Stacked with options, the National Football League is the most popular sports betting league in North America. While the regular season attracts billions in wagers – the action moves at a fast and furious pace once NFL playoff betting lines are posted. From straight up, money line and game total odds, to props, parlays and futures, top online sportsbooks offer Canadian 'Cappers great options up to and throughout the Super Bowl.

Bet On NFL Playoffs Games

Like a carpenter, sports handicappers must have a toolbox that's well-stocked with finely honed tools. That includes a quality research path, savvy odds shopping skills, plus a sharp eye for trends that offer keys to the game. When it's time to wager, bettors need a reliable stable of reputable sportsbooks and the bookmakers listed in the table below are the best in the sports handicapping industry. Register in mere seconds and bank a bonus when you jump in today!

Money Line NFL Playoff Betting Odds

Always flying by, in a blink of an eye, the NFL regular season acts as primer for when it comes time to wager on playoff action. Unlike hockey and basketball, which offer fairly reasonable prices all year, straight up odds can be pricy during the NFL regular season. Once the playoffs begin, due to the caliber of teams being high across the board, money lines shrink as the Super Bowl race opens. Plus or minus odds normally max out at around 300 in the postseason. Favorites are tagged with a negative price (-275) while underdogs have plus (+275) odds.

"Proper research helps uncover profit making high value money line underdogs"

Week 1 of a NFL new season usually begins with more questions than answers but, as the schedule plays out, contender lines fall and pretender prices rise. Following the NFL on a weekly basis produces a much clear picture prior to betting on Wild Card Weekend action. Watching playoff futures prices, which are posted in a money line format at all top online sportsbooks, can help determine which squads are on the way up and which ones are falling by the wayside. Covering all the angles, through proper research, helps bettors navigate playoff money lines.

Point Spread Betting on NFL Playoffs 

Readily available, as one of the Big Three sports wagering options, point spread betting on NFL playoff action is very popular at top ranked online sportsbooks. While against the spread (ATS) prices vary wildly during the regular season, anywhere from EVEN to the low 20's, the lines normally come down once postseason action begins. That is largely due to the fact that teams battling to reach the Super Bowl are often evenly matched from a talent standpoint. Wild Card Weekend usually offers the biggest point spreads and the numbers shrink from there.

"Buying or selling ATS points can help NFL playoff bettors level the playing field"

Looking at a decade of postseason point spread odds, from 2010 to 2019, Wild Card Weekend prices varied from a low of -1.5 to a high of -11.5 points. Pittsburgh covered the -11.5 spread with a 30-12 Wild Card win over Miami during the 2017 playoffs. Of the 40 prices posted during that time, 31 of them were less than a touchdown. Tracking ATS odds, on teams that are running hot prior to the postseason, is part of a profitable betting research strategy. For additional bankroll building tips, plus entertaining advice, check out our Learn to Earn tutorial features.

Over Under Game Total NFL Playoff Wagering

Billions are wagered on National Football League action worldwide every year. A portion of that, in the form of Over/Under game total wagers, comes from right here in the True North. Although Canucks love the Canadian Football League, the NFL has an enthusiastic fan base across the Great White North. Being as the CFL season opens in June, Canadian football fans can build their bankroll prior to betting on NFL Over/Under odds. More and more, those bettors are turning away from Provincial Lottery schemes and heading to top rated offshore wagering websites.

"Shop around for the best Over/Under odds as prices vary at online sportsbooks"

Following NFL action, prior to the playoffs, helps bettors understand which teams are running hot on offense and which squads are fielding a stout defense. Though never a given, it is wise to lean towards the OVER when high scoring teams face each other and the UNDER on matches that feature shutdown defensive squads. Game location and weather should also be taken into consideration as a high-scoring warm weather teams may falter when they visit a cold weather venue like Lambeau Field in January. Proper research is the key to cashing winning tickets.

NFL Playoffs Futures and Props

Tiding bettors over, as a fantastic appetizer, NFL playoff futures and prop offerings are served up prior to the title game feast. Starting in early February, 'Cappers can wager on the AFC and NFC Conference winners plus the Super Bowl champ. Steadily dropping, once the playoffs begin, NFL Championship futures prices are at their ripest prior to Wild Card Weekend. As teams are eliminated, the value and number of options shrink weekly. Our season long Super Bowl odds coverage is a valuable read and very easy way to follow the lines all season long.

"Top online bookmakers offer 100's of exciting Super Bowl prop betting options"

Proposition and exotic handicapping action also cranks up to a serious level once the NFL Second Season rolls around. From Super Bowl MVP pre-playoff betting, to player and team props during Wild Card Weekend, and on to the mountain of exoctic options available on Super Bowl Sunday, there are hundreds of options on every game. Too many to mention, we suggest heading over to CSB recommended sportsbooks to check out the action. Surf around at the various sites as they are pigskins experts who post LIVE NFL playoff betting lines daily.