NBA Wednesday Night Picks – Brooklyn Zoom

NBA Wednesday Night Picks - Brooklyn Zoom

The NBA season heads into November with a new edition of Wednesday Night Picks. Our headliner leads off with the Brooklyn Nets up against the Atlanta Hawks.

The great news for our NBA Wednesday Night Picks is we have the Brooklyn Nets in our feature, headline spot. It will be a little like the Brooklyn Zoom references as things get a little chaotic against the Atlanta Hawks. Again, expect the unexpected.

Here at Canada Sports Betting, we cannot forget the Toronto Raptors on a night like this. They go on the road to face the Washington Wizards. After all that, our tour de force winds up in Golden State as the Warriors entertain the Charlotte Hornets.

The thing with NBA odds is that they can change at the drop of a hat. A few of our teams are on winning upswings if you will. Toronto has surged with four straight wins currently and Brooklyn has won a couple in a row as well. Golden State started out winning five of six contests. This is partly why we have three NBA picks in all. This adds some variety. 

Below, we present our best bets for this Wednesday night slate for Canada Sports Betting. 

The Wednesday Night Numbers Breakdown

It is fun to see several significant draws on the schedule for Wednesday night. Yes, the Brooklyn Nets, Toronto Raptors, and especially Golden State Warriors are going to carry a good deal of the handle. The numbers breakdown is heavily looked toward here.

The Nets have barely missed Kyrie Irving over the past few games it seems while Toronto has found its way. They kept shooting and eventually started making some shots. Then, there is Stephen Curry and Golden State who can shoot lights out anytime. There are some NBA Odds that catch our eye on this night. Let’s get cracking!

NBA Wednesday Night Picks 11/3BetwaySports Interaction
Atlanta Hawks2.702.732.70
Brooklyn Nets1.501.451.47
Toronto Raptors2.302.302.30
Washington Wizards1.661.661.64
Charlotte Hornets2.952.993.00
Golden State Warriors1.411.421.40

Wednesday Night Top CSB Pick — Brooklyn Nets Zoom

The first NBA pick of this Wednesday night involves the Brooklyn Nets. Now, unlike the Toronto Raptors, Brooklyn is still finding their way at times. Now, the Nets have won two straight games but have looked a little uneven at times. It still may be the fact that Kyrie Irving is missing from the lineup. However, the depth has stepped up. 

It was that depth that helped Brooklyn dominate the Detroit Pistons by 26 points in their most recent game on Halloween. This may have been the first time all season that Brooklyn truly looked like it was having fun out there. The nice part of a rout is this allows the starting and top players to get some rest. Kevin Durant and James Harden both played less than 30 minutes. 

It looked like the Nets team last year before the injuries that were favoured to win the NBA Championship. Harden had a triple-double and Durant led all scorers with just 23 points. He did not have to carry the load completely. Five Brooklyn players ended up in double digits on the night as Detroit had no answers for the Nets’ pace.

It is why when the Brooklyn Nets are playing at their accustomed pace, it is as if they are “zoom” ing up and down the basketball court. Teams have a difficult time keeping up. Brooklyn was on fire shooting 65% from the field and 52% from the three-point range. While this is not expected all the time, It is closer to what Brooklyn can be at its full potential. 

Brooklyn Nets over Atlanta Hawks Best Bet

As the Brooklyn Nets start to find their way, their home record should improve as it becomes more and more of an advantage. Their current 3-2 mark should not scare away bettors. After all, Atlanta has not looked quite like itself either. Most forget that Atlanta got to the Conference Finals before falling to Milwaukee. This team does not have that confidence just yet. 

It is why Brooklyn’s balance and the big duo should be enough on Wednesday night. Our best bet involves taking the Brooklyn Nets over the Atlanta Hawks.

Brooklyn Nets

To beat the Atlanta Hawks


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Getting in on this pick at 1.50 is a good idea while you can. 

Toronto Raptors over the Washington Wizards

The idea is that we may be pushing things with this pick. The Toronto Raptors are rolling with four straight wins. It is again that balance on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. They even came back from a sloppy first half to defeat the New York Knicks the other night. OG Anunoby dropped a season-high 36 points at Madison Square Garden. Toronto served notice that they were not to be taken lightly. 

Washington does come off a loss but they are 3-0 at home. This will make things more challenging when it comes to the odds. These Washington Wizards cannot be taken lightly. Bradley Beal is not having to do it all by himself. The Wizards have four players with 15+ points per game. 

However, Toronto’s rebounding prowess will cause numerous problems for Washington. It allows the Raptors to control the pace from a defensive and offence metric. Toronto plays at a pace that is the second slowest in the league at 97.6. They will slow down Atlanta.

Take the Toronto Raptors over the Washington Wizards on the road Wednesday night. 

Toronto Raptors

To beat the Washington Wizards


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Our Out the Door Pick: Golden State over Charlotte

Golden State is our nightcap against Charlotte on Wednesday night. Again this is harder than it looks. Charlotte is 3-1 on the road but this is Stephen Curry and the Warriors at home. Golden State has Draymond Green and four Warriors who average 14 or more points per game. 

It is that depth and versatility that makes Golden State our late-night pick over Charlotte in what should be a very close contest. 

Golden State Warriors

To beat the Charlotte Hornets


Sports Interaction
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Betway brings the numbers and force among the sportsbooks as always. 

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