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Whether it's the silver screen or the TV screen, we invest at least a sixth of our lives watching. From fictional worlds like Westeros to Hollywood ballrooms, the stars of our favourite shows can be just as important as the people in our daily lives. The heavily-watched shows are complimented by highly-anticipated award shows and putting down wagers on these isn't just as popular but also as entertaining.  

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Just like sports, entertainment programs are on almost every day but depending on the season there are different types of program. Game of Thrones usually airs around the Spring but other popular TV shows air during the Fall season. Summertime means blockbuster movie season and winter time is when the Academy Award-type of films come. The various Award shows air at different seasonal intervals as well with the Oscars airing in the Winter and the Emmys in the Fall.

It's an entirely different ball game when it comes to wagering on entertainment. The first thing to discuss is what type of event are you betting on? Usually, award shows like the Oscars and Emmys attract a great number of bettors due to the number of viewers they attract. Predicting winners is also a naturally fun activity to do even amongst non-bettors.  

Sportsbooks set the odds based on a combination of who they think are the likely winners plus who they think the public will support. When it comes to award shows like the Emmys, it's almost like major league sports like the NBA and NFL where there are annual favourites that dominate but once in a while an underdog or two breaks through. Finding these dogs takes shrewd research and timing. Gaining exclusive information before the books or public know is key.

For live programs like Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor, two main factors to consider are the popularity and performances of the contestants. Prior to any actual competitions, analyzing each contestant's background and perceived value among the viewers is key. The odds can also be heavily affected by "leaks" (whenever the results are released online prior to the broadcast). Should these happen, the betting lines are taken down.  

Several other bets on entertainment function a lot like props. These are usually either/or propositions i.e. Is Luke Skywalker Rey's Father (from the new Star Wars films).

Some scenarios are even at a 50/50 split and is purely a guessing game unless you were sly enough to snag insider information that nobody else knows. But should this info get released, the books will alter the odds and the bet may not even be profitable.

Constantly being updated with entertainment news, reading up on blogs, and watching programs where insiders release info is a necessity if you are to profit with bets. Also remember the cardinal rule in betting: separate your heart from your head.

While it's fun to put money on your favourite shows or stars to win, it may not be the wisest choice. Keep in mind our betting tips to maximize your profitability.  

Entertainment Betting Odds

Most sportsbooks offer entertainment betting odds but not everyone covers all the events. Major award shows like the Emmys are usually covered. Sports Interaction offers solid betting odds for their entertainment category and is one of the most popular books for Canadians along with Bodog. Both offer bets in every category you can imagine and offer competitive and regularly updated odds. A signup bonus of up to $250 is icing on the cake. 

Turn your viewing habits into a profitable hobby.