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British Grand Prix Betting

The British Grand Prix is a Formula 1 event that has been around since the first event, which was held back in 1926. The British Grand Prix has been held at its current venue Silverstone Circuit since 1952, which is located in Northamptonshire, England.

The British GP is the oldest on the Formula One Championship calendar. As such, the event commands a great deal of prestige, with the British Grand Prix odds attracting attention from motorsports fans the world over.

The F1 odds at Silverstone mark a midpoint in the season, with the event taking place between the 16th and 18th of July. While it’s 7-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton who is favoured to make it a record-breaking 8 titles this season, the British Grand Prix betting odds are usually very competitive.

You find the most up-to-date F1 betting odds for Silverstone, as well as Formula 1 betting, picks here at Canada Sports Betting. We will be tracking the markets throughout the season and will provide the most competitive odds from top-rated sportsbooks.

British Grand Prix betting odds are yet to be released. However, as soon as we see oddsmakers posting the F1 betting odds for Silverstone we will post them here. Be sure to check back with this page as often as possible. The odds were last updated on May 23, 2022:

British Grand Prix betting odds 2022
Lewis HamiltonTBATBATBA
Max VerstappenTBATBATBA
Valtteri BottasTBATBATBA
Daniel RicciardoTBATBATBA

Past Winners at the British Grand Prix

The 2020 race was won by current world champion Lewis Hamilton. In fact, Hamilton has won the race six times in the last seven years, which is an astonishing feat. There is no doubt that Hamilton will go into the 2021 race as the favourite in the F1 British Grand Prix odds.

It seems that Max Verstappen will be another contender and may challenge Hamilton in the F1 British Grand Prix odds, but the Brit is nailed on to be the favourite.

If we rewind to 2020, we can see that Hamilton was in pole position with a time of 1:24.303, closely followed by the Belgian Verstappen in a time of 1:27.097. It was the Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, who came in third.

List of British Grand Prix winners In recent years

The British Grand Prix is a historic event that stretches back over half a decade. We will take a look at the GP winners from the past 20 years and see who has dominated the field. Take a look below.

  • 2000 – David Coulthard – McLaren-Mercedes
  • 2001 – Mika Hakkinen – McLaren-Mercedes
  • 2002 – Michael Schumacher – Ferrari
  • 2003 – Rubens Barrichello – Ferrari
  • 2004 – Michael Schumacher – Ferrari
  • 2005 – Juan Pablo Montoya – McLaren-Mercedes
  • 2006 – Fernando Alonso – Renault
  • 2007 – Kimi Raikkonen – Ferrari
  • 2008 – Lewis Hamilton – McLaren-Mercedes
  • 2009 – Sebastian Vettel – Red Bull-Renault
  • 2010 – Mark Webber – Red Bull-Renault
  • 2011 – Fernando Alonso – Ferrari
  • 2012 – Mark Webber – Red Bull-Renault
  • 2013 – Nico Rosberg – Mercedes
  • 2014 – Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
  • 2015 – Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
  • 2016 – Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
  • 2017 – Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
  • 2018 – Sebastian Vettel – Ferrari
  • 2019 – Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
  • 2020 – Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
  • 2021 – Lewis Hamilton

British Grand Prix Betting FAQs

Where can I find the best British Grand Prix odds?

Check out this page for the latest F1 odds!

Can I make money on the British Grand Prix?

Check out these betting strategies and you will be able to make profitable British Grand Prix wagers.

What is the best British Grand Prix sportsbook?

This will depend on what you value as a sports bettors.

When I bet on the British Grand Prix?

As soon as the sportsbooks publish their odds. We will keep this page updated with the latest odds.

Who won last year’s British Grand Prix?

Lewis Hamilton was the 2021 winner.