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November 18th 2019

NBA Free Picks: Hornets vs Raptors
Hornets to cause an upset in Toronto?
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Toronto Raptors: Season Overview & Odds
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    NBA Free Picks: Hornets vs Raptors
    PowerPlay Offer: Free $20 no Deposit
    Toronto Raptors: Season Overview & Odds


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NBA Picks Tonight

NBA picks for tonight (or NBA picks for today) are always available here along with a full complement to the NBA odds. This is your stepping stone to making the best NBA predictions along with your own independent research, of course.

It's always best to know about the NBA when betting and not just depend on picks, even if our experts use advanced research methodology.

These are mostly dependent on number-crunching from advanced analytics formulated from computers, free of bias while limiting human error.

Along with that studying, get a look at sportsbook reviews beginning with our Bodog sports review as a step to finding the best available sportsbooks for you. 

The NBA runs for nine months of the year from October all the way to June. It starts with the preseason in early October and concludes in the NBA Finals in June. As you can see there are plenty of NBA game predictions!

Our NBA predictions for today cover all of these, especially complete with NBA Finals betting odds.

Toronto Raptors

How do our free NBA predictions work?

Our free NBA predictions are exactly what they are: the best free NBA picks you can use for your bets.

Our picks cover an array of bet types from the moneyline (or straight-up bets), the over/unders or team totals, and/or the point spread. There are plenty of NBA spread picks and NBA over under picks in our regularly free picks articles.

We also include parlays and props. And while all of these require a different betting strategy, our experts have you covered.

We won't charge you a monthly fee or package subscriptions. And we're not cheaping out on our bets either because our experts are both fans and bettors just like you. 

What makes our writers as experts aren't that they get almost everything right: it's that they know how the process of betting works because they have been throughout for many years. It's not always about the results, it's about the process

Any amateur can nail a few bets a few times. Heck, any newbie can go on a winning streak. But can they do it over a period of months? Years? Unlikely. In fact, many new gamblers quit betting and/or are losing within a few weeks. 

NBA free picks

Don't make that mistake. And starting with our free picks coupled with a comprehensive guide to the best sportsbooks around should guide you into a fruitful venture as an NBA bettor.

Among the plethora of great sportsbooks are Bet365, an all-around bookie with a top-of-the-line mobile betting site. Bet365 has been around for decades and is a household name among Canadians and bettors around the world.

But if you read our SportsInteraction review, you'll also find a Canadian-made sportsbook that rivals Bet365 and the top sportsbooks available right now. SIA offers comprehensive NBA markets and has competitive betting odds.

Check out their futures and props, which are plentiful and perfect for serious NBA bettors.

If you are looking for picks for other sports or leagues, visit our Free Picks page.

NBA Free picks are sometimes called match predictions

As Canadians, we have influence from our British counterparts hence why NBA Free picks can be known as "match predictions" in some circles or NBA betting tips. 

Either way you call them, Spin Sports has you covered with NBA odds. The sportsbook is quickly coming up and it's thanks to their innovative approach to sports betting.

NBA best free picks

NBA picks and parlays

Making a straight NBA pick is the bread-and-butter of betting but making a parlay is another common strategy. 

A parlay is when you combine two or more picks together to get a bigger bang for your buck. When stacking bets together in a parlay, it cuts your odds and increases your payout on the condition that all of your bets must win. 

It evens out because it is harder to cash multiple bets at once than a single bet. But with the right risk calculating, you can make parlays work for you consistently. 

new york knicks

There is usually no limit to how many bets you can put in a parlay and sportsbooks like Betway sports gives you plenty of freedom to make as many parlays as you want. However, we would recommend putting between two to three bets in a parlay.

Alternatively, you can make a lottery parlay: a parlay with as many bets as you can put that will have a ridiculously big return. The chance of winning this is very small but you will be rich overnight! It's akin to winning a lottery ticket, hence the name.

Our free NBA picks and parlays will make the recommendations for you so you can play along or use it as a guide to making your own parlays.