NFL Week 7 Early Picks - Denver to Beat Cleveland

NFL Week 7 Early Picks - Denver to Beat Cleveland

The early bird gets the worm and this week is no different as we take a look at the Thursday night game along with two 1 pm games for NFL Week 7 Early Picks.

Week 7 of the NFL season features a half dozen teams on their bye week. That means there are only 13 games on the schedule. First, we spotlight the Thursday night game between the Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns. Also, New England entertains the New York Jets while the New York Giants are home to the Carolina Panthers. 

The time is ticking for the Jets and Giants as the losses mount. Anyway, let's start making those early picks for Canada Sports Betting. 

NFL Week 7 Early Betting Picks 

With just 13 games the breakdown of games goes something like this for NFL Week 7.

  • Thursday Night -- 1
  • 1 pm Games -- 6
  • 4 pm Games -- 4
  • Sunday Night -- 1
  • Monday Night -- 1

Again, for us bettors, that Thursday night game could swing pretty quickly. The reason why Baker Mayfield is pictured is simple. He will play this week against the Denver Broncos. However, the Cleveland Browns are banged up. 

After that, there is the New York Giants, who got hammered by the Los Angeles Rams last week 38-11. It was never close after a 28-point second quarter. Many believe that Daniel Jones should not have played. Now, the Giants face an angry Carolina Panthers team who lost in overtime to the Minnesota Vikings. 

Finally, there is the rematch of the young quarterbacks. Zach Jones of the New York Jets goes up against Mac Jones of the New England Patriots in an AFC East clash.

There are more challenges this week but after doing well the past several weeks, it is time to take a chance or three. After all, live life dangerously. Many feel that the Carolina Panthers are getting some excellent odds as they should be favoured by more against one of the worst teams in football. 

Let's further examine the Week 7 NFL Picks

Denver Broncos To beat the Cleveland Browns

NFL Week 7 Early Picks - Money on the Run 

Week 6 was very good along with Week 5 despite some of the obstacles. It is time to put our money on the run for Week 7. Yes, there were several games decided by overtime as well as some comebacks that fell short. New England and Carolina were both victims of that fate. 

Could things wind up going a little haywire again? Absolutely. The NFL Early Picks have some quirks in the moneylines and those are listed below. 

2021 NFL Week Seven Early PicksSports InteractionPowerPlaySpin Palace Sports
Denver Broncos2.812.752.80
Cleveland Browns1.411.441.45
Carolina Panthers1.661.611.62
New York Giants2.272.252.40
New York Jets3.333.403.40
New England Patriots1.351.301.32

Do not forget, there are even more odds for NFL Week 7 odds here

Thursday Night Pick -- Denver Broncos over Cleveland Browns 

Again, go bold or go home. We lead off with what could be one of the ugliest games of Week 7. This contest features the Denver Broncos on the road against the Cleveland Browns. Denver was another one of those teams that just could not get going until it was too late. They went down by 21 to the Las Vegas Raiders before mounting a bit of a charge in the fourth quarter. Their secondary and middle defence got gouged heavily. 

Things went even worse for the Cleveland Browns in Week 6 as the Arizona Cardinals jumped out to a 20-0 lead en route to a 37-14 rout in Cleveland. Arizona was without their best linebacker in Chandler Jones and it did not matter. The problem is the short turnaround and my god -- the injuries for this Thursday night game. 

Cleveland's injury list can be seen right here. Thankfully, Odell Beckham Jr. and Baker Mayfield came back into the game but now Kareem Hunt is out with a calf injury. Nick Chubb is also out so that's two Cleveland running backs. Mayfield's shoulder looks bad but he plans on playing. That is unless Cleveland sits him out to rest for the Halloween game against Pittsburgh. Jarvis Landry has still been injured among the M*A*S*H* unit. 

For Denver, there is a chance that Jerry Jeudy returns. For a team that has lost three straight games, that news is a huge boost and lets other offensive players slot back in their more accustomed roles. Teddy Bridgewater slung the ball pretty well in Week 6 but also made a few mistakes -- three interceptions in all. That being said, Cleveland's defence is compromised more because the offence is so hobbled. 

It is why we think Denver will beat the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football

Carolina Panthers over the New York Giants

Simply, the Carolina Panthers have lost three straight games but probably could have won in Week 6. The New York Giants did not bother to show up at home against the Los Angeles Rams. Things may get worse for Week 7 early Sunday afternoon.

Sam Darnold got revenge on his former team, the New York Jets. Now, he gets a chance to exorcise some demons at MetLife Stadium. The New York Giants have allowed 44 and 38 points the last two weeks. The Giants may score a few more points but it is Carolina who is our Week 7 pick here on the road.

Carolina Panthers To beat the NY Giants
Sports Interaction

And Finally This One Last Week 7 Early Pick

The New England Patriots and New York Jets play at Foxborough on Sunday. Mac Jones going against Zach Wilson. New England won the first one and New York does not have the weapons Dallas did in Week 6. The Patriots are our pick to defeat the Jets in Week 7.

New England Patriots To beat the NY Jets

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