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      Check out the Canada basketball team’s next game right here to get matchup details and money line. Canadians have not seen many games over the past half-century where Canada is not the underdog. Once bettors start seeing Canada as the favourite, Canada will have finally righted the ship and joined the upper echelon of basketball nations.

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      For the country where the inventor of basketball was born, one would expect that country to be half-decent at the game, but that has not been the case for the Canadian team. Now, through the growth of the game’s popularity in Canada and the improvement of talent, coaching, and management – Canada’s on the up and up and turning into one of the strongest teams in the world. With the nation getting much better – and doing it surprisingly quickly – Canada basketball team odds will get more exposure and better lines. 

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      See how Canada is doing in their next tournament. From the World Cup of Basketball to the Americas Championship, Canada Basketball team standings will reflect what’s going on and update after every game.   

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      Canada’s history in competitive international basketball is not pretty. Silver at the 1936 Olympics – the first Olympics to have basketball – is the brightest spot on the team's resume. Since then the Canadian team has two fourth-place finishes in the games and has yet to crack the top five at the World Basketball Championships.

      Canada’s last endeavour in the FIBA World Basketball Cup ended in disappointment and embarrassment, as the Canadians were spanked 89-67 by Spain – in 2010 – and they did not even qualify for the 2014 tournament. The team since then has been restructured and improved – due to Canada’s rising interest in basketball, which can be dated back to the turn of the millennium.

      As the sport grows in the Great White North, more talented players began to immerse themselves. No longer is Canada’s national team a one-trick pony or a single superstar surrounded by replacement quality players. Canada – in 2016 – had a dozen players in the National Basketball Association and much more is expected to be drafted before the 2019 World Championships.

      Over the next decade or so NBA standouts Andrew Wiggins, Tristin Thompson, and Cory Joseph look to be the core building blocks team Canada focuses on. Up-comers such as Jamal Murray and Thon Maker – both highly touted NBA prospects as of early 2016 – will likely join them as well as other NBA players and stars overseas. With the help of two-time MVP Steve Nash, Canadians can feel confident in their country’s roster.