2024-25 NFL Super Bowl Outright Odds: Chiefs, 49ers Destined For A Rematch?

The Super Bowl is over, and with it the 2023-2024 NFL season. The Kansas City Chiefs are repeat champs, and as the dust settles in Las Vegas, we’ve still got work to do. I know I know, those of us that write about the NFL just like those who read about it, have earned a well deserved break. But before we start out football hibernation there’s still some future gazing left to be done. In this case, we’re going to peer into the far, far away future and look at the earliest possible lines for next year’s potential NFL fortunes.

So without further ado, warm up those leftover wings and let’s dive into some of next season’s Super Bowl hopefuls!

2024-25 NFL Futures Odds

To Win SB

To Win Conference
San Francisco 49ers+500+200
Kansas City Chiefs+700+360
Baltimore Ravens+900+425
Buffalo Bills+1000+475
Detroit Lions+1200+550
Cincinnati Bengals+1400+700
Dallas Cowboys+1600+750
Philadelphia Eagles+1800+850
Miami Dolphins+2000+1100
Green Bay Packers+2200+950
Houston Texans+2200+1200
New York Jets+2800+1400

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The Big Dogs

The San Francisco 49ers

(+500 to win the Super Bowl in 24-25)

Sometimes the best team doesn’t win. It happens a lot in sports. If we were to just look at the straight facts on paper and decide games that way, it’s hard to imagine a team like the 49ers ever losing. They’ve got a staggering list of superstars and a QB who’s surely done enough by now to prove he belongs right there with them. With big names on both sides of the ball, San Francisco will be a force to be reckoned with for several years at least, and there’s a good chance that they’ll rattle off a Super Bowl win in that span. Always a good bet to make noise in seasons to come, the 49ers top our list of NFL hopefuls for 2024-2025.

The Kansas City Chiefs

(+700 to win the Super Bowl in 24-25)

What more can be said about Patrick Mahomes at this point. The Chiefs boast an impressive roster that’s well coached but lacks the star power of some of their elite NFL peers. And despite that, here we are basking in the afterglow of another KC championship. Undeniably the best QB in the league (and perhaps maybe of all time?), Mahomes and company will be gunning for the three-peat once the 2024-2025 NFL season commences. Mahomes said it himself last night, “The Chiefs are never underdogs,” and that’s never rung more true than it does right now. It says a lot about the sheer amount of talent that the 49ers boast that we find the Chiefs at second-best odds to claim the Super Bowl title next year.

Super Bowl LIX – To Win Outright – Kansas City Chiefs


The Baltimore Ravens

(+900 to win the Super Bowl in 24-25)

The Ravens finished the season with a 13-4 record which stood as the best record in the league when all was said and done. An unfortunately sloppy AFC Championship Game saw them lose to the Chiefs, despite KC not scoring a single point in the second half. Had things gone differently, and had Baltimore been able to play up to their season-long standards, we may very well be talking about the Super Bowl-champion Ravens today. Baltimore boasts an impressive array of talent which is crystalized around QB Lamar Jackson. Jackson will make the Ravens a playoff team with minimal effort on his part but taking the next step to a Super Bowl championship will require a complete campaign from the entire team.

The Buffalo Bills

(+1000 to win the Super Bowl in 24-25)

Finding the Bills in this spot over the Lions comes off a bit surprising but we’ll get to the reasons for that shortly. First and foremost, despite yet another playoff loss to the Chiefs, the Bills ended the season in pretty stellar fashion. A mid-season offensive coordinator switch, when all hope seemed lost, rejuvenated the Buffalo franchise and more importantly, rejuvenated QB Josh Allen. If we see that same team that stormed up the charts in the latter stages of the 2023-24 season to start next year, then the Bills will be a formidable force in the AFC and have earned the fourth-best Super Bowl odds as it stands today.

The Detroit Lions

(+1200 to win the Super Bowl in 24-25)

Seeing the Lions with the fifth-best odds when they very nearly beat the eventual Super Bowl runner up 49ers in San Francisco comes as a bit of a shock. But there are legitimate reasons why we may see a swoon from Detroit in 2024-2025. Nothing is set in stone but when compared to the four teams above them in the odds, the Lions have question marks that give bettors pause. Particularly those doubts reside on the defensive side of the ball. Much like their NFC rivals in San Francisco, Detroit boasts a tantalizing arsenal of offensive weapons, but unlike the 49ers and other top contenders, they haven’t got the defence to match. An improvement over previous years, the Lions d-corps still has some kinks to work out. Now there is certainly ample time for the unit to be bolstered for a Super Bowl run, but for now, Detroit finds itself with the fifth-best odds to win it all.

