Team Canada 100 Days To The Olympics 2022 Beijing

Team Canada 100 Days To The Olympics 2022 Beijing

How are Canadian Athletes preparing for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics – which is only three months away?

The Canadian athletes are less than 100 days from the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. That means plenty of excitement, training, and qualifications for athletes across Canada.

100 Days Away, Canadian Athletes are Excited for the Winter Olympics

It seems crazy – or maybe like olden days – but the Olympics return in less than 100 days and less than a year after the Summer Games in Tokyo. The return of the Olympics – and competitive winter sports on an international stage – has many Canadian athletes and Olympians excited for the next four months.

Along with the athletes, Canadians overall are excited for the 2022 Winter Olympics (although we shall broach on some issues later in this article). Canadians drive a large share of Winter Olympic viewership and Winter Olympics betting – as Canada is considerably more successful at Winter Olympics than the Summer Games.

Some Canadian athletes noticeably excited for the Games include Marie-Phillip Poulin and Justine Dufour-Lapointe. Marie-Phillip Poulin – captain of the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team – is ready for training, the build-up, and competition leading into the Olympics. Women’s hockey has faced endless challenges and cancellations since March 2020 – but the 2022 Winter Olympics is a positive step for the sport.

Justine Dufour-Lapointe – who won a Gold Medal in 2014 (finishing ahead of her sister Chloe Dufour-Lapointe who captured Silver) is itching to get back at it. She is aiming for Gold in 2022 – and is one of the must-watch athletes from Canada at the Winter Olympics.

For the next three months, athletes like the Dufour-Lapointe sisters and members of the Women’s National Team will be training as hard as ever for the Olympics.

The Return of Hockey and Growth of the NHL in China

After the NHL skipped the 2018 Games in PyeongChang – the NHL is returning in 2022. With the return of NHL players – Canada is the Olympics betting favourite to win the Gold Medal. The NHL opting back into the Olympics was no easy decision.

Many Canadians do not realize the challenges of the NHL playing in the Winter Olympics are more than a month off during the season. Much of the debate swirls on the cost of insurance for players – as star NHL players getting hurt during the Olympics is different than if they get hurt during an NHL game.

But – in an effort to grow the game in China – the NHL is opting to play at the 2022 Winter Olympics. While we do not know every player for the Olympics in Beijing Canada is bringing yet, they had to submit three names by October 15. Canada’s National Team submitted:

  • Connor McDavid: Universally considered the best hockey player in the world
  • Sidney Crosby: Scorer of the Golden Goal that won Canada Gold in Vancouver
  • Alex Pietrangelo: Captain of the 2019 Stanley Cup-winning St. Louis Blues

What a great starting group of players that combine skill, winning, grit, and history. We expect the full roster announced in the next two months – with a list of replacements if anyone cannot play at the Winter Games. It also has been eight years since we have seen the effect of the Olympics on NHL betting odds upon the players returning.  

Global Politics Still a Factor

There are some calls to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics – due to China’s treatment of the Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region. While we cannot predict what individual athletes and countries (including in Canada) will do over the next few months – we know where the IOC stands heading into the Games.

The IOC believes the Olympics should remain a non-political entity – as the Games should provide the world with a rare setting where they can come together in support of greatness and entertainment. It is unlikely they change their stance – as well over one hundred countries are part of the IOC and making political decisions, one way or another is sure to alienate/frustrate an opposing view.

What Canadian Athletes can Expect Over the Next 100 Days

It is hard to argue that anyone said it better than two-time Olympic Champion Catriona Le May Doan “Every athlete is now in countdown mode.”

Not just Canadian athletes – but every athlete heading into the Olympic Games. As was the case with the 2021 Summer Games – athletes need to prepare for a different stage than other Games. In 100 days, in 50 days, ten days before the Games – you cannot predict the overall climate in Beijing. You need to be ready emotionally and mentally as much as you are physically.

But nothing is going to stop Canadian Medal hopefuls such as Mikael Kingsbury and Justin Kripps. The excitement for the Games is too palpable, the focus is there, and the dream is real.

Bet on Winter Sports and Olympic Qualifiers

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