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Looking for the odds for Canada’s hockey team next game, look no further than right here. From the World Cup of Hockey to the IIHF Championship, bettors can find next game odds here. 

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Born and raised in the Great White North, Canada and hockey go together like movies and popcorn. No sport in the nation gets the attention or enrollment that hockey does, and due to it, Canada produces the best hockey players in the world. Canada hockey team odds show this, as rarely is Canada the underdog, no matter when or where the game is being played. Cheer on Team Canada as they compete in different international competitions, including the Olympics, World Cup of Hockey and the IIHF World Championships.

Canada Hockey Team's Standings

Stay up-to-date on the standings and see who Canada is grouped against. Canada hockey team standings’ are usually a beautiful sight for fans and bettors. Check back after each game to see get a picture of the updated standings.

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With a hockey culture steeped in history and its lion share of great players, Canada loves hockey and puts forth its best foot when making its national team.

No nation has experienced a high level of international success that Canada has winning dozens of gold medals in the World Hockey Champion, Olympics and other international tournaments. Outside of stretch during the 70s and 80s when the U.S.S.R was the top dog - Canada has been and remains the top best hockey country in the world.

Canada is essentially everyone’s rival in international hockey – primarily due to their success – but none can match the rivalry they share with their brothers down south – the United States. The games draw plenty of attention from the media, fans and players as it is not just about hockey but national pride. Canada has the overall edge in the series, but the games are close and filled with drama. Make sure to circle every match between Canada and the United States because they are not to be missed.

The Canadian roster is constructed months in advance of the tournament and can vary depending on the time of year. The Olympics and World Cup of Hockey are Canada’s top rosters, as they are able to draw from every NHL team. The IIHF Championship coincides with the NHL playoffs and therefore not all players are available.

Of course each team has the same disadvantage and Canada retains a spot as a favourite. The World Cup of Hockey features an under-23 North American team which may have a slight impact on Canada’s team, but this is a new trend and more will come of it after the event returns in September 2016 - after a twelve-year hiatus.