A Lot to Prove

The Cincinnati Bengals

(+1400 to win the Super Bowl in 24-25)

The Bengals’ 2023-2024 season was derailed before it even started. Quarterback Joe Burrow, who many thought was stepping into the season primed to compete for an MVP, was instead hobbled by injury from the offset. A preseason calf injury preceded a season-ending wrist injury in November. A doomed season for Burrow has us asking questions on the pivot’s long-term health. In his five-year career thus far, Burrow has already suffered major knee, calf, hand and wrist injuries. As great as a healthy Joe Burrow can be, the Bengals will only go as far as his physical stability will take them.

Super Bowl LIX – To Win Outright – Cincinnati Bengals


The Dallas Cowboys

(+1600 to win the Super Bowl in 24-25)

What more can be said about the Dak Prescott era Cowboys? A team that at times looks fearsome on both ends of the ball, consistently proceeds to drop said ball when it matters most. Dallas has crashed and burned in the playoffs over and over again. Since 2016, the Prescott-led Cowboys have managed to win only two playoff games while amassing a combined regular season record of 82-49 over that span. Regular season darlings who wilt while under the bright lights is a reputation that is well-earned for these Cowboys, and the burden of proof lies squarely with them as to if they can shake it off.

The Philadelphia Eagles

(+1800 to win the Super Bowl in 24-25)

From league darlings to dysfunctional mess is how I’d choose to describe the current state of the Eagles. Denied a Super Bowl by the thinnest of margins in 2022-23 (much like the 49ers were this year), the Eagles followed that campaign with a sloppy, tired looking effort, who’s overall record papered over a lot of problems in Philly. It is in fact not always sunny there, and with an aging defence that can only really get worst without drastic changes, it will be interesting to see how the Eagles brass attack this off-season. The status quo will no longer lead this squad to the Super Bowl, reinforcements are in dire need.

The Miami Dolphins

(+2000 to win the Super Bowl in 24-25)

Perhaps no better example of a fraud NFL team, the Miami Dolphins head into the off-season with major question marks. A roster capable of blowing the lights out with a fast, high-flying offence, provided their opponents are in the bottom half of the league. The Dolphins’ performances against playoff-bound opponents were dreadful and young coach Mike McDaniel has yet to prove he can out-tactic anyone. As it stands Miami will continue to be a fun team to watch week in and week out, but one that has a lot of work to do to prove worthy of Super Bowl consideration.

Teams that Make you go Hmm..

The Green Bay Packers

(+2200 to win the Super Bowl in 24-25)

I have to admit I was a Jordan Love doubter for much of his young career but his turnaround this past season was impressive enough to show Jordan some Love. He’s become a legitimately great QB and more importantly a field general which every franchise needs if it aspires to be great. Love’s game management has steadily improved since taking over for the departed Aaron Rodgers and he’s got the Packers right back into the title conversation. Green Bay can use help on both sides of the ball to insulate their QB but the future is certainly looking bright in Packer Country.

The Houston Texans

(+2200 to win the Super Bowl in 24-25)

Speaking of bright futures, what a difference a year makes. From the disgruntled and dysfunctional Deshaun Watson era, to the murky period between, to where the Texans find themselves now, fully ready to anoint C.J. Stroud as their Texas-sized saviour. And who can blame them? When Stroud wasn’t setting rookie records all season long he was making Houston into a legitimate title contender. They wont be able to sneak up on anyone in 2024-2025, but should the right tweaks be made, Stroud and coach DeMeco Ryans may well reach rarified air together.

Super Bowl LIX – To Win Outright – Houston Texans


The New York Jets

(+2800 to win the Super Bowl in 24-25)

Finally, I couldn’t cap off this article without touching on the Jets. I know Jets fans, belief is a thing that dies on the vine and makes everything bitter, but this is the reality of football, and we’re getting a raincheck on the Broadway debut of Aaron Rodgers in 2024-2025. Should Rodgers rehab to the point where he’s able to cobble together at least one more vintage campaign, then it’s impossible to discount the Jets from Super Bowl contention. Just typing it out seems wrong but hey, we’ve all gotta believe in something!