MMA Betting Tipsters

As the UFC closes in on its 25th anniversary, mixed-martial arts combat continues to remain popular with audiences across the world. While boxing still has a certain prestige that results in the occasional superfight, MMA action has grown more popular with the crucial, 18-49 demographic, who will eventually crown MMA as the new king. Those who enjoy wagering on fighting championships can recruit the help of MMA betting tipsters to get an inside edge on the next card.

Top MMA Tipsters

Those at the top of the food chain of the deadly arts know that mixed martial arts can be a relentlessly technical sport. Top MMA tipsters consider all the facts before they make their predictions, including fighting style, physical conditioning, motivation and pretty much anything else that might alter the outcome of the bout.

MMA Tipping Predictions

Truth is, fights can be ended rather quickly due to a slip or a single pinch, so MMA prediction experts tend to look for consistency more than anything else when selecting their picks. While legends such as GSP and Spider earn accolades for their KOs and submissions, MMA tipsters respected their defensive capabilities and strategic mobility as a commodity.

UFC Tipsters. Since Dana White took over, the UFC has grown in popularity while attracting some of the best brawlers in the world, creating dozens of fascinating matchups to bet on. UFC tipsters keep track of all the weight classes including up-and-coming fighters who look like they have a chance to beat their way to glory.

Bellator Tipsters. The UFC has a healthy rival in Bellator, which also attracts talented fighters dedicated to taking on all challengers. Though the rules and format are a bit different than the UFC, Bellator tipsters still base their decisions on similar aspects of a fighter's profile, including past record, style, reach and other variables which are less tangible.

While MMA still has a long way to go before matching the numbers generated by marquee boxing matchups, wagering on the UFC, Bellator and other types of combat sports will keep becoming more popular as the sport matures. The rapid rise in popularity has already created a spike in demand for expert prognosticators. To profit from MMA tipsters, you need to perform the same due diligence that you would with any other handicapper by reviewing their betting history and other vital credentials.