Bet365 Women’s World Cup Game Day: Italy, Argentina Battle for Group G Spot (July 24)

The 2023 Women’s World Cup is under way! Hosted in Australia and New Zealand, the tournament features 32 of the best footballing nations in the world seeking glory. For every match day, Canada Sports Betting will break down the matches ahead, providing the key odds and story lines you need to make a play, courtesy of our friends at bet365.

Due to the unique schedule of the tournament, we’ll be looking one day forward at a time. Today we’ll be covering July 24th‘s fixtures. Today we have the first four-game day for Canadians. These include:

  • Italy vs. Argentina, 2:00 a.m. ET
  • Germany vs. Morocco, 4:30 a.m. ET
  • Brazil vs. Panama, 7:00 a.m. ET
  • Colombia vs. South Korea, 10:00 p.m. ET

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2:00 a.m. Headliner: Italy vs Argentina

Italy Win In Full Time-175
Argentina Win in Full Time+550
Draw After Full Time+280
Over/Under2.5 goals (over +107, under -138)
Time/DateMonday, July 24, 2:00 a.m. ET
TVBroadcast: TSN
Stream: TSN GO App
Odds courtesy of bet365.

If it wasn’t for the overnight schedule, this would be the game that gets St. Clair West in Toronto popping. Two giants on the men’s side, both of these programs are hoping for this World Cup to be coming out parties for the women’s senior programs. In Italy’s case, that means building upon their run to the quarter-finals in 2019, while in Argentina’s it means pushing for the group stages.

The Italians, who have never lost an opening match at this tournament, will hope to set the tone early with their trademark tempo. Players like young midfielder Manuela Gigliano will be looking to find the likes of Cristiana Girelli (+350 to score first, +120 anytime), Barbara Bonansea (+375 first boosted to +400, +125 anytime), and Sofia Cantore (same as Bonansea) for a quick tally. Argentina will be relying on their counter, not likely to control possession in this game but capable of finding the net with Paulina Gramaglia having the shortest odds to strike for them at +275 anytime.

This game could open up in a hurry if one team gets an early goal. With Sweden heavily favoured to win the group, both of these teams badly need to come out of this game with a win. In my yes, it’s got “both teams to score” all written all over it as such, and +110 seems like good potential return there. If you’re feeling really confident about this game starting off hot, you can get a goal in the first ten minutes (Goals +0.5 First 10 Minutes) at +400. I think Italy ultimately takes this one, but the potential for a punch-counterpunch sort of game is exciting.

Italy to Win in Full Time


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4:30 a.m. Match: Germany vs. Morocco

Germany Win In Full Time-1600
Morocco Win in Full Time+2500
Draw After Full Time+1200
Over/Under2.5 goals (over -250, under +187)
Time/DateMonday, July 24, 4:30 a.m. ET
TVBroadcast: TSN
Stream: TSN GO App
Odds courtesy of bet365.

In the wee hours of the night, we get a game that seems likely to be on the lopsided front. Germany, the second-seeded nation on the FIFA World Rankings, are the clear favourites in Group H, sitting at -2000 to win the group while 72nd-ranked Morocco sits at +4000 to even get through to the group stage.

The odds are so lopsided in Germany’s favour for this game that all twenty German position players have shorter odds to score than any of the Moroccan players, ranging from -200 for Alexandra Popp, -175 for Lea Schuller, and -120 for Laura Freigang down to +500 to +700 for the edges of the bench. Morocco’s shortest bet to give them a goal comes via the feet of Rosella Ayane, – she sits at +800 to score anytime and a whopping +2800 to score first.

If you want a semi-underdog on an intriguing deal to look at for the German side, 22-year-old forward Kiara Buhl finding the back of the net, combined with 3+ goals for Germany in a win would net you +260. Buhl had a tough break in Euro 2022 when she missed the semi-final due to a positive covid test, but is one of Germany’s most promising young talents.

Lastly, if you like a blowout here, Germany to win by four or more goals sits at +160, while five ore more goals sits at +333. If you somehow like Morocco to win by two or more, you can get that for a cool +10000. Morocco will likely do their best to limit the gap in this game, but it’ll take a miracle to get points out of this one.

Alexandra Popp (GER) to score first (boosted)


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7:00 a.m. Match: Brazil vs. Panama

Brazil Win In Full Time-5000
Panama Win in Full Time+5000
Draw After Full Time+1800
Over/Under2.5 goals (over -700, under +450)
Time/DateMonday, July 24, 7:00 a.m. ET
TVBroadcast: TSN
Stream: TSN GO App
Odds courtesy of bet365.

Whether it’s the men’s or women’s sides, the Brazilians have always been known for bringing flair and creativity to the world stage, and the hope is that we’ll see more of that in this one. That they’re facing a weaker opponent in Panama, who are new entrants to the tournament, only sets that expectation even further.

Panama will do their best to keep the score low, but Brazil has always made a statement of their opener, never losing the first match across eight World Cup group stages and combining for a score of 23-1. As such, it shouldn’t be shocking that the shortest-odds for an exact score are attached 4-0 Brazil (+500), followed by 3-0 and 5-0 (+550).

Brazilian legend da Silva “Marta” will have some excitement and expectation put her way on Monday, as she gets an opportunity to take advantage of Christine Sinclair’s missed penalty in Canada’s debut and beat her to being the first player to score in six World Cups. She sits at -275 to score, tied for the second-shortest odds behind her teammate Debinha. Panama’s best bets are Karla Riley and Lineth Cedeno, both sitting at +850 to score.

With this one, you’re likely best off at looking at individual results rather than team results – it’s just impossible to see Panama putting up much of a fight here.

de Oliveira “Debinha” (BRA) to score anytime


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10:00 p.m. Match: Colombia vs. South Korea

Colombia Win In Full Time+170
South Korea Win in Full Time+162
Draw After Full Time+210
Over/Under2.5 goals (over +140, under -188)
Time/DateMonday, July 24, 10:00 p.m. ET
TVBroadcast: TSN
Stream: TSN GO App
Odds courtesy of bet365.

Lastly, we have a game that once you get away from world rankings and who might have the most Canadian fans, is likely the most interesting of the day. For one, the 10:00 p.m. ET (7:00 p.m. PT) start means that it’s likely the most accessible for most of us to watch, lining up more with the average Canadian’s schedule.

For two, it might just be the closest matchup we’ve seen thus far in this tournament. So far we’ve seen just one draw, the 0-0 disappointment of our own against Nigeria, but even that one was a little against expectation. Here, the possibility feels much more distinct – neither team has the same talent ceiling as the contenders, and both are on decently similar tiers, with Korea likely having the slight edge.

Colombia is returning to the tournament after failing to qualify in 2019, while South Korea looks to get their second all-time win at the tournament and build from there. Like the Italy-Argentina game, this Group H matchup will likely set the tone for the second seed in their group, so it wouldn’t be a shock to see play open up. Both teams scoring sits at +100 and I think that could be worth a look, while that not being the case sits at -138.

For Colombia, look to Catalina Usme (+175 anytime) and Linda Caicedo (+275) as potential goal scorers, with Eunsun Park (+210), Yuri Choe and Hwa-yeon Son (both +250) being the shortest bets for Korea.

Draw in Colombia vs South Korea


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