Super Bowl LV Props Picks

Super Bowl LV Props Picks

Just two teams remain in the hunt for playing in the 2021 Super Bowl LV, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take to their home field to face the reigning Super Bowl holders the Kansas City Chiefs.

While many will focus on the Super Bowl betting odds, analyzing the Super Bowl prop betting lines is always great fun leading up to the big event on February 7th. The Kansas City Chiefs stand favourites to win at 1.59, while Tom Brady’s Buccaneers enter the game at 2.50 among major sportsbook providers.

Prop or proposition bets can come in two main forms; game-based props or entertaining props that don’t relate to the outcome of the match. There is no better time of year than this to enjoy prop betting, as the Super Bowl prop betting markets bring about a plethora of options to football fans worldwide.

With all kinds of prop betting options available to Super Bowl viewers, it’s difficult to know which prop bets are worth wagering on. In this article we’ll highlight the best prop bets for the Super Bowl LV; from the Super Bowl 55 MVP to the Gatorade shower, we’ll cover all the bases.

Super Bowl MVP Picks

As you’d expect, the main contenders are two of the biggest names in the sports and the QBs for both sides. The veteran Tom Brady up against the 25-year old young buck Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes is the hottest player in the NFL and has just led his team to the AFC title. Tampa has an excellent defence and forces a high pass-play percentage, which works for the KC Chiefs. We’ve seen coach Andy Reid hand the reins to Mahomes before, so expect that on the day.

On the other side of the coin is Tom Brady, who has had an excellent season and really putting his foot down during the playoffs. The way he’s been spreading the ball, if they win it the title will be his.

In terms of other positions, there are players like Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce who could pick up the plaudits. But, as is with football, everything runs through the quarterback.

Take Patrick Mahomes to win the Super Bowl LV MVP.

Patrick Mahomes

To be Super Bowl LV MVP


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Gatorade Shower Picks

If you’re new to the Super Bowl, this may seem a rather strange wager. However, the Gatorade shower has become a major tradition across all American sport, even down to the amateur level.

The vast majority of major NFL betting sites offer odds for the sports drink surprise. While admittedly the outcome of this particular aspect of the spectacle is mostly guesswork, it’s always worth glancing at what’s happened in recent years.

The spread is fairly random, except for the fact we’ve seen Orange crop up 4 times in the last 5 years including last years’ Super Bowl. This may be something to consider, as we did see Orange at both the Super Bowl 44 and 45Maybe we’ll see it at 54 and 55?

Pick Orange for the Gatorade shower.

Gatorade Shower

To be orange


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First Touchdown Picks

This is always a tough one, especially this year given the array of offensive outlets each team possesses. Unsurprisingly the favourite to make the first touchdown is the ever-present KC Chiefs Travis Kelce.

Every game we watch, he seems to go from strength to strength. Mahomes loves to find him and has been doing so with ease throughout the season. Elsewhere, we have the “Cheetah” the Chiefs wide receiver and probably the most electrifying player in the league right now Tyreek Hill.

His exceptional pace makes him a real threat. He has sprinter speed and is able to score from pretty much anywhere. He always seems to be getting faster and faster and is absolutely lethal when he gets moving.

Take Tyreek Hill to complete the first touchdown.

First Touchdown

To be completed by Tyreek Hill


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National Anthem Picks

The National Anthem is one of the most popular prop bets of them all, as it comes to an epic halftime show with the roar of a star-spangled banner to remind viewers what it means to put on an epic American show.

The game itself offers a variety of interesting half-time prop betting wagers, which includes the over/under for the length of the national anthem.

Under has been the trend in recent years, with the over/under being set lower and lower – dropping from over 2 minutes in 2013, dropping all the way down to 1:55 for last years’ Super Bowl.

The Weeknd is a performer for the big stage, that much is true. We expect him to light up the Raymond James Stadium and draw out the song for longer than we’ve seen in recent years.

With the over/under set at 1.55 minutes again, it feels like he will break the trend of the dominant under and take it beyond 2 minutes. Though, for now, we will have to make our predictions and wait for the big show on February 7th!

Take the National Anthem to go over 1.55mins.

The National Anthem

to be over 1.55mins


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