basically betting on whether or not the favourite will win by two goals or more. Often, when the moneyline features a significant mismatch, the easiest way to boost the payout is through a puck line bet on the favourite team.

Similar to European football, goals are at a premium in hockey, with a single goal sometimes representing an insurmountable obstacle. The over/under for a hockey game usually ranges from a minimum of 4.5 to about 6.5 or 7.5 for a pair of teams that are extremely offence-oriented. Similar to other over/under bets, the idea is to predict whether or not the total number of goals scored is above or below the predicted total.

CHL Lines


CHL Futures Bets

The Canadian Hockey League consists of the OHL, the WHL, and the QMJHL. As such, the regular season and playoff structure are a bit more complex than the NHL and other minor pro hockey leagues. This means that there is more potential futures bet to play than other hockey leagues.

In addition to the Memorial Cup, essentially the Stanley Cup of the CHL, futures bets will include the winner of the regular season for each of these leagues and divisions.

The playoffs for each of these competitions will also offer another potential futures bet, along with the eventual participants in the Memorial Cup.

In some respects, the Memorial Cup can be considered as difficult to win as the Stanley Cup. Not only does a team have to escape their own league, but they have to compete against dozens of top teams from Canadian minor pro clubs from Nova Scotia to Ontario to British Columbia. Only a select few players have won both the Stanley Cup and the Memorial Cup. As such, a CHL futures bet on the Memorial Cup should be considered as tough to predict as any given NHL playoff bracket.

CHL Prop Bets

Also known as proposition bets, props typically refer to a specific part of a CHL hockey game or season. For example, placing a bet on whether or not the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles will make the playoffs or not would be considered a team-based prop bet over the course of a season. Whether or not the Eagles score the opening goal of a matchup against the Moncton Wildcats would be a common prop found for an individual game.

Prop bets also extend to individual players. Wagering on whether or not a player will score a goal in a specific game is an example of a player prop.

CHL Odds

Best Sportsbooks to Bet on the CHL

Canada’s sports betting fans have had access to outstanding online sportsbooks for quite a while now, including Sports Interaction (SIA), a bookmaker that operates within Canadian borders on Kahnawake Territory. They provide an outstanding variety of lines on sports events popular in Canada, such as the CHL hockey, Curling, Lacrosse, the Canadian Premier League and the Grey Cup.

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  • Other reliable major sportsbooks include Betway, PowerPlay, Bodog and MyBookie.

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  • Players should also take the time to put in a little bit of research in terms of other available sites. Some will find sportsbooks that offer outstanding welcome bonuses, VIP programs, free bets, and other promos that extend the value of your betting dollar. Even a boost of a percent or two can create a noticeable impact for those who treat sports betting as a longer investment that takes place over the course of an entire season.

    Essentially, it’s important to find the sportsbooks that work well for your betting patterns, including those that provide lines on relatively niche leagues such as the CHL.