Super Bowl Over Under

As we wave goodbye to another great NFL regular season, it’s time once again to set our sights on the big prize. The Super Bowl is one the betting extravaganza is promised to be, year after year, as bettors of all levels come together to wager on the best teams in the NFL.

Bettors are spoilt for choice during the Super Bowl, as they can get involved in live in-play betting and bet on everything from the MVP to the coin toss. While this day does invoke even the most bizarre prop bets, one thing remains true, which is the ever-present over under line.

As soon as the teams are announced, the betting sites will release their lines. At this point, bettors can begin scouring the net for the most competitive Super Bowl over/under odds. Here we’ll show you how to make the most of this great betting line.

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  • While we don't know the Super Bowl teams, let's have a look at the current Super Bowl futures. The odds were last updated on January 28, 2021: 

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    How to Bet on Super Bowl's Over Under

    Betting on the Super Bowl will always involve a variety of different bets, from fun exotic prop bets to the more mainstream Moneyline and over/under. As we explore the Super Bowl over/under we’ll discuss the spread and provide examples to make things easier for you.

    Within sports betting, aside from betting the Moneyline, the over/under is by far and away from the most played betting line within mainstream betting. In layman's terms, the over/under is a simple wager whereby the bettor chooses whether the final score of a specific game will be over or under a preallocated number chosen by the oddsmakers. The figure proposed represents the combined points total score by both teams within the match. This is where the simple term “over/under” comes from.

    Over/Under Odds Explained

    The Super Bowl over/under looks much likes it does during the NFL regular season. Bettors are like to see it listed in the following manner:

    • Kansas City Chiefs
    • o/u 34.5
    • Buffalo Bills

    If this is how the Super Bowl 55 lines up, then this may be what bettors will see. The over/under is posted with a .5 score, which is obviously impossible to achieve. This figure is given to avoid the bet being called a push, which is when the total points for the game end up either above or below 34.5. If the figure was exact, then the game could finish with a total figure of 34 or 35 and the bookmaker would have to return the players' stakes.

    Over/Under Example

    If we continue working with our figure of 34.5 between the Chiefs and Bills, let’s say a bettor wagers $20 on the game to be a high-scoring affair and end with a total of 56. This requires the total score of both teams to be 35 or over, if this occurs the bet will payout. It’s as simple as that.

    When listed on a sportsbook, that bet may look something like this:

    • Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills - Over 56 (12.50)

    Using the Spread with the Over/Under

    One mistake bettors often make is to assume they know better than the oddsmakers. The figure they provide is not plucked out of the air, there is a lot of thought gone into it and bookmakers spend a lot on deep statistical data taking into account offense and defense to ensure they come up with a figure that best suits them.

    nfl over under betting

    As well as betting simply on the over/under, there is also the point spread that is well worth your time. This gives bettors an idea of how close the oddsmakers think the score will be. If you take the point spread figure and compare it to the over/under, it will give you a fairly accurate forecast of how the game is likely to go - or at least how the sportsbook expects it to go!

    Take, for example, the example Super Bowl game we mentioned before, if the point spread has the Chiefs favored at -10.5 that would mean that the scoring against the over/under is expected to turn out something like this:

    • Bills 12
    • Chiefs 22

    Obviously, the figures are approximate and nobody can accurately know - sometimes bookmakers will shade the odds, so this must be taken into consideration - but they do provide a fairly good idea of what the 35 total points could look like when the game has ended.

    Bettors must focus on the probable outcome based on the point spread with the over/under. They must look at the rough score forecasted and ask themselves if the point total for each team adds up correctly, based on the research they’ve done into the two teams taking part in the Super Bowl.

    On review of these totals, if the totals simply don’t add up, the bettor must decide whether more or fewer points would be scored by either team and what the calculated over/under would be. This would give the bettor a clear picture of what to be on with the posted over/under figure at a major sportsbook.

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