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Australia’s Rugby Odds

Throughout the year you will find information regarding Australia’s next fixture right here, with direct links to the figures that the popular sports books have published. Be sure to check that you have got the odds you are looking for before you place your wager.

The team matches will be displayed here once available

Looking to bet on Australian rugby matches? Look no further. This page provides a comprehensive wrap of everything you need to know about the Wallabies: result history, statistical analysis, future matches and most importantly, the best odds and lines from a selection of great betting companies. Review tournament performance, plan for upcoming fixtures and place your wager with confidence right here.

Wallabies’ Standings

Below you will find the Wallabies’ current tournament standings, updated after every fixture. You can toggle home and away fixtures, review offensive production, view defensive statistics and even check out how the team’s first and second half performances differ.

Bet On Australia’s Rugby Games

Australia is a proud sporting nation and boast an impressive history in the sport of rugby. The team affectionately known as the ‘Wallabies’ has featured in all eight Rugby World Cups, winning the tournament on two occasions and also finishing as runners-up twice.

The Aussies have some of the most fanatical supporters in the sport and provide a loyal and vocal following wherever the green and gold travel to.

Watching Australia play rugby is always an exciting affair and they are typically involved in high-scoring contests with plenty of tries. This means that they are a great team to place a wager on and below we provide a list of the best tips to keep in mind when betting on the Wallabies.

Head to Head Betting

Australia goes into the majority of their matches as favourites, although their style of play often leaves them vulnerable to conceding points and for that reason you can obtain great odds on them. The important thing to consider when placing a head-to-head bet is whether you are choosing the 2-way or 3-way outcome market.

Unlike most North American sports, Rugby matches may end in a draw (or tie), and although this result is reasonably uncommon it has the potential to unseat you, much like the double zero on a roulette table! The best advice is to pick the 2-way outcome line – this removes the draw from the equation (a drawn match will result in a refunded bet) and eliminates the possibility of losing a bet without your team actually losing.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is very useful when betting on Australian matches, particularly in tournaments like the Rugby World Cup when they are normally facing lower-ranked opponents. There is no gain in placing a head-to-head wager when your team is the overwhelming favourite; handicaps are a great way to level the playing field.

For example, in a match between Australia and Canada, the likely price for the Aussies would be around -700, however, the handicap for this match may be around -20.5 and offer a price of -150. This essentially means that if you were to place a bet on the Aussies you would need them to win by 21 points or more to win your wager. 

The standard handicap line is set by the sportsbook and represents their opinion on the most likely margin of victory (in this case, Australia by approximately 20 points). If you believe that the Wallabies will win by a larger figure, you can choose your own handicap line. You may get odds of around +200 for a -29.5 handicap, so if you have done your research and think the Aussies can win by a bigger margin, it’s worth placing a wager.

Over/Under Markets

Keeping in mind that Australia is typically involved in high-scoring affairs, it may be worth considering the over/under market for total points scored. This market gives you great odds as it is basically a fifty-fifty bet, although if you do your research more thoroughly than the big betting companies you should come out on top. The biggest variable in this market is the weather, so be cautious of picking the overs when rain is in the forecast!

Scoring Markets

While on the subject of points, all the top betting sites offer a large selection of different markets to do with scoring. The most popular lines are the tryscoring markets, particularly the first and last try scorer. While a fan favourite, these are also very risky and as a result offer very long odds. A safer option is the ‘to score’ market that pays if your player scores a try in the match – very handy for Australian matches that normally feature a lot of five-pointers.

Parlay Options

While we suggest the above markets and lines to help you get more value from your wager, there’s no doubt that the hundreds of different choices can be a bit overwhelming. If you are a fan of regular head-to-head betting then perhaps a parlay is the best option. This involves combining the odds of two bets to turn a bigger profit (as there is more risk involved).

As outlined above, you probably won’t get the greatest price for Australia when they are the favourites in a match, however, if you add another ‘sure thing’ to your bet (let’s say England in a match against Italy), you will increase your potential outlay. Both Australia and England would be hardly worth betting on individually, but together they provide a worthwhile wager.

Live Betting

This presents possibly your best chance at increasing your odds when placing bets on Australian rugby matches, and all the big betting companies will give you the option to place a live wager. If the Aussies start out at -400 in a match and trail at half time, you should be able to jump on at much more favourable odds if you believe they will come back and win the game as expected. 

Live betting can also be used in the same way when combined with the over/under and handicap markets. The key is to be aware of the starting price/value and understand that it will still be the most likely outcome of the match. 


Believe it or not, bookmakers have odds available for all major tournaments well in advance of the start date, and in the case of the Rugby World Cup, you will often find prices as early as three years out. The advantage of placing a bet early is that you will receive far better odds than on the eve of the competition, and when you’re talking about a team like Australia with a great history at the event, it makes sense to jump on early.

Regardless of how you prefer to bet, you can count on us to provide you with the best odds and lines from a variety of the biggest online sports betting companies. With all of the information on this page, you should have the resources you need to win big on Australian rugby matches, so put your money down today and get ready to reap the rewards!