Oscars Odds 2021

The Academy Awards remain the glitziest entertainment awards event of the year, drawing the biggest superstars and the greatest cinema artists to Hollywood. Our Oscars predictions preview covers the most popular categories for the Academy Awards in 2021, including the favourites to win the best film and the most likely underdog candidates.

Oscars Odds

The 2021 Oscars are all wrapped up for this year, but we look forward to what the stars of Hollywood will have in store for us next year. The 2022 Oscars is a way away yet, but as we move closer to the event we will update this page accordingly. 

Oscar Betting Odds

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Oscars 2022 Odds

While we only just finished applauding the 2021 Oscars winners, we look forward to the 2022 event with great anticipation. The odds are subject to change. The odds were last updated on May 25, 2021:

Oscar for Best PîctureSports InteractionBetwayPowerPlay
West Side Story11.0011.0011.00
The Card Counter11.0011.0011.00
Nightmare Alley15.0015.0015.00
House of Gucci15.0015.0015.00
The Tragedy of Macbeth15.0015.0015.00
Best Actor Oscars 2021 Winners Odds sportsinteraction betway powerplay

Adam Driver

2.75 2.80 2.75

Bradley Cooper

5.50 6.00 5.50

Denzel Washington

7.00 7.00 7.00

Leonardo DiCaprio

7.00 7.00 7.00
Best Female Actor Oscars 2021 Winners Odds sportsinteraction betway powerplay









Best Betting Sites for Oscars Betting Odds 2021

Many of the best betting sites will feature in-depth odds for the Oscars in 2021, including Sports Interaction (SIA), William Hill and Betonline. For a more comprehensive list of bookies accepting Oscars bets, feel free to browse our best-betting sites page.

Betting on the Oscars will feature odds that change drastically during the shortlist announcement and the nominations for all of the awards. After the nominations for the 2021 Oscars takes place early in the year, so place your wagers on various categories until any time leading up to the event.


    Oscars betting FAQ

    • An annual event that always steals the show for entertainment fans across the world, the 2021 Oscars is set to take place early in the year. 

    • The Red Carpet will be filled with stars, as the 2021 Oscars will likely be held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif. More specifically, the theatre is located in Hollywood. 

    • While there's often some confusion, the Oscars and The Academy Awards are the exact same thing. The Academy Awards is the official name, but it's best known as The Oscars. 

    • Next year, the Oscars will take place for the 94th time. In 2020, it marked the 93rd Academy Awards. 

    • We are yet to see who might be nominated in 2021. 

    • We are yet to see who might be nominated in 2021. 

    • There is no one actor who has the most Oscars, as there are three candidates with the same number of awards. Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day-Lewis and Walter Brennan are the men who all hold three awards each. 

    • Katherine Hepburn holds the record for the most Oscars won by any actor, having earned 12 nominations and won 4 awards

    • We are yet to see who might be nominated in 2021. 

    • We are yet to see who might be nominated in 2021. 

    • With the Oscars set to take place in Los Angeles, ABC has the broadcast rights for the 2021 Oscars. Streams of the event online will also be available. 

    • Absolutely yes! The Oscars has become a very popular betting market for online players, with many of the top-tier sportsbooks offering betting lines. As the event itself has hundreds of celebrities there, much like at the SuperBowl, there are a variety of great prop bets that become available.

    • It’s difficult to say which is the best perse, but there are certainly a number of top providers offering odds for the Oscars each year. Firstly, we’d advise checking with our recommended sportsbook list for the very best providers today. To name a few, BetWay and Bodog are some of the best for Oscars betting lines and great prop bet offerings.

    • Sportsbooks are always updating their sites with great promotions and offers, notably around the time of major events. Due to the fact, the Oscars are growing in popularity, many of the top-tier oddsmakers offer promotions and whole new lines dedicated to Oscars prop bets.

    • It’s not common for oddsmakers to offer live streaming of events, and the Oscars are no different. The rights to offer The Oscars are very expensive and not a worthwhile investment for oddsmakers.

    • The Oscars feature a variety of awards with an individual winner of each award. As such, this doesn’t really offer the opportunity for betting lines, other than win/loss. However, there are many prop bet markets, which we’ll cover below.

    • Prop bets are always great fun and offer a whole new and exciting market for players to enjoy. The event attracts such a colourful audience, it really opens up the opportunity for some entertainment on the night. While the prop bets change from one event to the next; the likes of these from 2019: “How many awards will a 1917 win?”, “Which song will Billie Eilish sing?”, “Who will be Leo’s Date?”.