Prime Playoff NBA Picks May 23, 2022 - Boston Rebound?

Prime Playoff NBA Picks May 23, 2022 - Boston Rebound?

So, there is just one NBA game this Monday to bet on. Ideally, you should read this because we’ve done the research and selected the Prime Playoff NBA Picks for May 23. Yes, they are always free!

Okay, let's look at the moneyline table once more for this Monday night's NBA playoff action.

NBA Monday Night Odds 5/23/22Sports Interaction
Miami Heat3.30
Boston Celtics1.36

Boston Expects To Rebound In Monday's Game 4

The Boston Celtics are now the underdog in the Eastern Conference. So, it's NBA betting online odds indicate that as they lengthen one again. Honestly, we’re expecting a better start Monday night in our Prime Playoff NBA Picks. Why? This is because Boston nearly overcame a 20-point deficit in the fourth quarter over the weekend despite several obstacles and injuries as well.

The anger from Boston was evident in Game 3 but gave Miami a ton of credit for causing 24 turnovers. This game allowed Miami to take a 2-1 lead in the series, but the Celtics just started out so poorly. Boston players seemed to have a difficult time making the simplest of passes. Part of that was the Heat defence, but part of that had to be the Celtics just playing sloppy and too cut at home.

So, after that close call. What happens next? It is now known that Boston cannot afford to throw games away like this. There just seems to be this odd pattern of alternating great starts err games. It is mind-boggling that neither team can put two games together in a row. It is fully expected that Boston likely just comes out and takes care of business on Monday night.

Expect something closer to that near the 40-point start from Boston this time in Game 4. This is not to say a win is automatic here for the Celtics. The Miami Heat showed much resiliency in coming back and stealing home-court advantage one more time. They held the Celtics under 42% shooting and 30% from a distance in the first half. Yes, their later numbers bounced back but it was just too little, too late for Boston. That said, Miami nearly blew Game 3. Boston will not with Game 4. Take the moneyline while one can.

Boston Celtics To beat the Miami Heat in Game 4

Boston Has More Options In Prime Playoff NBA Picks

Boston appears to be in a better situation heading into Game 4. With Jimmy Butler banged up and questionable, the going word is that he intends to play. Boston has listed two players as questionable as well. That being said, is Butler honestly 100%? It's a great question but Butler is determined. However, Boston is just as much so.  That is why we side with the Celtics on Monday night as they try to sweep a few more Prime Playoff NBA Picks.

Which Boston team appears for Game 4 is the best question? Can they score 115+, or do they get mired in the offensive issues that see them meander around 100 points? One has to believe something closer to the former is likely. Boston just cannot put consecutive games together lately. They are like a snowflake in that sense. Boston is not going to turn the ball over 24 times again in this series, and they certainly will shoot better to start.

Making a case for Boston Giving Up The Points?

Again, this has not been the easiest of postseasons to gauge from game to game. Boston giving up 6.5 points is not a lot here for Monday night. The Celtics showed several times in this series that they can outscore the Heat at any time. As a matter of fact, Boston has more points in ten of the 12 quarters of this series. Despite that fact, the Celtics are down two games to one currently. It feels unbelievable, and yet here we are. Boston is in must-win mode on Monday night, or their season is in jeopardy.

Jayson Tatum must get off to a better start and not get preoccupied with the Miami defence, etc. It's that simple. If Jaylen Brown comes anywhere close to his 40-point near scene-stealer over the weekend, then Boston could win this going away (similar to Game 2). This Game 4 has the kind of feel where Boston is either winning going away late, or Miami wins again on the road. There is little wiggle room.

It is why taking the risk with just 6.5 points is a prudent measure. Again, remember even odds come with the spread. That 1.91 is solid and can be taken with the moneyline to form an effective plus-money parlay. Alas, start with the moneyline, then work to the spread at maybe a half unit instead of a full-on Monday night.

Boston Celtics To cover the 6.5-point spread in Game 4
Sports Interaction

The Over As A Prime Playoff NBA Picks Monday Night?

Now, Miami yielded 127 points in Game 2 and could have allowed nearly that much in Game 3. Do experts think something close may happen in Game 4? The answer based on the alternating pattern is yes. Again, Boston showed that they could shoot above 50% against Miami throughout most of this series. All it took was a few quarters to make a difference. Those amplified downturns do not happen often.

The plan is to go for the over since it is set at just 207.5 points. There is lots of intrigues that the Celtics could also cover their team over with ease. That is a desirable number too. Also, at Canada Sports Betting, the idea is that this series could very well go the distance. For this contest, we do trust the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat Total Over as one of the Prime Playoff NBA picks for Monday.

Boston Celtics and Miami Heat To cover the 207.5 point over in Game 4
Sports Interaction

Before We Bit Adieu...

The NBA playoffs are definitely heating up! Here are more NBA online betting sites, like Bet99, below for bettors.