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NFL Free Picks & Predictions: Week 15
Cowboys vs Rams - plus all the action
Who Will Make It to the NFL Playoffs?
Can the Patriots be stopped?
Betting Odds & Insights:Baltimore Ravens
Latest news, updates, and team selection
    NFL Free Picks & Predictions: Week 15
    Who Will Make It to the NFL Playoffs?
    Betting Odds & Insights:Baltimore Ravens

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How do our free NFL Picks work?

If you're not sure about what bet to place for the upcoming round of NFL matches, or if you're simply looking for NFL picks and predictions, you've come to the right place.

Our writers here at CanadaSportsBetting live and breathe sports and gambling, and you'll find a stack of great selections on our free picks page: all free sports picks.

Here you'll find free picks for all the popular types of betting options, including moneyline picks, over/under bets and handicap bets.

Plus, you'll also see bets on future/outright markets for all the major tournaments, leagues and competitions. Betting on sport is easy when you know exactly what to put your money on.

Our free picks are exactly that - FREE! We provide these tips to help you select winners every week, and we also give you access to a range of the best Sports Betting in Canada to place your winning wagers.

You may choose to go with Bet365 sport, or even Sports Interaction (SIA) review - it doesn't matter - we will keep providing the tips so you can go to your favourite sportsbook and place your bet.

We cover off almost every sport on the planet, and we boast a subject matter expert for each one so you know you can trust us when looking to place a bet.

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NFL picks and predictions are always available on the NFL Picks page, and we link you to our NFL Betting Odds page so that you can compare all the latest odds from a variety of Canada's top sportsbooks. You will find free NFL picks today and tomorrow.

You'll find picks throughout the season, including the playoffs - don't forget that we also have a NFL Playoffs Odds page to ensure your postseason is covered.

It doesn't matter if there's no game today, or even if it's the offseason - there's always futures odds available on the Super Bowl odds page, so you can look to place a bet at anytime throughout the year.

These odds will be updated regularly so you can track your favourite team's progress. If you see them at higher odds than average, that's the time to jump on and ride them home to a NFL championship!

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NFL Free picks are sometimes called match predictions

At CSB, we offer free NFL picks so that you don't have to do all the research. There is one important thing to note though - free picks can also be called betting tips, and you'll often see them referred to as match predictions.

It's all the same thing - free picks are simply tips for you to place a bet based on our prediction of what we think will happen in a match, game, league, tournament or competition. Simple really.

Our NFL game predictions are always in-depth and we put a lot of time and analysis into our picks.

You can be sure that our people making the predictions know exactly what they're writing about, so all you need to do is pick a sportsbook to place your bet.

Another one of our great sportsbook partners is Bodog sport, and they have a great range of odds and lines for every NFL match.

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NFL Picks and Parlays

The beauty of the NFL is that many of the games are all played at the same time on a Sunday, so you can have multiple bets going at once. Some may win, and some may lose, but it's a great way to keep every game interesting.

However, you may not be aware that you can link your bets together, and the potential outcome is a much higher pay day. This is called a parlay bet.


Let's say you had bets on all the favourites for the five games kicking off at 1pm on Sunday, and they were all paying 1.50 for the win. If you put $100 on all these individually ($500 total outlay), you would end up with a profit of $250 if they all won.

However, if you put the same money ($500) on all five games in a parlay, the odds are multiplied. So, you would end up with a profit of over $3200. That's a huge increase.

Parlay bets are easy with Spin Sports, one of our sports betting partners, and our free NFL expert picks make it even easier. Try out a NFL parlay bet today!