2021-22 NBA Leading Scorer Picks: Stephen Curry Scores Away

2021-22 NBA Leading Scorer Picks: Stephen Curry Scores Away

The NBA Leading Scorer race is off to the expected start with Stephen Curry enjoying an excellent start. Can anyone else catch him or will he run away with it? Let’s have a look at the betting picks.

Just a little over a week into the NBA season and the 2021-22 NBA props are already taking shape. The funny thing is the more things change the more they remain the same. Most pundits felt that Stephen Curry was 100% heading into the season. He would be able to unleash the three. Early on, that has proven true as Curry is averaging 29 points per game already for the Golden State Warriors

The scary part is that Curry is leaving a little in the tank in games. That look and the resurgent Warriors have shortened his odds a little since the summer. With still almost six months left in the NBA season, expect a few more shifts along the way for the leading scorer race. Let’s examine it a bit further.

2021-22 NBA Props: Leading Scorer Race Numbers

Again, the early numbers are interesting and it has had a little effect on the NBA props. There are different names than expected on the leaderboard but suffice to say it is early. After the top four or five obvious choices, the options diverge considerably. Even within those top four or five, there are swings.

For example, Stephen Curry and Bradley Beal lead the way but Kevin Durant and Luka Doncic are always lurking. Then other sites have the order a little different. 

Anyway, here are the top eight so far in the leading scorer race props

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Like we mentioned any NBA odds, including props from the props, can be fickle. 

Stephen Curry Still Heads the Leading Scorer Race

When it comes to this propStephen Curry is still the top among potential leading scorers. Why? That answer is simple. Curry is a master of the three-point shot. Guess who has attempted the most three-point shots in the league? That’s right. It is none other than Curry himself at 11.3 per game.

For what it is worth, the Golden State Warriors guard is shooting 40% in the early going. That is a bit off from his career rate of 43.3%. Based on production from his last five healthy seasons, there is little reason to doubt Curry will be near that career average soon enough. That translates to about an extra made the three-point shot a night.

Consider he is already averaging 29 points per contest, how much higher can the guard go? Curry led the league with 32 points per game last season. Wouldn’t one know? Add the three to the 29 and one gets yes, 32. The idea is that the guard is the bonafide top option in Golden State. He can score in bunches and more importantly do that more consistently. 

Curry’s number was around 4 to 5 at the start of the summer. Currently, that rests in the 3 to 3.5 range to lead the NBA in scoring. It is outright that Curry has won twice. Even at 33, why not make the third time a charm? The question is can anyone else wrestle the lead away?

Kevin Durant Is Dangerous Here Without Kyrie Irving

The one big wrinkle in the leading scorer race is the help Kyrie Irving gives Kevin Durant. That sounds crazy on the surface. However, the longer that Irving does not get the vaccine, the more minutes Durant will play. That also means Durant will shoulder more of the offensive load. Look at the early going, Durant is averaging 31 points per game. The power forward is not tiring himself out at 34.5 minutes per game either.

The Brooklyn Nets’ forward is doing it all too. He is averaging 5.8 assists and 9.8 rebounds a game. Every Brooklyn game is turning into what can Durant do next. It seems like since the Olympics, Durant has been in another gear. He could be the one player that challenges Curry right down to Game 82. 

James Harding will gladly distribute more along with the rest of Brooklyn’s depth. This still allows for Durant to be the alpha scorer. Durant is even up to 55.8% from the field when it comes to shooting. If he keeps attempting 21 shots or more a game, the power forward will contend for the leading scorer.

All bets are off if Kyrie Irving comes back earlier than expected. The real question is what incentive does he have to do so now? Irving could waltz in before the playoffs. That would boost Durant’s chances. On Sports InteractionDurant shortened to only 5.61 (range of 5.61 to 10.00). Now, can anyone else challenge?

Can Anyone Else Challenge Curry or Durant?

That is a great question. Ja Morant may be a name to eventually keep an eye on. He has not hit the radar yet but his start is noteworthy. NBA pundits talk of a Year 3 leap and it is possible. He is averaging 35 points a game early on.

Other than Morant, Giannis AntetoKuonmpo (“The Greek Freak”) is on our radar. The Milwaukee power forward is only averaging 24.5 points per game but he is motivated to prove last year’s NBA title was not a fluke by any means necessary.

Perhaps, Luka Doncic could mount a challenge from Dallas. He showed flashes last year of being able to average around 30 points a game for an entire season. 

Our NBA Props Leading Scorer Pick

The player at Canada Sports Betting we pick to be the leading NBA scorer is Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry

To lead the NBA in scoring


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