Dallas Stars' Odds

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      Residing in the NHL’s Central Division, the Dallas Stars is a great example of a successful NHL relocation in a non-traditional hockey market. In the quarter-century in the Lone Star State, the Dallas Stars have developed a good fan base and hoisted the Stanley Cup once. While the city of Dallas is about as far as you can get from Canada, there is always great Canadian talent on the Dallas Stars, helping draw in eyes and keep NHL betting action on Stars games fresh and exciting. 

      Dallas Stars' Standings

      See where the Dallas Stars sit in the overall NHL standings below. Switch between home and away splits and check out Central Division standings or see where the Stars sit in the Western Conference, all updating in real-time every day throughout the NHL regular season. 


      Dallas Stars' History

      After relocating from a much more typical market (Minnesota) in 1993 and dropping the North in their name, the Dallas Star joined the National Hockey League.

      Over the franchise’s first quarter-century of play in Dallas, the franchise has been modestly successful, winning the Stanley Cup in 1999 and making another appearance the following season.

      Over the last 25 years, Dallas has built up a few rivalries, with their biggest games coming against the San Jose Sharks, Nashville Predators and Edmonton Oilers. They also own a historical rivalry from their days in Minnesota against the Chicago Blackhawks.

      Betting on Dallas Stars' Games

      Situated in the Central Time Zone and the Central Division, the Dallas Stars play multiple games per year against the Chicago Blackhawks and Winnipeg Jets. Of course, in the NHL, every team plays at least twice, meaning Canadians from the East can catch two games a year against the Dallas Stars (one home and one away).

      Remember the Dallas Stars play in the Central Time Zone, meaning the majority of their games start an hour later in the day than the first slate of East Coast games.

      The Dallas Stars' current roster has two of the best offensive players in the game – Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin. While two players are not enough to propel the Stars to Stanley Cup favourites, they have the ability to light up the scoreboard on any given night, especially when the Stars play opponents outside the Central Division.  

      Betting on Dallas Stars' Futures

      Betting on Dallas Stars futures reached its apex in the 1990s, running into the 2004-05 NHL lockout. After that league resumed play, the Stars dipped off, moving from a perennial contender, closer to a fringe playoff team. The Stars have the same feel in 2018. While their roster does have a few superstars, the franchise does not have the depth or prowess of some of the better franchises in the Central Division. There is better value on NHL Futures, especially with the recent addition of Vegas and the potential for another Western Conference team murking the waters even more. 

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