NBA Draft 2020 Picks And Predictions

NBA Draft 2020 Picks And Predictions

With the 2019/20 postseason campaign fully wrapped up, we look to the NBA Draft. It’s probable that the NBA regular season will resume sometime during the final days of 2020, but it remains unconfirmed as yet.

The Draft is always an interesting time for basketball fans. The unpredictability of it makes for exciting viewing and certainly makes for great betting opportunities. It was Luca Doncic in 2018 and Zion Williamson in 2019 - who will we see in 2020?

One of the best things about the draft is the hype. Often teams get caught up and first pick players and end up with dross - Kwame Brown and Greg Oden anyone? Tyler Herro was 14th pick in 2019 and ended up playing a big part in the Heat’s postseason run this year.

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Anthony Edwards to be first pick (1.40)

The first round of the NBA Draft is due to take place on the 18th of November, with the Minnesota Timberwolves making the first pick, Golden State second and the Hornets third.

Based on what we see on top NBA betting sites, we expect Minnesota to pick Anthony Edwards first. The shooting guard stands at 6ft 4” and has played his college ball for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Edwards averages 19.1ppg, 5.2r and has an FG% of 40.2. Great numbers for a freshman. He’s the firm favourite to be picked first in November, but as we’ve seen before things can quickly change.

Take Anthony Edwards to be the first pick.

Anthony Edwards To be first pick in 2020

LaMelo Ball to be first pick (3.50)

LaMelo Ball is the younger brother of Pelicans star Lonzo Ball. He’s a beast at 6ft 7” and has the handling of a veteran point guard. The NBA betting odds have him as the firm second place across a variety of top-tier sportsbook providers.

There are many that claim LaMelo is a better prospect than his older brother, which is a great credit to the 19-year old. He played professionally in Australia last year, averaging 17ppg, 7.5r and 7 assists per game.

It’s too early to predict how things will play out. It’s quite possible that the Timbers will pass on him and let the Golden State get their hands on him. Either way, we look forward to seeing this unique talent on the NBA court.

Go for LaMelo Ball to be the first pick.

LaMelo Ball To be first pick in 2020
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James Wiseman to be first pick (5.00)

James Wiseman has played his basketball for the Memphis Tigers as a center. At 7ft 1” he’s quite the specimen. It’s not just his height and reaches that are intriguing to NBA teams, he’s got a great handle, as well as top-drawer athleticism.

He does a lot of his work in defence, yet he’s managing to put up an average of 19.7ppg, 10.7r and has an FG% of 76.9. Many have highlighted this and expect him to adapt to the pace of life in the NBA quickly, adding to his offensive game.

Like many hopefuls in the NBA Draft, they one daydream of making it to the NBA Finals and from the three players we’ve mentioned here it seems highly probable one of them will realize that dream.

Take James Wiseman to be picked first.

James Wiseman To be first pick in 2020

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