Betting On Boxing Fights

Boxing will never die. Despite naysayers clamoring about the sport’s demise, boxing remains a celebrated sport among niche and casual viewers. Legends like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao drew big crowds while rising stars like Canelo Alvarez and Anthony Joshua ensure the sport continues to produce highly entertaining bouts worth paying attention to. Thanks to great online betting sites accessible to Canadians everywhere, boxing is as popular as ever.

How Does Boxing Betting Work?

Boxing is an ancient sport and dates as far back as the 3rd millennium BCE. The rise of MMA has taken some exposure away but it still remains more lucrative in terms of “big money fights”. Professional bouts range from 10 to 12 rounds and are scored via a “10-point must system” where judges must award 10 points to the round winner and 9 or lower to the loser. For each knockdown a fighter receives, a point is deducted similarly if they are penalized for breaking rules. 

Betting on boxing is simple and straightforward. To bet, simply pick the boxer you think will win. This setup is called the “money line” wherein both boxers are given either minus or plus numbers to determine the favourite or underdog, respectively. American odds indicate how much money is risked or won. In the case of a -800 favourite, it means $800 needs to be risked to profit $100. But if reversed as a +800 underdog, it means $800 is won on a $100 risk.

Another way to play is to bet whether the total rounds go over or under the oddsmaker’s prediction. If the line is at 9.5 rounds, you bet whether the bout goes further than the ninth round’s halfway mark or before it. The totals will be lined with a favourite and underdog like picking a fighter due to the styles in boxing. A bout between two defensively gifted boxers at a lower weight class is likely to go longer while a squash match favouring a power hitter is likely to go shorter.

For most sportsbooksprop bets are also offered. These are types of bets you make that range from specifying how a fighter wins (by TKO/KO/DQ or decision), how the fight ends (by TKO/KO/DQ or decision), and/or what round the fighter wins. Due to the completely arbitrary nature of these types of bets, prop bets are extremely lucrative and are lined at incredible odds. Prop betting the type of finish and whether a fight goes to decision or not are two of the easier bets to cash.

When betting on boxing, it is important to do research on specific criteria such as the style matchup and weight class. Certain styles are either more effective or less effective depending on the matchup and the weight class plays a big role on the chances of a knockout. Higher weight classes tend to produce more knockouts while lower weight classes tend to go to decisions. It is also a good idea to gauge the public’s opinions on the fight to predict how the betting lines are affected.