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      We update Formula 1 predictions and F1 Picks weekly – there are always Formula 1 picks available – based on the latest F1 Championship odds for motor racing fans right here.

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      How do our free Formula 1 Picks work?

      For those that aren’t quite sure how to place a bet on Formula 1 odds for the latest races, or just simply want to learn about how to make the right Formula 1 picks and predictions this season, we have all the answers.

      The team here at Canada Sports Betting is composed of sports fanatics and betting experts, providing the most comprehensive sports betting coverage in the nation.

      Here riders will find Formula 1 free picks for the F1 drivers championship odds, as well as a range of other exciting markets including moneylines picks, over/under bets and handicap bets.

      Moreover, bettors will find bets on future/outright markets for every one of the 23 races this season. Betting on Formula 1 is easy when you know how to find value in the market.

      The Formula 1 free picks are just what bettors are looking for some insight into how the races season, as well as a number of interesting lines, will work out each season. With access to the best sportsbooks available to Canadian bettors to support the picks, you’ve really come to the right place for Formula 1 betting.

      Bettors can place winnings wagers with top-tier sportsbooks like PowerPlay and Sports Interaction - we have complete reviews of all the odds. We cover not just Formula 1, but every other motorsport on the planet! You can trust us when it comes to value.

      Formula 1 Betting Predictions

      • Formula 1 Betting Odds

        Formula 1 betting odds and predictions are available through the Formula 1 Picks page. As well as that, there is a Formula 1 betting odds page, which provides all the latest odds from a range of the top sportsbook providers for Canadian players.

      • Formula 1 Championship Odds

        For some bettors, the futures are the most important odds, with many players placing odds at the start of the season, or before it’s even started. The Championship odds always give you a good idea of how the season is going.

      • Formula 1 Constructors Championship

        The Formula 1 Constructors Championship offers a whole different betting markets, not directly connected to the outcome of each race. Instead, this awards focuses on the car and performance of it on the track.

      • Regular Updates

        We will regularly update the odds, so that Formula 1 fans can track their favorite drivers progress throughout the season. If the odds are higher than evens, take a punt on them and see if they drive home the Championship!

      Formula 1 Picks and Parlays

      One of the best things about Formula 1, and motorsport betting in general, is that the races always take place on the weekends, meaning you can build up a range of Parlays and Picks for the weeks’ action. While you won’t win all the time, there are only a few races a month at most, so it’s easy to manage funds.

      The option of placing Formula 1 parlay bets is particularly appealing when the races are so infrequent. Maximizing betting value within the space of one race.

      For example, let’s say you have a wager on Lewis Hamilton to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at 1.50 for the win outright. If you stake $100 on the bet, you’ll receive $150 back if he manages to wave the checkered flag. However, if this wager was included as part of a Formula 1 parlay bet, there would be a huge increase in the amount of money the wager would bring in if it wins. While this depends on what you add to the multiple bet, it could easily bring in 4 figure profits off such a stake. Try out wagering on Formula 1 parlays today!