2021-22 NBA Futures — Brooklyn Now Favourite Over Golden State

2021-22 NBA Futures -- Brooklyn Now Favourite Over Golden State

The Brooklyn Nets again lead as NBA Champion favourites but there are a few shifts in the 2021-22 NBA Futures as Golden State has entered the fray.

It is almost two months into the NBA season. With still a little more than four months to go, there expect to be more shifts in the 2021-22 NBA Futures. There are just two weeks to go until the big Christmas Day games so this may be a perfect time to take a look who are the favourites and who have fallen off. 

Below are our latest predictions along with more observations. One of the only certain constants has been the Brooklyn Nets ironically. After that, new contenders have emerged and a big one is indeed the Golden State Warriors

2021-22 NBA Futures — NBA Champion — December Numbers Update

Gauging an NBA Champion in December is proving to be far from a two-horse race. Maybe the better question becomes which two horses will stand the tallest? So far, the Brooklyn Nets have stayed the course err the top of the heap. 

Below are some of the newer December numbers as of December 9th, 2021.

2021-22 NBA Futures — NBA Championbetway
Brooklyn Nets3.463.403.45
Golden State Warriors6.367.006.40
Milwaukee Bucks8.229.008.40
Los Angeles Lakers9.599.509.60
Utah Jazz9.9513.0010.00
Phoenix Suns9.9912.0010.00
Miami Heat14.3416.0015.00
Los Angeles Clippers20.3120.0020.00

These NBA Betting Odds are poised to be quite changeable in some ways. With Christmas approaching, while there has been one constant, several other teams have shifted while one team, the Denver Nuggets have fallen out of our top eight. Of course, that can always change again. The numbers seem to be a perpetual shift. 

Let’s take a look at the Brooklyn Nets first in these 2021-22 NBA Futures.

Brooklyn Nets A Constant In The 2021-22 NBA Futures?

The numbers are not lying so far as the Brooklyn Nets remain a constant in the 2021-22 NBA Futures. It is amazing that they have mostly ranged from 3 to 3.5 since the summer. Honestly, there are some definite issues with Brooklyn being a favourite but they seem, on the surface, the least flawed. 

This is the thing. The “Big Three” still have not played a game together this season as Kyrie Irving continues to be kept away due to his vaccination status. There is no timeline as to when the Irving matter could change. Maybe COVID relaxes enough that this happens sooner rather than later. 

In the meantime, Brooklyn does lead the conference, at press time, with a 17-8 record. That does include a very impressive 9-3 on the road. Yes, the Nets are a better team away from home than at home right now. It does seem the “championship mentality” with Kevin Durant, James Harden, and their depth is more prevalent along with more of a killer instinct. 

For what it is worth, Brooklyn is still on pace for about 56 wins. They could still easily hit around 60 wins by season’s end. That part does not matter as much as Brooklyn getting ready for the NBA Playoffs. Currently, the Brooklyn Nets are yet again the favourites in the 2021-22 NBA Futures.

So, The Golden State Warriors Have Made A Move!

The Golden State Warriors were the fourth-best team when it came to the numbers in October. Fast forward to December and the Warriors have vaulted to second. Their significant move has seen them shift from the 11.00 to 12.00 range down to 6.00 to 7.00. Part of that is because they have the best record in the NBA at 21-4 currently. Part of that is the health of Stephen Curry. 

Curry drives any team. He has caused this shift in the NBA Finals Betting odds. His start combined with the defensive intensity at which Golden State has played at, makes them an appealing choice. The two factors have combined to shorten their odds pretty quickly. Their point differential is making some waves at a league-leading 12.9 points per game. 

The Warriors are barely allowing 100 points (100.3) per contest. Cleveland possesses the second-best points per game allowed at 102. Obviously, Stephen Curry drives the engine but the scary part may be this. Klay Thompson is getting closer and closer after recovering from an Achilles injury. That cannot be too good for the rest of the Western Conference. 

Right now, it appears that Golden State is the best team in the league. The numbers say otherwise for now but their odds expect to shorten further as 2022 approaches. 

2021-22 NBA Futures: Phoenix Suns Under The Radar Again?

Speaking of hot starts. Has anyone seen what the Phoenix Suns have managed again? They advanced to the NBA Final last season and now possess the second-best record in the NBA at 20-4. Phoenix has won nine of their last ten games. There is some debate between Phoenix and Utah but again it is still a little less than a third of the way into the 2021-22 season. 

Phoenix has caused some bettors to look their way. In October, their numbers ranged from 17.00 to 18.00. Now, those have shortened to around 10.00. Some numbers have even dipped into the single digits. The Los Angeles Lakers’ slow start has opened the door for a few teams. One of them is definitely Phoenix. 

The Western Conference is very much stacked. Even the Utah Jazz are lurking with a margin of victory hovering around ten points per contest. One can never count out the Lakers either. While the Eastern Conference has become a bit more bunched. There is a little more of a pecking order in the West.

2021-22 NBA Futures: Brooklyn Still Favoured Over Golden State

The Brooklyn Nets are again the pick to win the 2021-22 NBA crown for the futures.

Brooklyn Nets

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