How to bet on Prop Bets

      Prop bets (short for proposition bets) are some of the most entertaining and popular betting markets in the world of online sports betting. There are dedicated prop bet sites, which aim at providing the most competitive prop betting odds as well as opening customers’ eyes up to exciting new opportunities.

      But they’re not just designed to be a bit of extra entertainment for sharps or eye-catching offers for newcomers, there is more depth to the prop bets market. Not only do they offer unique betting markets, but they can also be extremely profitable.

      In this article of Canada Sports Betting’s betting guide, we’ll go through how to bet on prop bets, where to find the best prop betting sites and provide examples of NFL prop bets, NHL Stanley Cup prop bets and much more!

      What Is a Prop Bet?

      Prop bets are simple to spot and the chances are if you’ve played the odds before, you’ll have placed a prop bet of some form. All the best prop betting sites offer a range of prop betting markets, including all major sports leagues and special events.

      For example, the Superbowl prop betting market is excellent and provides unique and entertaining betting lines for football fans. A bet may look something like this:

      • Heads or Tails? Heads (+110) / Tails (+110)

      The most simple bet on the board. But every year we see this bet crop up and bettors from around the world love to wager on it. Alternatively, there might be something like this:

      • Patrick Mahomes to throw more than 250 yards at the Superbowl (+130)

      This is the prop bets definition in a nutshell. Think of it like this, prop bets typically don’t have a direct effect on the final outcome of the game. Like anywhere else in the world, prop bets in Canada are very popular and account for a large portion of bets each year. Now you know what are props in betting, let's take a look at the various prop bet types.

      Types of Prop Bets

      As we mentioned before already, there are two main purposes of prop bets. Firstly, they provide a great source of entertainment and offer an alternative betting market from standard betting lines. Secondly, they can be employed in a profitable sports betting strategy. While they can be both, they usually fall into one of these categories.

      Most prop bets require almost no skill whatsoever, you simply see the offering and go with it because it relates to the game or event you’re interested in. Using this type of bet will add to the viewing experience, as the bettor has a little bit more riding on it.

      These kinds of prop bets are great and often equate to simply guessing the outcome of a specific event. Prop bets are often at the mercy of lady luck and this is why these kinds of bets shouldn’t be backed by a large chunk of the player’s bankroll.

      Alternatively, bettors can play these types of bets a little bit more skillfully. Simply put, this means that bettors are looking at the prop bet and applying their own personal knowledge to the bet and using that to get ahead. Educated bets are always the best type of bets.

      Prop bets are divided into these two categories, online providers will simply have a section labelled “prop bets” and bettors must make this distinction themselves. The way a bet becomes more serious is the stake that is placed on it, if the bettor goes big they will feel the bet is significant. This is why we’d always advise players to bet lightly when playing prop bets purely for entertainment purposes.

      The Best Things About Prop Bets

      Sports betting tips and predictions are always built around wins and losses, how many points a team may get and who will grab the points. However, prop bets differ from this kind of statistical data and require a unique type of information that isn’t provided through classic sports prediction sites.

      Prop bets allow bettors to get involved in aspects of sports matches and events that would normally go unnoticed. Prop bets allow bettors to focus on individual performance or exterior elements of a match like never before. The limitations that are bettors would normally encounter are no longer applicable when bettors choose to play the prop bet sites.

      As we said before, the entertainment factor is a big one. Things that may normally be entirely mundane suddenly become a lot more exciting if there is a small stake on them. The anticipation of waiting for postseason games to start can be tiring. But, with a small bet involved, things can become a lot more exciting.

      For those bettors that are looking to get into a new sport, prop bets are a great way of enjoying the sport without knowing all the intricacies involved. Rather than sitting there just learning to understand the rules, place a small wager and change the dynamic of the viewing experience.