NFL Super Bowl 56 Player Props – Stafford MVP Favourite

NFL Super Bowl 56 Player Props - Stafford MVP Favourite

It is hard to believe that Super Bowl 56 is well over a week away. NFL Player Props rest for no one however and here at CSB, we begin with the race for MVP.

Welcome to NFL Super Bowl 56 Player Props

The long and winding road that is the NFL season comes down to one more game — the Super Bowl. Okay, okay, there are two games left technically. The Pro Bowl is coming up on Sunday and there will be picks for that as well. Here at Canada Sports Betting, we get a head start on the player props by starting with the big one — the MVP.

The thought process of picking an MVP is simple enough. Considering the majority of the time, the MVP is a quarterback-driven award. How much so? Consider this. 

Super Bowl MVP By Position

  • Quarterback — 31
  • Running Back — 7
  • Wide Receiver — 7
  • Linebacker — 4
  • Defensive End — 2
  • Safety — 2
  • Cornerback — 1 
  • Defensive Tackle — 1 
  • Special Teams — 1

Again, when one breaks down the Super Bowl MVP by position, the quarterback wins the majority of the time. The chances a defensive player wins are pretty remote as they have only taken home the trophy nine times. Desmond Howard won it for special teams as a member of the Green Bay Packers. A quarterback has won 11 of the past 15 times 

Super Bowl MVP By The Numbers

That is partly why the quarterbacks lead the way when it comes to any betting table. When one looks at the Super Bowl MVP by the numbers, it is crystal clear who the favourites are. Below, we present the table for Super Bowl 56 for the grandest prop of all. 

NFL Super Bowl Player Props – MVPsportsinteraction
Matthew Stafford2.052.00
Joe Burrow3.153.25
Cooper Kupp6.357.00
Aaron Donald9.0015.00
Ja’Marr Chase15.0023.00
Odell Beckham Jr.“2100″
Cam Akers27.0041.00
Joe Mixon36.0034.00

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Again, the NFL Playoff Predictions and Odds for the Super Bowl are always intriguing. There are always twists and turns. Do not worry. Our pick for the Super Bowl will be coming sometime early next week. The numbers are fairly standard with two top picks, a drop, and then gradual lengthening. Basically, there are two “favourites” and two “contenders” followed by longer shots. 

Quickly, we will break down the top two choices, offer another option or two perhaps, and give out some picks.  Let’s dive into the MVP player prop by looking at the two quarterbacks.

Player Props – MVP – Matthew Stafford A Slight Favourite

The good news for sports bettors is that Matthew Stafford is only a slight favourite at around even money. When the MVP player props opened, that was kind of expected. It is amusing that Stafford vaulted into the regular season MVP consideration with a clutch Week 1 performance against the Chicago Bears. The Los Angeles Rams’ quarterback threw a few long touchdowns and from there on, he would be one to watch. 

Yes, Stafford carries some risk. He did struggle against some of the better defences in the league and even last week against the San Francisco 49ers, there were moments of doubt and agony. Then, the quarterback rallied and found a way to drive Los Angeles down the field three times in the fourth quarter for 13 points and date to Super Bowl 56.

Again, the question arises. So, what to make of the even numbers here? Given that this is the second Super Bowl in a row with a quarterback that happens to have home-field advantage. What are the odds? Those are a bit more astronomical. Talk about an eerie coincidence. 

Consider that Stafford managed to throw for 337 yards, two touchdowns and one interception against one of the better pass defences in the league. He may be able to equal or surpass that against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals allow the seventh-most yards to quarterbacks and a not so good 2 to 1 touchdown to interception ratio. Stafford remains an excellent pick for the MVP prop

Matthew Stafford

To win Super Bowl 56 MVP Award


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Do Not Count Out Joe Burrow For Super Bowl 56 MVP

One of the things with Joe Burrow is this. Never count the guy out for anything – even the Super Bowl 56 MVP. The Cincinnati quarterback held firm even in the face of relentless Kansas City pressure. He did not break when the Chiefs went up 21-3 either. Burrow played his game, got his team back into the AFC Championship, then ultimately found a way to win the game. 

The best NFL betting sites may not quite be on the Cincinnati Bengals or Burrow just yet. He is going to have to run for his life against one of the best defences in the NFL. Even then, Jimmy Garoppolo did throw for 232 yards with two touchdowns and a pick. Surely, Burrow can exceed that, right? 

His number may lengthen a bit too as the days leading up to the Super Bowl. Again, remember Los Angeles has the home-field advantage playing at SoFi Stadium. Burrow has equal receiving talent but again that offensive line is just not very good. However, the resolve from this quarterback is immeasurable. Don’t count him out.

Joe Burrow

To win Super Bowl 56 MVP Award


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Could Cooper Kupp Win The Super Bowl 56 MVP?

It is a great question. Cooper Kupp has found a way to win a ton of money for sports bettors all year. He accumulated nearly 2,000 receiving yards. The wide receiver finds a way to get open in coverage like few has in some time. He has slightly longer odds but again may be worth a look for Super Bowl 56 MVP.

Cooper Kupp

To win Super Bowl 56 MVP Award


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Our Canada Sports Betting Pick is Matthew Stafford to win the Super Bowl 56 MVP. 

Come check out some excellent free February sports picks as the month gets underway. 

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