St Louis fan collects $100,000 with $400 wager when Blues win the cup

Isn’t betting beautiful sometimes. Just look at this tweet:

    Yep, that’s Scott Berry’s bet slip with 250 to 1 odds for St Louis Blues to win the Stanley Cup.

    Bet made - in January. Wager - $400. Potential loot - $100,000. St Louis Blues position in the league at the time of the wager - 31/31. The bottom of the bottom, dead last. 

    And guess what happened last night?

    St Louis Blues won game #7 of the Finals against Boston Bruins 4 - 1 and collected the first ever Stanley Cup in franchise history, and made Scott Berry 100,000 bucks.

    Darren Rovell from The Action Network has reported on Berry’s feelings during the match:

    "You know it's so funny, it's like I never in a million years thought I would be watching a game where I either am a $100,000 victor or I'm walking away with my tail between my legs.

    I've got all faith in these guys, I still think they're gonna do it

    But, I've got all faith in these guys, I still think they're gonna do it, they're a better road team so tonight's gonna be an emotional roller coaster. You'll probably see me in tears either way."

    Scott Berry is a gutsy guy.

    Or would you have not hedged that bet before the game #7? Say, put $20,000 on Boston to win the last match and collect at least $20K x Boston odds to win the match? I would have probably done that.

    Congratulations to Scott Berry


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    Again, congratulations to Scott Berry and to the Saint Louis Blues!