NFL Super Bowl 56 Best Team Props

NFL Super Bowl 56 Best Team Props

Welcome once more to the world of NFL Super Bowl 56 Props. This installment at Canada Sports Betting features a peek at some of the best team props.

Welcome To The World Of Super Bowl Team Props

While player props have their rightful place in any Super Bowl betting hierarchy, team props have their own place as well. At CSB, we continue to examine more of these props and some of the ones most may not expect. After all, what fun is it just running through the same props time and time again?

There is still so much time between now and the championship game. Super Bowl 56 bets and odds are expected to only pick up from here on out. Strange and unexpected events can often cause a world championship game to take on a life of its own. Keep in mind, this is merely a blueprint for some team props. Expect to see many more on social media leading up to Sunday, February 13th.

Some Team Props And Their Numbers

Thanks to online sportsbooks like Sports Interaction, there are a bevy of team props that range from the mainstream to the absolutely bizarre. Now, there are at least 55 such props in all. They range from the longest field goal converted to the team that records the first defensive sack. The joke is if you think of it, there probably are numbers to make a bet on something. Actually, a sports bettor may not be too far off. 

The 2022 Super Bowl Prop Bets are increasing in volume by the day it feels like. There is always that feeling of finding unexpected value in some obscure wager. Anyway, here are some intriguing tidbits from our betting table. 

Super Bowl 56 Team Prop Odds
Total Field Goals Made
Over 1.5 – LA1.71
Under 1.5 – LA2.15
Over 1.5 – CIN1.83
Under 1.5 – CIN1.95
Most Offensive Plays
Los Angeles1.80
Will a 2-pt conversion occur?

These two teams battle each other in ten days to determine an NFL Champion. Meanwhile, we have the privilege to examine NFL Playoff Betting Odds And Predictions. Let’s take a look at field goals first. That’s right. Field goals. 

Super Bowl 56 Team Props – Field Goals

When we mentioned at Canada Sports Betting that a sports bettor can bet on anything, we were not kidding. There are a number of ways to bet on field goal team props this year. Betting for Super Bowl 56 features everything from longest to shortest field goals to which team kicks the last three-point try. For those scoring at home, shouldn’t we look at the kickers themselves? That would help. 

So, the Los Angeles Rams’ kicker Matt Gay had a solid season in 2019 before the pandemic hit. This year was different though. Gay kicked 32 of 34 field goals and 48 of 49 extra points. It is that field goal range that was impressive. Gay went 11 for 13 from 40+ yards including 4 of 5 from 50+. His season-long kick was 55 yards. 

Do understand that these involve props dependent on what a team does offensively. Their drives have to stall in field goal range obviously. The good news is that the weather expects to not be an issue for Super Bowl Sunday. Gay has been excellent all season. Now, Cincinnati Bengals’ kicker Evan McPherson became an interesting story himself. This is his rookie season out of Florida. 

McPherson made 28 of 33 field goals this season including nine from beyond 50 yards (58 was his season-long). He is a kicker with 60+ yard range which comes in handy for a few props. McPherson kicked four field goals in the AFC Championship to get Cincinnati to the Super Bowl. Hence, one of our main picks is taking Cincinnati to score the longest field goal (2.05) along with the last field goal (2.13) and the over 1.5 field goals (1.83).

Cincinnati Bengals

To kick the longest field goal


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Team Props – Most Offensive Plays

Let’s talk about some crazy team props. How about trying to guess which team is going to have the most offensive plays? There are at least a couple of methods to quantify this. Both teams were more in the middle of the pack overall this season. Los Angeles ranked 16th at 63.1 per game while Cincinnati ranked 22nd at 61.9. While the Bengals have been a bit better time of possession-wise, Los Angeles has a higher-end capability. 

Their season-high was just last week with 76 plays ran. The Rams past three games saw them average four more plays compared to the Bengals. Balance seems to lie more with Los Angeles as well. Their offensive line is a bit more stout when compared to Cincinnati. It has been well documented that Joe Burrow may have to run for his life at times come to Super Bowl Sunday.

Again, Cincinnati could very well gain more yards per play but Los Angeles is our pick to run the most offensive plays come Super Bowl 56.

Los Angeles Rams

To run the most offensive plays


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A Final Super Bowl Team Prop – 2 Point Conversion?

This Super Bowl Team Prop is the longest of long shots. Finally, will a team make a 2-point conversion? It is always difficult to guess here because this is so dependent on the score. Is a team chasing the game down by double-digits? Did a team previously miss an extra point? Again, there are quite a few variables. 

That being said, the numbers are so titled toward a no that a contrarian wager on yes is at least worth a small bet. Also, both teams have combined to convert just three two-point conversions this season. This is where the unexpected comes in. Our pick is to make a minimal wager on a yes for an XP2 this Super Bowl 56.


On a 2-point conversion being made


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Hey, go check out the soccer-free picks for this upcoming weekend while you can. 

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