Super Bowl Betting Sites 2022

Arguably the most important global sporting event, with millions in Canada tuning in for the climax of the Nation Football League (NFL) season. A common question among bettors is “where to bet on Super Bowl online?” 

The odds for the Super Bowl LV are now available. The odds are subject to change, so keep checking back with this page. The odds were last updated on August 18, 2021:

Super Bowl 2022 OddsPowerPlaySports InteractionBet99
Kansas City Chiefs6.006.006.00
Tampa Bay Buccaneers7.007.007.25
Buffalo Bills14.0014.0014.00
Baltimore Ravens15.0015.0015.00
Los Angeles Rams15.0015.0015.00
San Francisco 49ers15.0015.0015.00
Cleveland Browns17.0017.0017.00

Super Bowl betting sites are always active, as futures odds are always posted by the top-tier sportsbooks. Canadians can access the odds on the NFL throughout the year on this list of the best online Super Bowl betting sites. Our sites are critically reviewed and provide a safe, reliable betting experience. Below you’ll see where to bet on the Super Bowl online.

The Super Bowl is always the major event to kick the year off. It draws football fans and those that just come for the spectacle, with everyone asking “Who to bet on in the Superbowl?

This is something that’s down to you, but if you don’t fancy that then there are a variety of places where to bet on super bowl prop bets. The Super Bowl always offers a range of great prop betting options for those who just want to get involved in the action.

Now that you’re on this page you won’t need to keep wondering where to be on the Super Bowl in Vegas bookmakers, as we have the very best right here. The options we have for our readers here are all you’ll need; trustworthy sites built on a reputation and community.

    Top 10 Super Bowl Betting Sites

    At the top of this page, we provided a full list of the top-tier sportsbook providers for those bettors looking to wager on the Super Bowl. As well as that, we've put together a brief description of the best NFL betting sites in Canada, detailing the various aspects of their service that make them unique. 

    Here are 10 of the very best sportsbook providers for Canadian bettors to enjoy:


    Endless betting options backed up with first-rate customer service and years of experience in the sports betting industry, trust 10bet.

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  • PowerPlay

    One of the new football betting sites, PowerPlay is already recognized as a top sportsbook for LIVE NFL wagering.

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    BONUS $ 500
  • Betway

    Whether it's NBA, NHL, or indeed the NFL Betway never disappoints, as they cover all major football sports betting markets.

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  • 888Sport

    888Sport is a dedicated provider, covering all major sports betting markets with a focus on major sports betting lines such as the National Football League.

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  • Bodog

    This provider works hard to give back to the community and regularly offers great bonuses and deals to customers, enjoy a great betting experience with Bodog.

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    BONUS $ 400
  • BetOnline

    Known for its exotic wagers and exciting prop bet options, BetOnline bookmakers offer some of the sharpest odds, and best prices, during the NFL season.

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  • Bet365

    Arguably the biggest online sportsbook provider in the world, although Bet365 is based in the UK, they cover all major American markets.

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  • Spin Sports

    Experts in online wagering, Spin Sports rounds out our top 8 best online betting sites for NFL gambling.

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  • Sports Interaction

    Canadian as they come! Sports Interaction has been offering odds on the NFL for over two decades, well worth checking out.

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  • MyBookie

    Highly popular in North America and commanding a huge community of players, MyBookie has become a great option for bettors in Canada.1

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  • Why do we choose these betting sites?

    The betting sites we’ve listed above offer a great place as to where to bet money on Super Bowl teams to win, as well as a range of other great betting markets. Not only do they provide bettors with a place to wager, but they also offer a great overall betting experience, adding value to the NFL’s season-ending event. We’ll break down the reasons why these really are the best betting sites for the Super Bowl 2021.

    Reputable and Reliable

    Firstly, it’s important to recognize that here at Canada Sports Betting we take pride in ensuring our readers always experience a safe and enjoyable betting experience and the first port of call is to provide trustworthy bookmakers.

    Operators must ensure they provide a service that not only offers an exciting betting journey but one which includes all the fundamentals that any betting site should provide. We only recommend oddsmakers that are properly licensed and have followed all the right steps to operate legally and fairly online.

    The team here makes sure no box is left unticked. Safety and security are paramount to us and we only provide top-tier sportsbook operators, ensuring our readers feel comfortable whilst wagering. Though it goes beyond comfort - make sure you follow our guide and be sure, bet safely.

    Broad Range of Betting Options

    Once bettors are confident they’re betting with a trustworthy provider, they’ll also want to know that they are getting the best value for money when placing wagers. This generally extends to the various betting options available and ensuring customers are offered the full selection of Super Bowl betting lines.

    While some sites will always offer slightly more specific odds than others, for example, one site may focus on Super Bowl prop bets, generally speaking, all the sites we’ve included on our list above will offer similar betting odds.

    Many of our readers will be used to the standard betting lines, but they may not have seen the abundance of additional markets and props that come attached to the Super Bowl. It’s worth giving yourself a good amount of time to flick through all the betting options available!

    First-rate Customers Service

    It’s something that has often been ignored by online providers, but it’s also an aspect of the business that has become front and center for many providers, as we’ve seen many businesses collapse under the lack of care they’ve taken to their customer support department.

    Think of customer service as you would in any other sector. Would you expect anything less than quality service from a store? We wouldn’t either. When you’re betting on the Super Bowl, you may encounter a situation where you need answers. When you ask these questions, don’t you want to be met by a well-informed, caring, and attentive member of staff? We understand this.

    As I’m sure you’re already aware, we only provide first-rate recommendations for sites that hire highly competent staff members, ready to be of assistance at your beck and call. Never accept anything less than excellent customer service.

    Variety of Payment Methods Available

    It’s important to not get drawn in by a bookmaker's odds and betting lines, as what’s the use of this without a safe and reliable way to transfer funds in and out of your sports betting account? This is something bettors should consider before making a deposit.

    The sites we provide here will never cause readers any problems when a deposit or withdrawing money. We have the first-hand experience with every single one of the providers we have included on our list.

    We would never recommend any provider that doesn’t provide a broad range of dependable payment options. While we promote a variety of payment options, as a customer, it’s about finding a payment method that works for you and is reliable.

    Competitive Super Bowl Betting Odds

    It’s almost not worth mentioning, as customers should come to expect the very best from the team here at Canada Sports Betting. But, nonetheless, we should mention that our list of sites includes bookmakers that the very best odds on the market.

    While there may be a slight difference between the odds offered between one and the next, all our oddsmakers are sitting at the top of the pile, in terms of online sportsbook providers.

    Our readers can relax and know they’re safe in our hands, our list is packed with bookmakers offering the best prices for the Super Bowl.

    In-Play Betting: Place Wagers During the Action

    If you’ve been involved in the online betting scene at all, you’ll have heard of In-Play or Live Betting, which has taken the gambling industry by storm in recent years. If a provider isn’t offering live betting options during the Super Bowl, it’s probably best to move to the next provider. More pertinently, every single provider on our list offers In-Play betting.

    The Super Bowl can take up to 4 hours, as such viewers need other ways to stay entertained during the intervals, which is easily done! Placing bets mid-game is a great way to keep things fresh and exciting. Moreover, it’s a great way to make some money.

    In-Game betting really exploded onto the UK betting scene, with major providers like Bet365 offering great live betting options. It hasn’t taken long for American bettors to demand a similar service for their favourite sports leagues. So, when you’re wagering at this years’ Super Bowl, be sure to check out the various live-betting lines available.