NHL Power Rankings 2022

      Latest NHL Power Rankings

      Week 19 (March 30th – April 9th)

      • The Panthers are atop of the table in the Eastern Conference, closely followed by the Leafs this week.
      • The Lightning is in third, with the Bruins and Red Wings making up the top five.
      • In the Eastern Conference, the Hurricanes lead, followed by the Rangers and Penguins.
      • The Penguins, Capitals, and Islanders are the other top teams making up the top 5 ranked teams in the conference.

      NHL Power Rankings tells you which is the strongest team to bet for and who you should probably avoid. You can check how teams from the Eastern and Western Conference match up against each other right now!

      Click the ‘Rank Change’ and the ‘Rating Change’ tabs to see which teams are going up and which teams are on their way down. The team that has gained the most rating points is the hottest team and the team which has lost the most points is the coldest team.

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