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Ryder Cup Betting Offers

2023 Ryder Cup Winner Odds

Golf betting odds for the 44th Ryder Cup are now posted at golf-focused sportsbooks.

The next Ryder Cup will take place from the 30th of September to the 2nd of October. Ryder cup team betting odds below updated May 23, 2022

2023 Ryder Cup Winners odds


Here at Canada Sports Betting, our golf and betting experts offer some Ryder Cup predictions. The Ryder Cup is a unique event because it features the very best golfers from two continents, locking horns for something more than individual achievement.

The competition features the very best players in the world competing in fourball, foursomes, and singles. With the Ryder Cup currently in the hands of the Europeans, the USA will be hungry to clinch their 27th title in Wisconsin.

ryder cup betting odds

The USA started out as favourites, with some of the most in-form players on the tour this year, the likes of Dustin Johson and Jordan Spieth putting in some unbelievable performances. Also, the game is on their home turf in front of a raucous crowd, which will always give them an edge.


To beat the USA


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As well as offering some unique and exciting betting opportunities, there are also some great Ryder Cup betting offers to take advantage of when playing the wagering lines. The betting focus for the Ryder Cup is not just the moneyline, there is an array of options.

You can place bets on the Ryder Cup before the tournament tees off and during the event itself, with a broad range of betting markets to enjoy. The full list of odds is available at any of our top-rated online bookmakers. Remember, if you’re looking for the most up-to-date online betting odds, be sure to check back with us.

Ryder Cup Golf Betting Tips

We always say the same when it comes to the Ryder Cup, check the form of the players involved and stick to your core betting principles when wagering. Canada Sports Betting takes pride in ensuring that bettors are well-informed and only view the very best odds.

Leading up to the event we will provide various picks and predictions, based on expert insight into how things may unfold. When browsing through our odds, be sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • How to find the best bonuses for Ryder Cup betting?
  • Which Bookie has the most competitive Ryder Cup Odds?
  • Which Bookie has the latest Ryder Cup Odds?

Remember when searching for Ryder Cup betting odds, check out what other kinds of markets are available. There is always great value to be found in the various betting lines at each oddsmaker. Don’t limit yourself to one market.

ryder cup odds

How Does the Ryder Cup Work

The Ryder Cup features various match play competitions between players selected from two teams of twelve, these involve Fourball, Foursomes and Singles. The winner of each match will score a point for their team and a half point is awarded to anyone that ties. The winner will be the first team to reach 14 and a half points.

Ryder Cup All-Time Champions

Here are the winners for the last 10 tournaments:

  • 2018 – Europe
  • 2016 – United States
  • 2014 – Europe
  • 2012 – Europe
  • 2010 – Europe
  • 2008 – United States
  • 2006 – Europe
  • 2004 – Europe
  • 2002 – Europe
  • 1999 – United States