2024 NBA Draft Betting Preview: Who Will The Raptors Pick At No. 19? Bronny James Odds

Lakers' LeBron James, right, pats the back of USC Trojans guard Bronny James (6) before the game against the Long Beach State 49ers at Galen Center in Los Angeles Sunday, Dec. 10, 2023

The NBA Finals are officially over, and the Boston Celtics stand on top of the mountain once again. For the rest of the league, the focus will now shift to the NBA Draft on June 26.

Going into the draft, there are still a lot of questions. There is no Victor Wembanyama in this draft but there are talents that will emerge. Who are the names to watch at the top of the draft? Who will the Toronto Raptors take with the 19th overall pick? And where will Bronny James end up?

Keep reading for a preview of what you can expect from the draft, and what the odds look like ahead of the big day.

No. 1 overall pick odds

PlayerSports Interaction Odds
Zaccharie Risacher-250
Donovan Clingan+210
Alexandre Sarr+450
Stephon Castle +4000
Reed Sheppard+8000
Matas Buzelis+10000
Ron Holland+10000

Zaccharie Risacher: Riscacher seems to be about as consensus as it gets to be taken No. 1 overall by the Atlanta Hawks, assuming they don’t trade the pick. The six-foot-eight forward checks off all of the major boxes that teams look for: length, youth, and upside. Scouts feel like his physicality will be an asset at the next level and the Hawks could use another major piece to entice star Trae Young to stay in town.

Donovan Clingan: Clingan is intriguing because he could possibly go first to the Hawks or fall to the fringe of the top 5. The UConn sophomore is mobile and has the size that teams love. His upside is an elite rim protector but there are questions about whether he can match that on the offensive side of the floor.

Alexandre Sarr: Like Risacher, Sarr has been a standout in France. He has a huge seven-foot-four wingspan and was the consensus No. 1 pick for many months throughout the season. His interior offensive game looks quite sound, but he has potential to become a midrange threat as well. If he hits his peak, Sarr could be a dominant big man.

The Longshots: There is a lot of talent – Buzelis, Sheppard, Cody Williams – that will come off the board between the third and eighth picks. Where they end up depends on who goes ahead of them and what teams value most. Clingan is the only player outside of Sarr and Risacher who stands a shot at going first.

Alexandre Sarr to be selected first overall by Hawks


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Who will the Raptors take at No. 19?

The Toronto Raptors are in a bit of a “no man’s land” situation. They traded away stars OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam this past season, signifying a rebuild. They finished 25-57, good for 12th in the Eastern Conference, but they’ll pick just 19th overall in this draft (they traded what would become the eighth overall pick to the San Antonio Spurs).

The Raptors have a chance to add a talented, if flawed player, in the middle of the first round. The real question becomes, who could the Raptors take 19th overall that will potentially make an impact? Toronto also holds the No. 31 overall selection in the draft to open the second round.

Zach Edey, C, Purdue

Zach Edey has the kind of resume that shows results: 2x National College Player of the Year, 2x Consensus First-Team All-American, 2x Big Ten Player of the Year, and a slew of other accolades and awards that few can claim. The fact that Edey is from Toronto is just icing on the cake. The Raptors are in a transitional position and adding a big man like Edey – seven-foot-four, 300 pounds – would make them much stronger in the middle. Edey can hit threes and become a reliable defensive anchor at the NBA level. He just needs to be protected from mismatches and screens but could become a force. If he falls to the Raptors here, it would be a home run pick.

Ja’Kobe Walter, G, Baylor

Walter had an up-and-down campaign as a freshman at Baylor but has tantalizing two-way potential. He is a fantastic perimeter shooter, particularly off screens and handoffs. He has the confidence to be a go-to scorer for the Raptors very soon. His playmaking abilities are also quite exciting. He makes some flashy passes even in the face of pressure, though he was anything but a leading creator at Baylor. The Raptors won’t have the same kind of backcourt depth, however. He’s got good on-ball defence and is a threat to pull up from anywhere. Talk to a lot of scouts and they also feel like he’s got the competitiveness in him that will make him a factor (he’s got “that dog” in him).

Yves Missi, C, Baylor

Another Baylor prospect who could be very intriguing with the 19th overall pick. It is entirely possible that both Edey and Walter could be off the board by the time the Raptors pick, which will garner a longer look at Missi. He’s a bit of a project but he could be one that is worth investing in. He has the kind of elite tools that you don’t see, especially in a seven-foot player. He is a great athlete for his size, moving his feet well in space. He can also get up there, skying over defenders to finish lobs in transition or from a stationary spot. His size has proven to be an asset when it comes to blocking shots, but he won’t be shaken easily as a defender (as evidenced by his Big 12 All-defence team nod as a freshman). His offensive game will need work at the NBA level, but his defence and athleticism would be a welcome addition in Toronto.

Isaiah Collier, G, USC

Though it was a rough year for both Collier and USC, he will be an intriguing option for the Raptors at 19th overall. They do need help at guard as Gary Trent Jr. is not likely to be the long-term answer at the position. Collier suffered a hand injury that hampered his final season, but he has a frame that is NBA-ready and he uses it to get to the hoop and finish. His jump shot definitely needs refinement and consistency if he is to round out his offensive game. Defensively, Collier can be a shutdown defender if he wants to. He has the kind of talent that could land him in the lottery but could fall depending on team needs and circumstances. If the Raptors wind up with him here, it would be a strong selection.

Zach Edey to be selected with 19th overall pick


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Who will select Bronny James?

Normally, a borderline pick doesn’t garner much attention. When that borderline pick happens to be the son of the great LeBron James, that changes things. LeBron James Jr. – aka Bronny James – is one of the most intriguing potential picks largely due to his heritage. Let’s take a quick look at the odds for which team he’ll land with:

Teambet365 Odds
Los Angeles Lakers+150
Philadelphia 76ers+700
Phoenix Suns+800
Cleveland Cavaliers+900
Utah Jazz+1000
New York Knicks+1200
Oklahoma City Thunder+1400

Naturally, the overwhelming consensus is that the Los Angeles Lakers will take Bronny with the 55th overall pick in the second round. Virtually every mock draft has him landing with the Lakers to play alongside his dad, a future Hall of Famer.

James isn’t anywhere close to a finished product. If anything, he did show that he belongs as a prospect in this class with his performance at the draft combine. He shot the ball well there and showed that he has impressive scoring potential in the lane thanks to his floater.

The fun part about his selection is that it may offer insight as to where LeBron James will end up. Though he is likely to stay with the Lakers, there have been fun rumours floating about that he could wind up with the 76ers, the Suns, or even go back “home” to Cleveland. Bronny James will be an important piece of that puzzle.