Half-Time Props

The Super Bowl halftime show brings together some of the best acts in the world to perform for one of the greatest sports extravaganzas on the calendar. As music lovers and football fans sit down to enjoy this unmissable annual show. The event brings about the opportunity to enjoy various Super Bowl halftime betting lines.

The odds aren't yet available for the Half-Time Props, but as soon as they are we'll be sure to update this page. We have odds for the prop betting lines listed below. The odds were last updated on January 28, 2021: 

How Many Songs Will be Played During the Super Bowl 55 Halftime Show?

BodogSports Interaction
Over 81.571.60
Under 82.352.35

How Many Wardrobe Changes Will the Weeknd Have During The Super Bowl 55 Halftime Show?

BodogSports Interaction
Over 0.51.451.45
Under 0.52.552.55

Will Bella Hadid Be Shown During The Super Bowl 55 Halftime Show?

BodogSports Interaction

We already know the high-profile gig will feature the YouTube singer turned international pop star The Weeknd, but who else will feature?

The halftime Super Bowl bets offer a long-list of betting options, which focus on other aspects of the show - not just the music. Certain viewers use the half-time as an opportunity to reload on wings and beers while the majority remain for the full show, which lasts around 15 minutes.

Our in-house NFL experts have taken a look at all the top-tier sportsbook providers available to Canadians and assessed the odds. We’ll dig deep into all of this within this article. So stay tuned for more!

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  • What happens during the Super Bowl half-time show?

    Back in the 90s, the Super Bowl halftime show was simply marching bands and cheerleaders dancing, as well as pundits speculating on the game. It has evolved somewhat since then.

    To be more precise, it was when the King of Pop took to the stage in 1993 for the Super Bowl 27 - with Michael Jackson setting the precedent for future events. As is with American culture, things are always trying to be bigger and better than the last.

    This has led to the kind of thing we’ll see at this years’ halftime show. The show warrants only the best of the best, the most popular artists in music at the time, bringing together artists old and new to light up the stage in February.

    The half-time show has seen a range of acts, including the likes of Janet Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and The Who. This is why the event now draws over 115 million viewers worldwide. The pressure will be on the Canadian star The Weeknd to see what he has in store for fans at the Super Bowl 55.

    Hard Rock Stadium Prob betting halftime

    Halftime Prop Bets Super Bowl 55

    Any of the major oddsmakers we’ve listed on our site will cover the various Super Bowl halftime betting lines, which are normally located as betting props for the Super Bowl LV.

    As the event marches ever closer, we’ll start seeing a lot more prop betting opportunities popping up as halftime Super Bowl bets. These betting lines we’ll likely focus on the following things:

    • What will the first song be?
    • What outfit The Weeknd will wear?
    • Will he wear a mask?

    While we can’t guarantee we’ll see these props, we can look at what has happened in previous years and make an informed guess as to what may happen. Taking a look at halftime props we’ve seen in previous years, bettors can start to think how they might play the odds. Here are some examples from Super Bowl 54:

    • Halftime Show – How Many Songs Performed Will Be Sung In Spanish?

    - Over 1.5 - 1.33

    - Under 1.5 - 3.00

    • Halftime Show – How Many Wardrobe Changes For Jennifer Lopez?

    - Over 2.5 - 1.71

    - Under 2.5 - EVEN

    • Halftime Show – Will Jennifer Lopez Do A Selena Cover?

    - Yes - 3.00

    - No - 1.33

    The examples above are just some of the many betting lines that were available to bettors last year. We expect to see many more this year, so keep checking back with this page for the latest and greatest halftime prop bets for the Super Bowl!

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      Super Bowl Half-Time FAQs

      • The half-time show is always a great spectacle, so it depends whether you stick around for the music. If you’re going to watch it and fancy placing a fun little wager, it’s a great opportunity to do just that!

      • Yes. Super Bowl half-time bets aren’t related to the game, but purely the half-time event and the musical extravaganza that ensues.

      • Yes! It does depend on which sportsbook the bettors are using. If you check out our comprehensive list of the best sportsbooks available to Canadian bettors, you will be able to see which ones offer live in-play betting markets.

      • Not entirely, but the main focus is certainly on that. The props will focus on the artist and music but may delve into the outfit, or particular aspects of that act that may occur.

      • Much like any prop bet, there are always opportunities to win big. It just depends on the odds that are being played and how likely the bet is to be successful - as is the case with any bet!