NHL Picks October 19th – Nikita Kucherov, Tampa Bay Down

The Battle Of Florida was to be a best-on-best matchup but we have to exploit it because of the injury to Nikita Kucherov. Also, do not forget the NHL Picks.

With so many NHL games to choose from, something just had to happen in the game that best resembles. Now, has the Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers game dropped in value? That answer is oddly enough no. The Panthers are still the underdog despite the better record last year and this year.

Tuesday night features 11 games in all. That includes the Atlantic Division clash mentioned above. There are also some interesting NHL contests like Winnipeg and Minnesota, Seattle and New Jersey, plus Colorado and Washington. 

With so much to choose from, it seems impossible to cover everything. In the NHL Picks, there is one more addition. That would be the New York Islanders travelling to “The Windy City” to face the Chicago Blackhawks. 

With some late entering news coming in, the NHL Odds shifted slightly. For example, with Nathan MacKinnon flying to Washington, that means MacKinnon likely will play against the Capitals tonight. Again, the chances of a wild night with a full moon getting very close, expect a ton of unexpected.

Tuesday night picks require another look at the numbers and maybe a little more digging. 

Tuesday Night NHL Picks: Adding Some Things Up

With so many games, there will be our three pick core and then some thoughts err picks on a few other games on Tuesday night. For example, consider that Nikita Kucherov won another Stanley Cup last year and probably was not 100% then. Speculation still grows as to what is ailing him. What is clear is that he is out for tonight and likely for some time.

Meanwhile, Florida has assembled a super team of sorts where players are playing on the bottom six that would be on a top-six most anywhere else. This shapes up to be a fun night where locks really may not be locks. At the very least, things will not be dull. 

Here are a few more numbers to add up and chew on below. 

NHL Odds for October 19thsportsinteraction
Florida Panthers2.082.102.10
Tampa Bay Lightning1.771.761.76
New York Islanders1.871.801.80
Chicago Blackhawks1.952.052.05
Anaheim Ducks3.152.802.80
Edmonton Oilers1.391.431.43

There are quite a few NHL Odds for a Tuesday night. And now, it is time for some bettor’s picks

Tuesday Night Big Pick – Nikita Kucherov Out, Florida Takes Out Tampa

The big pick of the night focuses on the “Battle Of Florida” or is it the “Battle For Florida And Beyond”. Most seem to think the winner of this rivalry, wins the division and then could take home the Stanley Cup perhaps. Arguably, the great news is that Florida will have Spencer Knight in the net while Tampa should start Andrei Vasilevskiy.

No Nikita Kucherov will matter way, way more to Tampa Bay. Kucherov is a player who can get to the 100-125 point with almost ease. Not having him in the lineup is bad. Not having him or last year’s third line in the lineup is disastrous. Tampa Bay had won two of their three games to start the year including a sweeping three-goal comeback. That was impressive as Tampa Bay snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. 

That is the intriguing part. Tampa Bay has not played well in the early going and yet one knows this is a matter of time. The Florida Panthers have a team loaded with depth the likes Tampa has not seen. Regular-season-wise, Florida’s top-nine forwards outplay what Tampa Bay can counter.

The only thing certain is that Nikita Kucherov is out for tonight’s game. Tampa Bay would have had issues beating Florida, even at home. This Panthers squad is different. From top to bottom, they have the look of a 1990’s Detroit Red Wings team. 

Our pick is the youth and depth of the Florida Panthers to win over the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday night NHL picks.

Florida Panthers

To beat Tampa Bay Lightning


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New York Islanders over Chicago Blackhawks

It has been a tough start for both of these teams as they have not won a single contest between the two. AT least, the Chicago Blackhawks did force overtime against the New Jersey Devils. Then Jack Hughes won the game in overtime. The New York Islanders got mauled by Carolina

The point is that Chicago and New York both have speed issues on the blueline along with some slow reaction times. It has been seen quite a few times in the first week. Look at how Zdeno Chara appears for the Islanders or Jonathan Toews for the Blackhawks. Both defences have just looked completely out of sync.

Which coach can jolt their team awake? That answer seems to be Barry Trotz. He has won a Stanley Cup in Washington. That has served him very well and will come in handy tonight. It is why NHL Picks says take Ilya Sorokin and the New York Islanders to defeat the Chicago Blackhawks.

New York Islanders

To beat Chicago Blackhawks


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Connor McDavid Shakes it Up as Edmonton Oilers Big Favorite

The talented offensive threat could very well top 150 points at the end of the season. He and Leon Draisaitl should eclipse 100 points once again with an 82-game schedule. The Oilers entertain the Anaheim Ducks on Tuesday night. A big plus for Edmonton involves the fact that McDavid illustrates just how one player could make a difference with even decent surrounding talent. 

The Anaheim Ducks have such a long way to go. Again, there are some pieces and a few vets. Trevor Zegras, Max Comtois, Troy Tery, and Ryan Getzlaf just to name a few. Mike Smith for the Oilers has been great in the net and likely starts tonight. 

Our pick is the Edmonton Oilers to narrowly upend the Anaheim Ducks Friday. 

Edmonton Oilers

To beat Anaheim Ducks


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