NFL Super Bowl 56 Best Props – Matthew Stafford

NFL Super Bowl 56 Best Props – Matthew Stafford

Welcome back to the search for more NFL Super Bowl 56 Props. This time at Canada Sports Betting, we take a look at some of the best Matthew Stafford props.

Matthew Stafford Super Bowl 56 Props

The idea with Super Bowl 56 being more than a week and a half away gives sports bettors ideas of going in different directions. Our goal is to delve from the big picture to the smaller picture (macro to micro). Sometimes there are props within the prop so to speak. One can aim higher or lower depending on the level of ambition err risk. Today, we look at Matthew Stafford, quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams

Again the Super Bowl betting is all year even if the game is not until Sunday, February 13th. It is important to note this because numbers and player statuses can always change. One never fully knows what may occur tomorrow or beyond. This is merely a guide with some picks on what may be the best or some easier player props out there to focus on between now and then. 

Matthew Stafford Numbers Breakdown

Thanks to some of the best online sportsbooks, there are some easy props odds and a nice breakdown of the numbers for Matthew Stafford. So far, it appears completions, passing touchdowns, and passing yards may be known targets that could have some easy-to-bet numbers. 

Now, there are going to be some fun additions tossed in as some sites offer more “progressive props“. That just means one can get plus money or better if they up the numbers a little. Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the simpler data first. 

Matthew Stafford Super Bowl Props
Over 278.5 Passing Yards1.801.80
Under 278.5 Passing Yards1.801.80
Over 1.5 Touchdowns1.391.37
Under 1.5 Touchdowns2.552.60
Over 24.5 Completions1.751.76
Under 24.5 Completions1.851.83

Here are the best NFL Playoff Betting Predictions And Odds for the Super Bowl and more. It is hard to believe that there is one game left between two teams to determine the NFL champion but here we are. Matthew Stafford is up first and let’s begin with those passing yards. 

Matthew Stafford Props — Passing Yards

Okay, let’s start with a simple one. The first Matthew Stafford prop focuses on passing yards for Super Bowl 56. Keeping things relatively simple is vital here. Now, the number being set so far is at 278.5 yards. That is the baseline. Now, does one think Stafford will go over or under that amount? There are a few basic things to consider. How many yards does a defence give up? How many yards does the quarterback average?

Let’s take a look at these. For one, the Cincinnati Bengals allow 248.3 passing yards per game. That seems like a low number. Consider the fact for a second that Stafford is playing more or less a home game next Sunday from SoFi Stadium. He knows the subtleties of the stadium well — from playing conditions on down. 

Stafford averaged 287.5 yards a game during the regular season but he just threw for 337 against one of the tougher defences in the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers slowed Dak Prescott and Aaron Rodgers down to a crawl. Think about that for a second. Meanwhile, Cincinnati allowed the seventh-most yards to a quarterback. Los Angeles will have even more time to prepare for a vulnerable defence. 

The first thing will be to play it safe here with the overset at 278.5 yards. The Rams’ quarterback will surpass that. Now, how high could he go? His home numbers average at 293.6 yards per contest. Does one step up to say 300.5 yards which is offered at +108? That could present a modest step up and is our pick for Matthew Stafford’s passing yards prop. 

Matthew Stafford

To go Over 300.5 yards


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Matthew Stafford Super Bowl Props — Passing Touchdowns

Next, is the more challenging passing touchdowns super bowl propMatthew Stafford threw for 41 touchdowns during the regular season. Now, the adrenaline is going to run through him fast during his first-ever Super Bowl appearance. However, again, that home-field factor has to mitigate that rush somewhat. He will be more composed than the average quarterback here. 

Cincinnati only allowed an average of 1.57 touchdowns per game during the regular season. Stafford threw for 2.41 touchdowns per game (2.63 at home). The Bengals have shown a penchant for giving up big plays in the passing game and the Rams have several targets besides Cooper KuppVan Jefferson and Odell Beckham Jr. alone can make things a nightmare for this Bengals defence.

The number at 1.5 touchdowns is like low-hanging fruit. Our suggestion is to not go so safe here either. Aim for 2.5 touchdowns with the likelihood that Stafford could throw three touchdowns or more on the biggest NFL stage

Matthew Stafford

To throw 3+ touchdowns


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One Last Matthew Stafford Prop – Passing Completions

The final Matthew Stafford prop for Super Bowl 56 is passing completions. This is one that may be the most unstable only for a variety of reasons. Does the game stay close? Does Stafford complete some deeper passes which may impact his total a bit? Stafford’s home numbers here indicate this is likely the most dangerous bet on the table. He averaged just 25 completions a game at home. 

Even against San Francisco, he did have 31 but was playing from behind. The big question is does one try to go up or does one play it safe? The best bet maybe just to play this one safe on Super Bowl SundayTake Matthew Stafford and the over of 24.5 completions

Matthew Stafford

To complete over 24.5 passes


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