How do bookmakers calculate odds

How do bookmakers calculate odds

When sports fans are getting ready to watch their teams play, the excitement they have is quite high.

That's stating the obvious. However, what's become a huge trend in recent years has been fans of the NBA, NFL, CFL, MLB, NHL and more to place bets either before or during games they're watching. 

As you might expect, there are countless sportsbooks and outlets out there who provide different odds and predictions for events. 

When readers check out our partners at Canada Sports Betting, they can always expect to find the latest and most updated odds available.

But, how do those odds come about? What goes into the first odds that are released, plus the changes that are made up to the start? There are often plenty of changes to the odds. Why?

In this piece, we break all of that down, discuss our Betting Guide at Canada Sports Betting and much more for our readers to gain a better understanding of what to expect leading up to when they want to make their wagers.