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Bellator Tournament Odds

Bellator odds, picks, statistics and the latest betting informationΒ is available on this page. The odds for Bellator will be updated as they become available.

1st Fighter2nd Fighter
Coming soonTBATBAComing soon
Coming soonTBATBAComing soon

Bellator Fight Odds

You can bet on Bellator fight odds at any time, literally.

Bellator betting odds open almost as soon as fight announcements (or rumours) arrive. Depending on how big the fight is, the odds can open on the same day a media outlet breaks the news.

The types of Bellator odds you can bet on vary from pre-fight odds like the moneyline (straight-up betting) and futures to live betting (as the fight is happening). We recommend betting on the fights at different intervals depending on which fighter you are backing.

Bellator fight announcements are generally announced online or during events. However, some journalists are able to break news even earlier. Keep watching Bellator events and you will always find new fight announcements as part of a fight schedule.

Bellator betting odds, also known as Bellator Vegas odds, are open beyond the Vegas strip and especially to Canadians. As part of a network of sports betting odds, Bellator odds are on-demand as MMA continues to grow as a sport.

With a network deal with streaming service, DAZN, Bellator has established its own fanbase and is just as mainstream as the UFC and boxing. Expect Bellator odds to be just as popular.

Bellator tournament odds

How to KO the Bookie by Winning Bellator Bets

Winning is the most glorious feeling in MMA and by winning Bellator bets, you will feel almost as good as the fighters having their hands raised (at least you didn’t get punched in the face to do it!)

To do this, you’ll need to study sportsbooks just as much as fighters study their opponents.

By finding your perfect sportsbook, you can get the right platform, desktop and mobile, avail of the right sign-up bonus, get the best Bellator markets, and the highest Bellator betting odds. This goes just as well with UFC betting odds.

To compare the books, you will need to open them at different tabs. First, look at the sign-up offers. Not every book has it although most do. These offers plus special promotions may cater to MMA fans. Find the books that offer this.

bellator heavyweight odds

Next, who has the best Bellator markets? These are the many types of ways you can bet on Bellator odds and can include Bellator Grand Prix odds, pre-fight odds of sorts with futures to a grand selection of props.

Then find the books who have the highest Bellator odds or who at least offer some odds at a better value than the market.

The mobile platform is also critical as you may be using this more. Find the sites whose mobile sites or apps are seamless.

How to Find the Best Welcome Bonus for Bellator Betting

Before finding the best welcome bonus for Bellator betting odds, you’ll need to understand what constitutes a welcome bonus. This is the same as a sign-up offer and comes in two types: the regular sign-up bonus and the no deposit bonus.

The regular bonus will reward you free bets in dollars equivalent to your deposit of up to a certain extent. Some cap it at $200 and some at $500.

no deposit bonus is just like the regular bonus but will not require you to make a cash deposit to avail of the free bets. This is not as common as the regular bonus but can still be found, especially with books that are looking to garner more players.

Bellator fight odds

Though with terms and conditions, there may be restrictions here and not all welcome bonuses can be used to make bets on Bellator fights.

You do not need to wager when using free bets. This means you won’t be using your cash from your bankroll. If you win, you are rewarded free bets. And if you lose, you didn’t spend anything. Think of it as a freeroll and a good opportunity to test the waters.

You can collect bonuses from all of our partners.

Which Bookie has the highest MMA odds for Bellator

Find the bookie with the highest MMA odds for Bellator by perusing the dozens of our partners, which all offer odds for Bellator and MMA.

You need to compare odds by individual sportsbooks either by accessing each of them or by checking today’s odds from our odds widget, which shows these odds side by side.

It can be daunting to find the highest Bellator betting odds, especially since most of the books follow each other in setting and adjusting the lines. You will first need to find the market leaders when it comes to Bellator fight odds.

Cris Cyborg

From here, follow it closely and see how the public will inflate or deflate the odds. Usually, when the odds open, you will get significant action. Once you see odds drop or rise, the rest of the books will start to release their odds.

Alternatively, some books will intentionally cut off a few cents from the betting odds to entice you to sign-up with them and use them for you Bellator betting odds.

This is why we recommend signing up for more than one book so you have more leeway in finding the highest MMA odds.

Which Bookie has the most Current Bellator Betting Odds

Continuing from the last point, find the bookie with the most current Bellator betting odds to maximize your betting needs. This bookie could be your go-to and you can get a great deal on some fighters if you are one of the first to bet them.

Bet99 is usually the market leader in Canada when opening Bellator or MMA odds. Sign up with them and stay in touch with the news as you will see fights added to their menu just as news is breaking.

The early bird gets the worm and you need to bet quickly if you want to pluck favourites at a solid price. Or the public will steam the odds.

Bet99, along with other books that offer early Bellator/MMA bets, also offer plenty of props including extensive futures markets.

These props are specific bets that go beyond picking which fighter wins the fight. These include the method of victory (win by knockout, submission, or decision), the round of victory, or non-fighting related props like a fighter missing weight or coming out of retirement.

Bellator betting odds

Futures in Bellator usually deal with Bellator tournament odds like who wins the tournament. Other futures usually involve popular fighters who have fights lined up or who are making the news.

Can I bet on Bellator Grand Prix Odds with Mobile?

Bellator Grand Prix odds can be bet on mobile just like all Bellator odds. When picking a sportsbook, keep their mobile platform in mind. Usually, you have a choice between the mobile site or the mobile app. These may seem similar but they can very different.

A mobile site is available for all books but apps are not. Mobile sites are more accessible, cannot be deleted, and updated much faster. They are also easier to share (useful for referral bonuses) and are supported in any platform: Android or IOS.

mobile app isn’t as flexible as a site and may be limited in its accessibility. But it is much more customizable. You can tailor apps to suit your needs and you can access it even when you are offline. Most importantly, its push notifications keep you updated.

All our sportsbooks are available on desktop and via mobile. But not everyone has apps. Check to see which ones feature both.

This is How You Make the Best Bellator Bets Tonight

To make the best Bellator bets tonight (or any night), research should be the main part of your strategy. After all, you won’t buy a car without getting all the details about it first, right?

At Canada Sports Betting, we make it easier for you to find the resources to help you make the most informed decisions. You can use our Free Picks to see who our experts are leaning towards.

Bellator odds

Additionally, you can read our sportsbook reviews and find more articles related to Bellator and MMA as well as general betting advice.

And always remember: know your limit. Have a budget and bet responsibly.

But also have fun!