2021-22 NBA Futures: Brooklyn Beasts Of East

2021-22 NBA Futures: Brooklyn Beasts Of East

Almost a month into the NBA season and some NBA Futures have been updated. One of them is the Eastern Conference where the Brooklyn Nets still top the East.

Let’s start the week off by betting on some NBA Futures. One of the easier props out there is taking a look at the two NBA conferences. Fortunately, we will be spotlighting the Eastern Conference today here at Canada Sports Betting.

The top NBA betting sites in Canada did not have the Wednesday odds out as of press time. So, no problem. We take a look at some teams to bet on to win the Eastern Conference. Let’s take a peek at some of the numbers as of November 15th. 

2021-22 NBA Futures — Eastern Conference
Brooklyn Nets2.202.22
Milwaukee Bucks4.003.91
Miami Heat7.006.98
Philadelphia 76ers9.009.31
Chicago Bulls17.0016.73
Atlanta Hawks19.0018.99
Boston Celtics21.0021.81
New York Knicks26.0025.94

Brooklyn Nets: Beast of the East — NBA Futures

Few should be surprised but the Brooklyn Nets top the NBA Futures for the Eastern Conference once again. Their early hot start, even without Kyrie Irving has only shortened their odds a little more. They started the pre-season around 3.00 and now are down to around 2.20.

The “Beasts of the East” got off to a somewhat slow start losing two of their first three games. One of them was to the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks. Since then, Brooklyn had won seven of nine contests to boost their record to 8-4. When Brooklyn truly flexes their muscles, they are the team to beat. 

They have the resilience that few teams possess. Even last season when injuries reared their head at every turn, the Brooklyn Nets still pushed the Milwaukee Bucks to a seventh game. They even came a couple of buckets away from advancing against all odds. It is a testament to the depth, coaching, and of course MVP candidate Kevin Durant.

It is the drive of Durant that helps fuel this Nets team. Last week, they blew out the Orlando Magic without hardly breaking a sweat. That game was in Orlando. The team almost cruises at times but is still going at a speed faster than almost every NBA team. Can a team be caught between turning it on and off? Sure. However, Brooklyn is not one of those teams. 

Kyrie Irving Still Clouds the Nets Eastern Conference Futures A Bit

Again, it is widely believed that Kyrie Irving will return to the Nets at some point during the season. Depending on the politics, this may be sooner than expected. There is little doubt that the numbers for these futures will shorten for Brooklyn a little more when he does start playing again. 

There is a belief that the mandates could be relaxed as soon as a month or two. If that is the case, expect Irving to return soon after. The Nets superstar has been working out in the metropolitan area and has been seen around town at various events. One of the only reasons why Brooklyn is not more of a runaway favorite (numbers less than 2.00) is the slightly uncertain future of Irving.

The thing is the Eastern Conference is still Brooklyn’s for the taking at this point. Milwaukee may be the only team that can stop them over a seven-game series. Even then, the Bucks needed a lot of things to go right just to escape to the next round. Brooklyn will be further motivated this time around. 

Brooklyn Nets to Still Win the Eastern Conference

The Brooklyn Nets are still our pick to win the Eastern Conference and with ease. This makes sense because the Nets top our NBA Finals Betting odds as well. 

Brooklyn Nets

To win the NBA Eastern Conference


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What about the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference?

They tend to be forgotten but the Milwaukee Bucks did win the Eastern Conference and again the NBA title last season. Milwaukee still has the second-best odds to come out of the East this year. Those numbers range from 3.90 to 4.60 at press time. 

There is little question that Giannis Antetokuonmpo can lead Milwaukee back on a deep run through the playoffs again. However, If one stacks up the teams in the East when healthy, where do the Bucks rank? The honest assessment is probably second behind the Brooklyn Nets. 

Sure, Milwaukee has the depth to beat anyone in the East but there is a slight concern with their early 1-4 home record. It seems the Bucks are guilty of relaxing a bit at home. Teams come into a hostile environment with more of a bunker mentality. Milwaukee will adjust. 

More than likely, they will still be in the Eastern Conference Final when all is said and done against the Brooklyn Nets.

Is There a Slightly Longer Shot in the NBA East Futures?

Though the Atlanta Hawks (21.00) were a conference final. They are not the team to keep an eye on in the East. That one may just be the Miami Heat. It is early but they seem to have a slightly higher offensive tempo than the Toronto Raptors. Plus, Miami has a bit more scoring depth and balance. Their numbers span from around 6.75 to 7.50.

Jimmy Butler and a sound defense with again abundant scoring and rebounding depth is one team who could put a scare in Milwaukee, Atlanta, or even Brooklyn. It is early and the Heat can still acquire more pieces. 

Hence, our “long” shot pick in the Eastern Conference Futures is the Miami Heat at 7.50

Miami Heat

To win the Eastern Conference


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Again, there are plenty of sportsbooks to explore around and of course, there are still about five months left in the NBA regular season.

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