Woodbine Designates Land To Soccer Training Centre

Woodbine designates land to soccer training centre

As things stand, the excitement around Canadian soccer couldn’t be any higher and it’s going to stay that way for quite some time. That’s why the news that Woodbine designates land to soccer training centre has come at the right time. Earlier this year, it was announced that there’s plans to build a state of the art facility. As you might have been able to guess, this has been welcome news.

Just recently, Canada punched its ticket to the 2022 World Cup, the team’s first trip to the tournament since 1986. Canada finished No. 1 in the CONCACAF standings, really performing well from start to finish in the qualifying rounds. This came with Alphonso Davies injured late in the process, but he’s expected to be ready to rock for things over in Qatar.

Not only that, but Canada is co-hosting the 2026 World Cup. While this new centre won’t be done in the coming months, it’s expected to be complete by 2023. This will come far in advance of the ’26 World Cup. That will give all the Canadian teams, both on the men and women’s side, to use this facility leading up to the next tourneys. As a whole, this is massive for the soccer community.

“With Canada on the brink of qualification (they’ve since qualified) for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Women’s National Team Olympic Gold Medal win, and Canada co-hosting the 2026 World Cup, the time is certainly right for us to show our support for Canada’s growing soccer community,” Jim Lawson, CEO of  Woodbine Entertainment, said via a press release.

Canada’s upcoming World Cup trip has the country fired up

It goes without saying, but Canada’s upcoming World Cup trip has the country fired up about what’s to come. The team was sensational during qualifying and now people are ready to see what this team will be made of over in Qatar. It really won’t be easy, though, as the Canada National Team has quite the challenge ahead of them in trying to get out of their group.

Last month, it was announced Canada had been placed with Belgium, Morocco and Croatia in Group F. On paper, Belgium figures to win the group, as they’re one of the best teams in the world. Belgium is led by Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku and others. Canada won’t be intimidated about this, though, as they’re ready to give it their all once the tourney begins. People can’t wait to see what they can do.

“It’s just belief, absolute belief,” coach John Herdman said on qualifying. “The people behind this team, the team behind the team. We’ve been through some tough times. It hasn’t been easy. But we’ve done it. I’m just happy for these lads. When I first took over and I said we’re going to go a World Cup, I don’t think they believed us. All of these fans, they’ve waited, they’ve waited and hung in with us … and we’re going.”

This has all been a dream come true for so many Canadian soccer fans and the news of the new training centre is only making things better. With so much young talent on the team and in the country as a whole, the future sure feels bright for Canadian soccer. It has people fired up about what’s to come for everyone involved. The World Cup will be quite a showing for those participating.

The new training centre will be a thing of beauty

In reading more detail about things, the new training centre will be a thing of beauty and it only adds to the excitement. Per the official release, which included renderings, the facility will be big enough to host around 8,000 seats. On top of that, it will have a 38,000 square foot training facility. It will also include new, FIFA approved grass on the pitch.

This is the kind of facility that will help all of the teams around to train at the highest of levels. This facility will be placed in the heart of Toronto’s Rexdale community, which is also of key importance. The MLS is featured in Toronto, with Toronto FC continuing to perform like one of the top teams out there. Soccer continues to grow in the city and the province as a whole.

In Rexdale, soccer is growing and growing as well. Soccer fans are losing their minds over this new facility and in the best way possible. Once things get underway with construction – and ultimately completed – it’s only going to make things even more special. For Canada, both the men’s and women’s teams are primed for bright futures. Things will start for the men in 2022 in Qatar.

After that, both the men and women will look ready to keep on making more noise at the following World Cup. Once that one arrives, the two squads will have the confidence knowing that they’ll be able to train at the new awesome facility in the Toronto area leading up to things. It’s great news all around.