Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) Betting

      The Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) experienced an inaugural season that was far better expected, resulting in the successful launch of top-flight Canadian basketball.

      The CEBL is on the way back. The odds for the CEBL Summer Series winners are currently unavailable and will be subject to change. The odds were last updated on April 21, 2022:

      2022 CEBL Outright Winners Odds bet99 sportsinteraction powerplay

      Hamilton Honey Badgers


      Niagara River Lions


      Edmonton Stingers


      Guelph Nighthawks


      Saskatchewan Rattlers

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      Hamilton Honey Badgers
      To win the 2022 CEBL title

      Sports Interaction

      No doubt the popularity of the CEBL was driven by the Toronto Raptors first championship, which raised the profile of basketball in Canada. Now that basketball fans have the opportunity of betting on the CEBL, it’s a good idea to learn more about the league before wagering.




      CEBL Betting Odds

      Canadian Elite Basketball League betting will grow more popular as this league gains traction across the nation and as the new Canada Sports Betting law is applied in Toronto and other big cities.

      The CEBL was founded by Richard Petko in 2017, a Niagara team owner who became frustrated with the National Basketball League of Canada. So Richard and CEO Mike Morreale arranged for a six-league team from multiple provinces, with their inaugural season landing on CBC digital, leading to rapid growth.

      The popularity of basketball in Canada continues to rise alongside viewership from around the globe. After the NBA championship of the Raptors in 2019, the influence of the sport has grown in cities other than Toronto.

      Capitalizing on a once-in-a-lifetime wave of popularity that rivals Vin-sanity, the CEBL will serve as an excellent place for Canadian players, coaches, and management to develop their skills. In fact, the CEBL aligned with FIBA Americas to standardize their on-court product.

      CEBL betting and CEBL odds are offered through sportsbooks.

      In addition to signing deals with New Era for apparel, and the CBC for digital broadcasting, the CEBL has arranged a partnership with Canada Basketball to be the defacto 'division one' league, similar to how the EPL is the top league in the U.K. As such, this sets up the scenario of creating a Canadian network of professional basketball that fuels a continued boom in the sport, with the potential of becoming one of the dominant forces in international basketball.

      CEBL Betting

      CEBL Championship Odds

      The CEBL championship features the top qualifiers from the regular season, who battle over the course of a weekend to crown the winner of the CEBL season. Teams compete over the course of 20 games to earn the privilege of competing in the championship festival. Similar to other types of championship betting, CEBL championship odds are mostly determined by the performance of the qualifying teams during the run-up to the finals.

      Since the CEBL is a smaller, more compact competitive association, the likelihood of an unpredictable result is greater than an established league like the NBA, which has a longer regular season and considerable history for bettors to draw upon. This follows the pattern established in pro football of NFL betting being more predictable than CFL betting. However, as the CEBL continues to mature, the lines and odds should begin to become a bit more predictable.

      Competing in the CEBL 2020 we have six teams from four provinces:

      Types of CEBL Basketball Bets

      Similar to the NBA and other major leagues, CEBL betting includes a wide variety of action.

      Standard Bets

      Moneylines, spreads, and over/unders are the standard CEBL bets, just like the majority of action on major sports leagues. Moneyline bets involve predicting the straight-up winner of a single match, regardless of how the game’s won.

      Spread bets involve predicting whether a team will beat the projected winning margin of the game. If Ottawa Blackjacks face Niagara in a battle of Ontario, and Ottawa’s favoured by 5.5 points, the Blackjacks win the bet only if they earn victory by six points or more.

      Over/under bets require the bettor to wager on whether the final score of the match will be above or below a predicted amount. If the over/under for a game is 201.5 points, an over bet wins when the two teams score 202 points or more, and the bet loses if the opposite occurs.

      Prop Bets

      Sportsbooks with CEBL lines will also feature a solid range of prop bets for matches. Pretty much any proposition with odds attached can be considered a prop bet.

      However, the most popular types of prop bets tend to be events within the game, such as the winner of the first half of a match, or whether or not a game will go into overtime. Long-term prop bets would include wagers like an over/under on the number of wins a team earns during a regular season or betting on the points-per-game scored by an individual player.

      Futures Bets

      Predicting an outcome in the long term, like the eventual winner of the CEBL championship, sums up this type of wager. Betting on the eventual championship winner is one of the most popular types of futures bets, but individual player futures, such as predicting the CEBL MVP, also attract plenty of attention.

      CEBL Odds

      Best Sportsbooks to Place Bets on Basketball

      Canadians have access to an outstanding group of online sportsbooks to place bets on basketball and other major sports events. The CEBL is no different. Most major sportsbooks list a full range of odds for basketball leagues around the world, including those outside of the NBA.

      Typically, sportsbooks feature similar odds for many events. Choosing a sportsbook with the expectation that they provide the best odds for each match is not realistic.

      Instead, compare the way different sportsbooks provide service and the range of promotions that they offer. Focus on your own needs first and foremost. A bonus scheme or rewards plan that fits well with your betting preferences is one aspect of choosing a sportsbook that will almost certainly benefit your bottom line.

      Check out our in-depth list of sportsbook reviews, which rate the usability, odds offered, bonus programs, and other important aspects to selecting a site that works best for you.