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The United States hockey program brings together the top American players for the world's biggest hockey tournaments. While the United States cannot match the success of  Canada or some of the other top European nations, they do have a rich history and legions of passionate fans spread across all 50 states. Join in with those fans with the USA hockey team’s odds for every game and tournament. Linked to the best sportsbooks for Canadians to use when betting on their bitter rivals to the south. 

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The United States hockey team has had its share of glory and success winning two Olympic Golds, two World Championships and Gold at the first-ever World Cup of Hockey in 1996. Now, with plenty of opportunities, bettors can wager on team USA and share in their glory. 

The most infamous moment in American hockey history is the “Miracle on Ice” which occurred at the 1980 Winter Olympics. As the Soviets were the dominant hockey nation for most of the 1970s, the U.S was given little to no chance of pulling off an upset in the game. The U.S would eventually go on to pull off one of the greatest upsets in sports history and cemented itself in the history book with the Gold Medal. This game would go on to create a fierce rivalry between the two nations.

The U.S has another large rival in Canada. Though the Canadians have the upper hand in both the rivalry and overall success in international hockey, the games are still meaningful and highly contested. The U.S did beat Canada – in Montreal – for the first World Cup of Hockey 2 games to 1, which to this day is arguably their most significant victory over their northern brethren.

The most important aspects when betting on the US hockey team is the location of the games, roster setup, and injuries. The USA’s team is part of the elite six countries in the world because it has a large pool of players to draw from. When the team won the 1996 World Cup, they had built maybe their greatest squad ever with the likes of forwards Brett Hull and John LeClair and defenseman Chris Chelios and Brian Leetch – two of the top defenseman and two of the top goal scorings in the NHL throughout the 1990s. Refer to NHL stats and the team’s roster can give a bettor good insight into the team’s top players and strengths.