Super Bowl Odds

Rising like the Luxor Sky Beam, in the Las Vegas desert, National Football League action remains as the beacon of North American sports. Following four weeks of preseason wagering (inadvisable), through a 17-week regular season, plus three weekends of thrilling playoff action, loads of Super Bowl odds become the focus of handicappers across the planet during the first week of February every year. So many options – on just one contest.

Super Bowl Betting

Although there is only one game to wager on, top CSB recommended bookmakers listed below always offer a fully loaded smorgasbord of wagering choices during Super Bowl Sunday. From money lines, point spreads and game total odds, to futures and proposition betting options, NFL Championship action is plentiful and offered LIVE around the clock. Get in the game today!

Super Bowl Money Line Odds

Part of a fantastic betting feast, money lines are a staple item leading up and LIVE during Super Bowl Sunday. Easy to understand, bettors need to select the match winner to cash their ticket. There is a hook though, as a larger investment is required to bet on the favorite while underdog wagers cost much less. Odds from Super Bowl 50 provide us with a good example as a $100 wager on Denver (+175) returned $175 to bettors who backed the Broncos straight up.

Carolina chalk fans, who paid $200 for a possible $100 return, trashed their SB 50 tickets when the Panthers (-200) turned into kittens and beat 24-10 by QB Payton Manning and the Broncos defense. Replacing NFL Championship futures money line odds, which are offered all year long, Super Bowl straight up prices begin popping up after the final gun sounds on NFL Championship Sunday. For those leery of point spread betting – Super Bowl money lines are the way to go.

Super Bowl Point Spread Prices

Super Bowl point spread (ATS) prices tag the favorite with a deficit, prior to the game, while the underdog always receive a head start with points. Though many factors determine the size of the pups pregame lead, the number is largely dependant on how good or bad the dogs are compared to the chalk squad. Point spreads come with juice (vigorish) that normally runs from five to twenty-five cents. An ATS price with (-110) vig requires a $110 bet to earn a $100 return

As an example, bettors who backed Arizona, with the +7 (-110) Super Bowl XLIII spread line at Canada’s own Bet365 sportsbook, cashed tickets even though the Cardinals lost 27-23 to the Pittsburgh Steelers. That was a thrilling contest – highlighted by an interception that Steelers linebacker James Harrison returned 100-yards for a touchdown. Once Conference Champions are crowned – online bookmakers spring into action and our LIVE Super Bowl odds feed fires up.

Super Bowl Over Under Game Total Betting

Rounding out the “big three” standard betting options, which are offered on most sports, Super Bowl Over Under game total odds are a popular option during the NFL Championship contest. With this wagering option, bettors decide whether the match score will be higher or lower than a number the bookmakers place on a contest. Fairly even, during the first 52 Super Bowl battles, OVER bettors were rewarded 28 times while the UNDER backers cashed in on 24 contests.

Game totals keep blowout contests interesting – as Super Bowl XXIII illustrates. With Denver up 34-13, Atlanta scored an unconverted TD late to push the 52.5 line OVER by a half point. During the first 52 Super Bowl Sunday battles, 44.2 was the average game total. Being as the Over/Under lines remain fairly steady, once posted, bettors can wait for the mid-week injury reports before placing wagers. Knowledge is King so study the teams involved prior to betting.

Super Bowl Props, Exotics and Futures Handicapping 

Originally labelled a gimmick, Las Vegas bookmaking legends Art Manteris (Caesars) and Jimmy Vaccaro (MGM) lit the fuse on the explosion in popularity of NFL playoff and Super Bowl props. Within an hour of each other they posted a prop on Chicago Bears massive defensive lineman William Perry scoring a touchdown during Super Bowl XX. Manteris was first with 20:1 odds and Vaccaro followed with a 40:1 price. Tons of volume moved the line to near EVEN by game time.

When Perry plunged in for the one-yard line, late in the third quarter, the first Super Bowl prop was winner. Vegas sportsbooks lost heavily on the prop but the free publicity gained was priceless. Some gimmick eh? Today, props are attached all big game matches – in every sports. From the coin toss call and length of the National Anthem, to the coaches Gatorade shower at the final gun, exotic Super Bowl props can ticket cashing machines if they are properly played.

Canada Sports Betting Super Bowl LIVE Odds Feed

Posted minutes after the second Conference Championship contest ends, bettors have a full two weeks to sift through hundreds of Super Bowl lines. Plus, they can use their Bodog bonus to bet on them. Get started at any of the sportsbooks listed above as their betting boards will be packed with money line, point spread, over/under and prop offers. Check back here anytime as our LIVE odds feed updates in real time – all the way up to and throughout Super Bowl Sunday.

Once confetti settles, on the NFL Championship Sunday celebration, the National Hockey League and National Basketball Association playoff races take center stage. The NHL season is down to the final thirty or so contests and Stanley Cup futures prices are shrinking. Hoops action heats up as well as there are about nine weeks left for teams to earn a berth, or improve their positioning, in NBA Finals race. No matter the sport – online sportsbooks have Canadian ‘Cappers covered. Catering to Canucks for decades – they are the best in the betting business.