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Kent Tukeli

Kent Tukeli covers a wide variety of sports and entertainment events, specializing in the analysis of North American sports markets. His work has appeared in ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and dozens of sites worldwide over the past decade.

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VR Revolution: Virtual Reality at Online Casinos


One of the upcoming revolutions in online gaming will be the growth of virtual reality casinos.

The ability to provide players with a casino experience that mimics the look and feel of the real thing increases the enjoyment of online gaming. As technology continues to evolve, the best virtual reality casinos and VR casino games will start to replace travelling to places like Vegas.

The Hottest Wag Of the Week : Elaine Alden


There's no accounting for the twists and turns that a man experiences throughout his life. Landry Fields went from a top NBA rookie to being out of the NBA within the span of a few years. However, he met Elaine Alden during his two strong seasons with the New York Knicks, before he transferred to the Toronto Raptors. Despite an injury that prevented him from playing ball, Fields turned out to be a lucky man.

Meet Noureen DeWulf, Ryan Miller’s Wife!


Noureen DeWulf and Ryan Miller are one of the most significant power couples in the NHL, combining their celebrity to make waves across the league and contribute to charitable causes. Despite being from completely different lives, Noureen and Ryan match up with each other extremely well. They even ended up on reality TV through the Hockey Wives show.

Ten Funniest Tweets from Conor McGregor's Twitter


Conor McGregor was able to transcend the UFC and become an international superstar through his ability to self promote.

The fighter combined devastating knockouts in the octagon with a killer social media presence to become one of the most well-known fighters over the past decade. We take a look at ten of his funniest tweets, which include roasts, self-promotion, and even a big losing bet.

Playtech and Bet365 launch Casino in New Jersey


The expansion of sports gambling in the United States continues with an exciting new partnership between Playtech, Bet365, and Hard Rock Casino. The trio plan to revitalize casino and sports betting action in Atlantic City, including new gaming technology. This is the first step for Playtech in the United States, and an expansion east for Bet365, who already had a deal set up in Colorado.

Meet Dion Phaneuf's Wife Elisha Cuthbert


When Elisha Cuthbert and Dion Phaneuf first met, many assumed that the pair would follow in the footsteps of other famous matches with famous hockey players.

However, the two quickly proved to be an ideal couple. Cuthbert, a Hollywood star from the 24 television series, and Phaneuf, the former captain of the Maple Leafs, have outlasted their naysayers.

Kim Clavel Boxer Worked as a Nurse During the Coronavirus


WBC champion Kim Clavel was about to start her first title defence in home soil before the coronavirus cancelled the event. Instead of moping, Kim donned her nursing gear and some PPE to help seniors in overwhelmed long-term care homes. She was recently recognized for the Pat Tillman Award, presented by the ESPYS to athletes who selflessly serve their community.

Quebec's Major Junior Hockey League Plans to Return in October


As Quebec relaxes restrictions and begins to reopen the economy, the Quebec Junior Major Hockey League announced that they have started to move towards resuming competition at the beginning of October.

They're planning for a full season with some fans attending events. The rest of the Canadian Hockey League will be paying close attention to how the QMJHL proceeds during unprecedented times.

California Sports Betting is Close to Being Legalized


As the government moves towards making sports betting legal in California, debate throughout the state will begin to rise. The largest population in the United States - and the richest economy - will soon decide whether to regulate sports wagering after the motion was raised in the senate.

Many states across the U.S. have already followed the lead of the federal government loosening restrictions. Will California send ripples across the sports betting world in 2020? 

Top 10 Best Players USA Olympic Basketball Team


The United States Olympic Men's basketball team is one of the most dominant forces in the history of the Olympic Games. Whenever the U.S. assembles its best and brightest, the rest of the world doesn't have much of a chance.

The 1992 Dream Team was considered the greatest squad ever assembled, but the top ten U.S. Olympic basketball players span 70 years of basketball history.