2021-22 NBA Futures: Warriors Play Out West

2021-22 NBA Futures: Warriors Play Out West

Now about a full month into the NBA season and some NBA Futures have been updated. One of them is the Western Conference where the Golden State Warriors now top the West.

Let’s continue this week by wagering on some NBA Futures. One of the more exciting props out there is taking a look at the NBA conferences. Today, we are looking at the Western Conference here at Canada Sports Betting. Monday featured are trip through the Eastern Conference

The NBA betting sites located in Canada did not have some desirable odds. So, that is no problem. We take a look at some teams to bet on to win the Western Conference. Let’s examine some of the numbers as of November 17th. 

2021-22 NBA Futures — Western Conferencebetway
Los Angeles Lakers3.253.363.70
Golden State Warriors5.004.855.25
Utah Jazz5.005.176.00
Phoenix Suns8.508.417.50
Los Angeles Clippers8.508.749.50
Denver Nuggets9.008.9010.00
Dallas Mavericks15.0014.8212.00
Memphis Grizzlies26.0026.5431.00

Golden State Warriors: Warriors Play Out West — NBA Futures

Some are surprised with the Golden State Warriors ranking as high as they are in the NBA Futures for the Western Conference. Their early hot star has turned some heads and only shortened their odds a little more. They started the pre-season around 9.00 and now are down to around 5.00.

The “Warrior play out West” has definitely drawn a ton of attention and particularly around Stephen Curry as usual. Curry is back to his usual scoring machine and play-making self (injury woes of the past couple of seasons are gone). He is not only averaging around 27 points per game but Golden State is 10-1 in the early going and winners of six straight games.

They have an entertainment value combined with the champion’s instinct that few teams possess. Even last season when injuries reared their head at every turn, the Golden State Warriors found a way to challenge in the “bubble” and nearly pulled off a playoff upset or two. Then Stephen Curry got fully healthy in the offseason and he is back to being the MVP Candidate everyone is used to.

It is the play of Curry that drives this Warriors team. Last week, Curry dropped a 50-point performance on the Atlanta Hawks that left many speechless. It was not the 50% shooting from the field or nine three-point shots. This was more about how the former Davidson standout slashed to the rim. He took 13 shots from the foul line and those free points paved the way to another victory.

Spectre of Injury Still Mars Warriors Western Conference Futures Some

Again, it is widely believed that any injury to Stephen Curry hurts the Warriors’ Western Conference fortunes greatly. There is little doubt that the numbers for these futures will shorten for Golden State if they stay healthy and especially as the season draws on.

There is a belief that injuries are the Achilles’ heel of the Golden State Warriors. Look at what has happened to Draymond Green and Stephen Curry over the past several seasons. Yes, it can happen to any team. Golden State still has an open window to a championship even if some do not agree.

The problem is the Western Conference is still the Los Angeles Lakers for the taking at this point. That is the majority opinion throughout most of the NBA. However, even last year, the Warriors put a considerable scare in the Lakers. A fully healthy Golden State team could surpass them.

Golden State Warriors Our Pick to Win the West

The Golden State Warriors are our pick to win the West. This is believable because the Warriors keep rising among our best NBA Finals Betting odds as well. 

Brooklyn Nets

To win the NBA Wesern Conference


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What about the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference?

They are never overlooked but the Los Angeles Lakers are favored to win the Western Conference and again contend for the NBA title. Los Angeles still has the second-best odds to win the crown. Those conference numbers range from 3.25 to 3.75 at press time. 

There are some slight questions with the Lakers not so much with talent but with chemistry. Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, and LeBron James are an intimidating “Big Three”. However, there have been some growing pains err chemistry issues early on. The Lakers dropped their first two games but have won seven of their last ten since at press time. 

Sure, the Lakers possess enough depth to beat most anyone in the West but there is a slight concern with their early play on the road. Los Angeles does play a little too “laissez-faire”.

Their early pace troubles do lend some concern to if they can even get to the Western Conference Final, let alone win the West. The Lakers’ older depth may prove to be their downfall.

An NBA West Futures Longer Shot Perhaps?

Though the Phoenix Suns (8.50) were in the NBA Final last season, they are not the ones to keep an eye on in the West. That one could be the Los Angeles Clippers. They stumbled out of the block early but have since gained their focus winning six straight games. With Kawhi Leonard out until 2022, some have forgotten about them as a threat in the NBA Futures.

With Reggie Jackson and Paul George, the Clippers can more than tread water until Leonard returns. When Leonard comes back, this Los Angeles team could be the one that rules the Staples Center and much more.

Therefore, our “long” shot pick in the Western Conference Futures is the Los Angeles Clippers at 9.50

Los Angeles Clippers

To win the Western Conference


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