Safest Sports Betting Sites in 2022

      We pride ourselves on our continued efforts to provide our readers with the most relevant and up-to-date sports betting content possible. This includes providing our readers with the safest sports betting sites available to Canadians.

      Over the years, we’ve spent many hours looking through the finer details of sportsbook providers to ensure safety and consistency for our community. As such, we’ve put together a review of the top-tier providers in operations today.

      Safest betting sites

      As well as telling you where to go for the safest and most-established sportsbooks in Canada, we will give you a few tips on how to spot those sites that deserve your attention. Along with that, we’ll point out some of the sportsbooks on our blacklist.

      Never just take the word of someone else, do your research. Find out what’s going on behind the scenes and if there has been any foul play in the past.

      There are a few things that all of the best providers feature that new users should keep an eye out for when shopping for a provider. First and foremost, new users must look to see how long the sportsbook has been in operation. Generally speaking, the longer the sportsbook has been around, the more reliable they are - though there are exceptions to the rule.

      Secondly, just be aware of the telltale signs of a fake website. Icons not working properly, images not loading correctly, generally poor coding. Betting companies are often wealthy companies and can afford to pay for proper developers. A dodgy URL, poor grammar, there is an endless list of potential mistakes to keep an eye on.

      Finally, if the odds are just unbelievable. What we mean by this is if you’ve got hyper-competitive odds, or betting options on markets you’d never expect to see. Fake providers will often fulfil frequent Google Search requests with these fake odds.

      So, which are the safest sports betting sites in 2020?

        The basics of safe betting

        In order for users to simply understand safe betting, it’s easier to break it down. There are aspects of safe gambling that are blatantly obvious. Ensuring the website is well-establish and legal are important, but most bettors already know this.

        For anyone looking to find a legitimate sportsbook quickly and without having to do any research, check out our list of top-tier sportsbook providers. It includes sites we’ve thoroughly reviewed and are safe to deposit with.

        As well as that, there are elements of gambling that are on the individual bettor to regulate and control or have the foresight to seek the help of others, including the providers themselves that feature some excellent responsible gaming resources and tools.

        Regulating the amount an individual play is a simple and convenient way to ensure safe gaming. As is protecting one’s identity. Often something bettors are too quick to reveal, personal information is of paramount importance and bettors should be careful to only disclose the necessary information and not beyond that point.

        Safe gambling is responsible for gambling

        Responsible gaming refers to a number of things, but it’s chiefly concerned with ensuring bettors don’t act irresponsibly with their money. This breaks down into controlling a player’s funds, spending, and wagers ensuring moderation throughout.

        Sportsbooks facilitate responsible gaming via daily budget limits, time limits and wagering limits. A combination of these allows users to enjoy their gaming experience, safe in the knowledge they will not cause actual financial damage.

        Another aspect of the responsible gaming services most sportsbooks offer is self-assessment testing and FAQs to help identify any potential issues.

        Finally, there’s voluntary self-exclusion, which is one of the more extreme methods of regulating a player's betting. But, it’s a very effective technique and one most major sportsbooks promote.

        How to protect your identity while betting?

        Making any kind of online transaction requires the user to reveal a variety of key information, including name, address, billing information and occasionally other minor details.

        Ensuring the information is sent securely and to a company that respects the privacy and the importance of disclosing information.

        Retaining personal data in the digital age is paramount. The sportsbooks that take care of your data and ensure users’ information isn’t tracked or used elsewhere. But what else can sportsbook users do to protect their data?

        Well, there are a variety of deposit methods available to users, some of which offer far more security than others. Older payment methods like traditional checks and money orders work well, while more modern systems like Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, offer a high-level of information retention and overall payment security.

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      • Unsafe betting sites

        Now that we’ve told you about the safest sites and where to go to play the odds, we figure we should give you a few points on the sites to avoid - our blacklisted sites.

        Choosing well-established providers, ones which we can rely on time and time again, is an absolute must when selecting a sportsbook. Often bettors get too caught up in the odds and range of markets, rather than focusing on the basics.

        Some fake betting sites look very glitzy, with a site that is functioning well, but they can turn out to be a scam. This isn’t a common occurrence, but the point here is to remain vigilant - don’t just rush to deposit because you like the oddsmaker.

        Stick to the trusted providers

        We can’t say it enough. While there are hundreds of providers out there trying to grab the attention of new customers and even experienced players, it’s easy to avoid the unsafe betting sites.

        The safest online betting sites can be found through the Canada Sports betting website. With a variety of top-rated betting sites to choose from, we make it effortless to stick to the trusted providers.

        Below we list a few examples of safe sportsbooks:

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      • We also show you some reliable online casinos:

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