NFL Divisional Round Saturday Picks - Backing The Packers

NFL Divisional Round Saturday Picks - Backing The Packers

The NFL Divisional Round begins late Saturday afternoon with two games featuring the top seeds. That includes the super bowl favourite Green Bay Packers.

Hello NFL Divisional Round Weekend!

The NFL Divisional Round Weekend begins with two games on Saturday - one late in the afternoon and one in primetime. It will be exactly like last Saturday with 4:30 PM ET and 8:15 PM ET starts. The difference will be on Sunday when the games are at 3:00 PM ET and 6:30 PM ET respectively.

With just eight teams remaining, the stakes will be that much higher. Some thought the Super Wildcard Weekend was a bit of a dud.

Here at Canada Sports Betting, we bring you our NFL picks for Saturday, January 22nd. Will the top seeds have a little rust or will they shake it off quickly? Let's take a look. 

NFL Divisional Round Saturday Picks

So, Saturday's NFL action starts off at 4:30 PM ET with the #4 seed Cincinnati Bengals travelling to face the #1 seed Tennessee Titans. After that, the top-seeded Green Bay Packers go up against the #6 seed San Francisco 49ers in the nightcap at 8:15 PM ET.

The NFL Divisional Round Saturday Picks should be intriguing no matter the result for fans and sports bettors alike. It is time to take a look at the data to err numbers for these NFL contests

NFL Divisional Round Numerology

Numerology, or the study of numbers, gets a little more challenging come the NFL Divisional Round. The chance to make it into the "Final Four" or "Conference Championships" raises the ante that much more. Saturday's slate features the two games on the betting table. Here is the data.

NFC Championship OddsSports InteractionBetway
San Francisco 49ers2.482.50
Los Angeles Rams1.561.58

Also, there are some excellent NFL betting sites with opening numbers for this upcoming weekend of football. They are worth a look as last week featured some late shifting before the games started.

Tennessee Titans over Cincinnati Bengals - The Saturday Evening Game

If this game had been played a week earlier, there may be a different expected result. However, that is not the case for the first contest of the Divisional Round Saturday. The Tennesee Titans earned the top seed in the AFC behind a balanced attack that featured Derrick Henry. Henry was medically given the green light on January 5th and expects to be on the field and 100% ready for Saturday versus the Cincinnati Bengals.

That is not the only good news for Tennessee. Fullback Tony Carter was cleared for practice on Saturday and chances are increasingly likely he will play this weekend. Carter and Henry were one of the best 1-2 punches for the Titans' rushing game. Carter created the holes that Henry ran through on the way to 937 weeks in just eight weeks before that foot injury which caused him to have surgery. If for whatever reason, he cannot go. D'Onta Foreman and Dontrell Hilliard have formed a good enough duo to run 30-40 times if needed. 

While Tennessee runs the ball to set up the pass, Cincinnati is more inclined to pass a bit more and run when called upon. Joe Burrow can sling the football all over the field to Ja'Marr Chase and even Joe Mixon out of the backfield among other targets. However, Mixon did run for over 1,200 yards and topped 1500 yards from scrimmage. On the other hand, the running back failed to top 65 yards over the final six weeks of the season.

This game will feel like a heavyweight fight with the Bengals going for long, power shots. Do not forget, at Canada Sports Betting, we have some great UFC betting odds too. That being said, Tennessee's defence will be fresher and their running game can keep them that way. Cincinnati had an average defence which gave up 358 yards at the end of the regular season versus Kansas City and Cleveland. Therefore, take the Tennessee Titans on the moneyline to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals Saturday.

Green Bay Packers To beat the Cincinnati Bengals
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Green Bay Packers over San Francisco 49ers 

The more academic matchup maybe the Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers from Lambeau Field on Saturday night. While it will be just above zero degrees Celsius in Nashville on Saturday, it will be a frigid -10 to -15 degrees Celsius at game time from Green Bay. One of the reasons sports bettors find backing the Packers appealing is their top-ten defence balanced with their top-ten offence.

Give the San Francisco 49ers a ton of credit as they neutralized the Dallas Cowboys early in their game last weekend. Then, they held on late thanks to a little help from an umpire. San Francisco did rack up nearly 34 minutes in time on possession and 169 yards rushing. However, the Packers' defence gave up just 126 yards rushing over the final two weeks and just 67 in their Week 3 matchup which Green Bay won 30-28 on the road.

Simply, Aaron Rodgers in the arctic tundra plays extremely well. Jimmy Garoppolo still makes too many mistakes. Two nearly caused San Francisco to blow a 23-7 lead. While Deebo Samuel is a handful for Green Bay, the Packers have too many weapons from the Dillon-Jones combo to Da'vante Adams. Green Bay's ability to balance big plays with moving the ball and making fewer mistakes is the difference Saturday night.

Our pick is the Green Bay Packers to win this NFL Divisional Round game on Saturday night over the San Francisco 49ers.

Green Bay Packers To beat the San Francisco 49ers
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